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The aquamarine is a close relative of the emerald and therefore also a variety of the silicate mineral “beryl”. This very popular gemstone owes its name of Latin origin “water of the sea” to the color character of seawater. It is either crystal clear or slightly milky, which is why its fans affectionately attest it a somewhat sleepy appearance. The aquamarine is set in scene according to its clarity. In eye-pure quality it meets us in antique jewellery as a solitaire eye-catcher, mostly as a pendant or as a ring. As blue is the color of loyalty and peace, the popularity of the aquamarine is growing inexorably. Antique Aquamarine jewellery can be bought at Antique Jewellery Berlin with exhilarating ease and always with certificate, also online!

Antique Aquamarine Jewellery

Each colored gemstone has its own unique characteristics. That is why it is loved and revered – every person has his or her favorites. The fascination for blue is evolutionarily deeply rooted in us humans. The sky is blue and the sea seems blue. Both are for us to the highest degree full of longing. Both seem to be infinite, and therefore greater than the existence of each individual. There is almost something religious about it and yet it can be explained in a sober way for the most part. But do we want it at all? Isn’t it sometimes much nicer to enjoy something mysterious and to broaden your horizon with every shared moment? The aquamarine is a gemstone with which you would like to spend every moment of your life. Look at it by candlelight… in this glimmer it shows its consummate beauty and gentleness. He frees our minds! He smoothes all waves of life, he calms in his incomparable way. Those born in March can consider themselves lucky – because the aquamarine is their birth and lucky stone. Of course they have not reserved the gemstone for themselves. What a blessing for us all!

The gemstone as a lucky charm

Already centuries ago these precious stones were worked into amulets. Sailors wore them as lucky charms on a necklace during their voyages. They were often thrown overboard before or during a storm to appease the sea god Poseidon. For the most part, it must have worked well, because this custom was maintained over many generations. In modern times the use of aquamarines is of course of a different nature. Eye-clean specimens are very popular and usually act as the center of exciting jewellery creations. They are accompanied either by diamonds or light pearls. Only very rarely are they part of multicolor jewellery from the vintage era, such as a bracelet or necklace without a pendant. Antique jewelry with aquamarine stone almost always refers to rings, earrings and exciting necklaces. Before platinum could be processed well from about 1900 onwards, goldsmiths and silversmiths emphasized the gentle blue of the aquamarine with settings of sterling silver (925 silver). Antique aquamarine jewellery was usually made of at least 14 carat (585) gold, but mostly 18 carat (750) gold. Discover our jewellery of this kind in the assortment – Buy antique jewellery securely online. Fascinating individual pieces are for example:

  • Necklace with pendant / Collier from Victorian England → up to the revolutionary Art déco epoch, from 14 carat (585) yellow gold till 18 carats white gold & platin,
  • Earrings and ear studs with aquamarines accompanying solitary stones or diamonds, initially in yellow gold & silver → later in 14 carats to 18 carat white gold & platinum,
  • For ladies: Aquamarine ring for engagement, great designs from art nouveau and art deco until the end of the 1940s,
  • Cocktail rings from the 20th century with large aquamarine → with impressive presence of the stones, ring rail and setting from the 1930s onwards in at least 14 carat white gold or platinum.


Wear the expanse of the sea as an aquamarine ring on your finger

Besides the pendant, the aquamarine ring is definitely the best choice to wear this gemstone. There are rarely small stones in the rings with aquamarine. Larger examples are usually cut in emerald (staircase cut). They can be worn either on the middle finger or on the ring finger as a cocktail ring. Fantastic are also the noble creations with central aquamarines in oval cut or brilliant facet cut. In these cuts they always correspond with diamonds / brilliants. The designs are breathtaking throughout! In Art déco, goldsmiths and platinum smiths took it to the extreme and integrated perfectly cut, eye-pure aquamarines into exuberantly luxurious and imaginative rings. We already had rings in our assortment, where besides diamonds also sapphires accompanied an aquamarine. Beautiful creations to kneel down were in fact also created after the end of the Art Deco era in the peaceful western world, from about 1950. Even in the vintage era the stone remained popular. Our range of rings and engagement rings with aquamarine goes back to the late 1970s. Round, oval and rectangular ring heads with the stone combination aquamarine and diamond were available in various sizes and designs. Like diamond rings and other colored stones, aquamarines were set in platinum settings in the 20th century. The desired color character silver guarantees an unadulterated color fidelity of the gemstones.

Jewellery with aquamarine – pendants, necklaces and earrings

It’s fine color nuances and its optical proximity to diamonds opened up countless possibilities for goldsmiths to effectively integrate the gemstone. Especially precious white metals, such as 18 carat white gold, platinum and in the past also sterling silver, make aquamarines look impressively beautiful. Pendants, necklaces, arm and ear jewellery with the “water of the sea” fascinate and invite you to dream. To fulfill the dream of owning antique aquamarine jewellery or an aquamarine ring is very realistically possible. In the assortment of Antique Jewellery Berlin you will find unique pieces from three centuries. Jewellery, as nobody else has it guaranteed. Treat yourself to the great pleasure of putting on antique aquamarine jewellery. Benefit from the mythological powers attributed to aquamarine. It is said that it supports the ability to maintain clarity of mind and emotions. Thus he helps to master life consciously and uninfluenced. What a valuable quality – what a soothing thought!

  • Aquamarines in pendants are accompanied either by diamonds or pearls, the gold color is yellow or white (silver, platinum),
  • Colliers with aquamarines are complete works of art full of attention to detail, often set with pearls to accompany them, the most beautiful pieces of jewellery come from Art Nouveau/Edwardian and Art déco,
  • Aquamarine-studded earrings and ear studs enchant with their light-footedness, sometimes the stones are cut as drops → fantastic eye-catcher at eye level. This is what the world around you is talking about!

You would like to get personally enthusiastic about the breathtakingly beautiful gemstones and discover our range of antique aquamarine jewellery? Antique Jewellery is your expert for vintage and antique jewellery in Berlin. We look forward to your visit in our showroom in Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin. If you have any questions, please call our service telephone (030 20689155) or use our contact form. 


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