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The Art déco is often the first thing that comes to mind when talking about antique jewellery. This is comparable to “classical music” and “Bach”. The first thought in life is often already right, although antique jewellery with all its facets is of course more than the. Art deco jewellery, however, exudes a particularly great fascination. Even after decades, the energy and passion in/for art deco jewellery is unbroken.

There are many reasons for this. The most important reason is certainly the absolutely timeless design language of Art Deco. For the first time we experience a style epoch that is still highly modern today, which survives even the greatest changes in world events completely unimpressed. Experience the enthusiasm at first hand – buy Art déco jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin with the usual best advice, also online!

Origin and formal language of Art déco

In the established 20th century, as a consistent continuation of Art Nouveau, again on French soil, the following epoch Art déco emerged. This artistic act of liberation on an international scale began at the Paris World Exhibition of 1925. The discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun and the subsequent recovery of the most magnificent treasures of ancient Egypt are the decisive influences on the design of Art déco. By adapting the cubist theory of forms and exuberant color combinations from ancient Egypt, one resorted to design references so far back in time that they were again seen as completely new and revolutionary in their abstractness.

Any limits of the imagination were blown up voluminously. It was a colorful celebration of life, the pleasures and all the possibilities that the age of machines, the technical quantum leaps through innovation, and worldwide trade brought about. From all over the world travelers and artists brought their impressions to Europe. They were inspired by Asian jade, coral jewelry and increasingly affordable materials such as rubies, sapphires and Indian emeralds.

Bold and exotic were the works of the jewellers as a consequence: diamonds and colored stones necessarily complemented each other, geometric patterns of cubism demanded trigonometric, pentagonal and elongated cuts of multicolored stones. Geometric lines were the births of the hour, both in building architecture and in the production of Art déco jewellery.

Sharp lines that alternated with or competed with waves, as well as garish colors in sometimes provocative compositions made the silhouette of many cities around the world look new and exciting. These influences were style-forming in North America until the 1950s. Legendary and breathtaking in its importance: the world-famous Art déco District in South Beach Miami, Florida USA. Hardly any other epoch stood so much for the consequent realization of his dreams and ideals as Art déco

Using the arts of Africa and East Asia as inspiration, this era had the power to sustain hope and vitality even during the darkest chapters of European history. It is the ubiquitous symbiosis of elegance, appreciation of materials, tangible sensuality but also powerful determination that still surrounds the jewellery of Art déco today. Film stars and tabloid beauties from the 1930s and 1940s adorned themselves with the odd long-strung pearl necklace and magnificent diamond-platinum bracelets.

What else was there? Apart from Miami, Prague and Napier (New Zealand), London’s cityscape is also strongly influenced by the architectural style of Art déco. Buildings of that period speak a strictly geometrical language and, due to the costly processing of expensive materials, are a testimony to the prosperity and progress of the time that is worth preserving. A splendid example is the “Florin Court“, also known as “Hercule Poirot’s Whitehaven Mansions“.

For the joy of creativity – buying and wearing Art déco jewellery

Buildings, works of art, jewellery – look at size, admire motifs, own design classics. This is what makes antique jewellery from the Art déco era so special. Ladies and gentlemen with a conscious style and a preference for timeless jewellery have the opportunity to acquire original antique pieces for their own pleasure. Whether you are looking for a necklace or a necklace, an elegant brooch for ladies or a ring. We will be happy to help you find the jewellery of your dreams. Full of enthusiasm for the creations of the old silver- and goldsmiths and jewellers, even we are always amazed how creative Art déco jewellery is:

  • Engagement rings, rings and wedding bands from the 1920s and 1930s, from splendid to plain, in gold and platinum,
  • Seal rings and men’s rings for the little finger made of 925 silver, partly gold-plated,
  • Pendant with chain, or, depending on the desired size, an elegantly coordinated set (necklace and earrings) set with colored gemstones, diamonds or pearls,
  • Perfectly cut diamonds of the highest quality in a sparkling brooch or on a luxury bracelet,
  • Men’s jewellery such as tailcoat sets in the original box and cufflinks, either in 18-carat gold with mother-of-pearl or enamel, or gold-plated with individual enamel motifs.

Antique jewellery of Art déco – Innovative designs

Art déco jewellery corresponds to the style that has been very much in demand since the 2000s, which is for jewellery that is as simple as possible. This phenomenon is sometimes very plausibly comprehensible and sometimes not at all. In any case, one can feel the (intentional or accidental?) claim of goldsmiths and jewellers to create something modern and beautiful for eternity with every piece of Art déco jewellery. Driven by the economic and technical success in the late twenties, only the highest quality materials were good enough for specimens that would not more or less than overwhelm. Today’s association with “simple” is probably played into the cards by the linear motifs and forms published in the antique jewellery of the Art déco. Of course, from this epoch also comes restrained, daintily elegant jewellery. The influences from Jugendstil/Art nouveau and the Arts+Crafts movement were not completely eliminated. he enormous size and boldness of the Victorian era as well as the closeness to nature from Art Nouveau were cornerstones of the newly defined epoch.

Nevertheless, the creative output must definitely be described as innovative, because the style was really new! As if the turmoil of the Second World War had also slowed down the courage and creativity of designers, the jewellery of the following vintage decades is clearly influenced by Art déco. A worldwide style revolution like in Art Nouveau and Art déco has basically not taken place since then. After all, cars, airplanes and radio technology were already around in the 1930s. Until space tourism becomes a reality in the future, nobody seems to want to change the superiority of Art déco. Much to our joy, because original Art déco jewellery is wonderful, detached joy of life. Discovering antique art deco jewellery and buying antique jewellery from this unmistakable era is an exclusive pleasure that Antique Jewellery Berlin offers you.

Variety in Art déco – rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and more

It’s not just the size that matters. Even in small things there is a lot of love for detail and perfect functionality. From gold and platinum earrings, set and combined with diamonds, colored stones or pearls, to a magnificent diamond bracelet. The spectrum of Art déco jewellery for women is enormous. That one for gentlemen at least bigger than from earlier epochs. Especially the individual and high-quality cufflinks from the Art déco gave the man an indispensable new accessory.

While the diamond solitaire ring became more and more popular for engagement rings, the significantly improved cuts of the gemstones and the unlimited processing possibilities of platinum pushed the particularly luxurious designs even further. Although richly set brooches, necklaces, earrings and bracelet designs were only created for the high society at that time, they are affordable for a wide range of buyers today due to their existence as antiques.

Old jewellery is always sustainable jewellery that conserves resources and your wallet. However, what you mainly acquire is timeless elegance, astonishing perfection and breathtaking designs. Antique jewellery can hardly be more attractive than art deco jewellery. Each original antique piece of jewellery is of course unique:

  • Earrings and studs in sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold or platinum, with diamond cluster, colored stones or elaborate hand engraving,
  • Pendants in platinum and white gold with solitary diamonds or in the typical, usually elongated design with several diamonds,
  • Emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other colored gemstones of the highest quality in partly large rings, with excellent brilliants at the sides – very elaborate ring heads,
  • Diamond brooches in typical Art déco style, partly also as animal brooch, e.g. in form of a swallow,
  • Finest enamel works and decorations: from pendants and brooches to bracelets and rings.

Art déco jewellery will make you happy – now and in the future! We offer you an insight into the creations of an innovative jewellery epoch and are sure that you will find the right piece of jewellery with us, whether an art deco brooch or art deco bracelet. We look forward to seeing you – enjoy discovering our range of products and do not hesitate to contact us: We are at your disposal to answer your questions about our articles.

Our original art deco jewelry wants to be worn and admired.

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