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In amber lives the immortal. Its value and meaning for antique jewellery should necessarily be considered mythological as well. It is most probably on the one hand the variety of the occurrence and, on the other hand, the ritual admiration which gave an unique position to this gemstone just in Germany. Above all in the Baltic Sea area, the fossil resin, which has been found since millenniums, is widespread in the most varied colours and optical variations. This ranges from light yellow and glassy transparent stones up to grey-black and mottled variations.

In between gemologists still distinguish countless murky, mottled and in coloured gradations. By the rich occurrence and the dissemination linked with it in all social classes of the epochs, it was always important to form the jewellery ingeniously. Amber is suited by its individuality and by its inimitable colour character perfectly as a solitary eye-catcher. It was not often necessary to set amber extravagantly in precious metals or similarly ‚draw attention‘, because the characteristic of the fossil itself ‚fuel stone‘ knows how to convince. Since the 12th century the wearing of amber jewellery supposedly had curative reasons as well. Famous universal scholars and doctors, as for example Hildegard von Bingen, ascribe healing forces to amber. As a stone worn on the skin it unfolds, after esoteric convictions, its abilities as a ‚remedial and protective stone‘. It is said to take fears away, as well as to give joy of life and health.

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