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Gold is rightly the most popular precious metal for jewellery. It is one of the most highly cultured things in the world. Symbolically it is the stuff that dreams are made of! Gold jewellery and the brilliance of the precious metal, has stood for thousands of years without real competition for passion, prosperity and joy in life. The basic material of every jeweller and jewellery creator of all epochs inspires us with all its facets and in any design. No matter whether as necklace, bracelet or ladies’ ring. Of course also for men’s jewellery: gold simply always fits! Buy antique gold jewelry online – at Antique Jewellery Berlin with full security and appreciation!

Buy antique gold jewellery & set radiant accents

When one speaks of the shade of gold, it always means the shade of yellow gold. Gold should be regarded as a gift of nature and can therefore only be extracted as nature gives it away. This is done in just this shade, which has always made it easy to see. Gold is one of those heavy metals that are suddenly produced en masse in stellar collisions and supernova nuclear collapse. Even in the case of Earth’s history, the amount of gold available was once gigantic. But as long as the original earth crust was not yet solid, all the gold migrated into the earth’s core because of its high density. Only traces of it adhere to the earth’s layers and have been mined for generations, until today very laboriously. Only a few grams of the coveted precious metal can be extracted from tons of rock and soil. Larger quantities only come to light where volcanic processes have prepared it. This may, of course, be thousands of years ago – which only makes the search for it, and the desire for gold, even greater. In any case, it is a metal that is very easy to work with and has the very best alloying properties. It’s typical property not to corrode, combined with the noble shine of durability, has made it the perfect metal for jewellery since ancient times. In the beginning, of course, there was no gold jewellery according to today’s ideas, but rather ritual objects, which shone in a yellow-golden shine.

Golden jewellery with different colors

The smiths alloy yellow gold by adding other metals, such as copper, silver or palladium, to make jewellery metals of different color character. Extremely popular is the so-called white gold, which is created by adding palladium or silver, among other things. This alloy stands up to the visual and coveted color comparison with pure platinum, or silver, which has been established in antique jewelry for much longer. White gold is cheaper than platinum and does not have its slightly greyish hue. It shines and glows a little more and is therefore one of the most popular materials for gold jewellery.

The purity of gold

The degree of purity is a very important value. It provides information about the mixing ratio of gold for jewellery. At this point, the color achieved is irrelevant. The unit of measure for gold is carat (ct.). This depends on the fine gold content in the alloy used. The most common alloys are:

  • 8 carats, alternative indication 333 gold, equivalent to 333 1/3 grams per kg gold
  • 9 carats, alternative indication 375 gold, equivalent to 375 grams per kg gold
  • 14 carats, alternatively 585 gold, equivalent to 585 grams per kg of gold
  • 15 carat, alternative indication 625 gold, equivalent to 625 grams per kg gold
  • 18 carat, alternative indication 750 gold, equivalent to 750 grams per kg gold
  • 20 carats, alternative indication 833 gold, equivalent to 833 1/3 grams per kg gold
  • 22 carat, alternative indication 916 gold, equivalent to 916 1/3 gram per kg gold
  • 24 carats, alternatively 999 gold, corresponds to 999 grams per kg gold.

If you want to buy gold jewellery, in addition to your good taste and wishes, sometimes financial means also play a role. Basically, the higher the carat value of yellow gold, white gold, red gold or rose gold, the nobler and more valuable the antique gold jewellery. But believe us: old gold jewellery for ladies and gentlemen is not only evaluated by the gold alloy used. Especially with antique jewellery, you have to take a holistic view of its origin and the circumstances of its production! It is of the highest interest in art history, and for this we are the specialists, which characteristics are to be classified as “typical of the epoch”. Antique gold jewellery absolutely demands to look closely. This is the special charm that has already astonished so many ladies and gentlemen in our business. To give your attention to the jewellery and to look behind the “scenes”, i.e. gold stamps and hallmarks, is very worthwhile!

Timeless magic: jewellery made of gold has always attracted attention

An elegant lady’s ring, a magnificent necklace, a hand-engraved bracelet or simple creoles are just a few examples of antique gold jewellery. It is omnipresent, it is personality enhancing and absolutely unique in its diversity. Almost every piece of jewellery can be assigned its own story. Although goldsmiths did not begin stamping and punching their works until the 19th century, experts like us can still recognize antique gold jewellery by its unmistakable characteristics. A lady’s ring in 18 carat yellow gold, presented on the occasion of the engagement, is very different from the Georgian epoch until modern times. What remained the same through all epochs, however, was the highest standard of beauty and craftsmanship in jewellery. Because antique gold jewellery is not just anything. It is the expression of the highest respect: for the material as well as for the skills of goldsmiths and jewellers to make jewellery from it for eternity. Our assortment dates from about 1750 to about 1980. You can experience all epoch-typical features live with us. And, what is even more beautiful, you can buy antique gold jewellery from us. For your very personal pleasure, for your collection or as a unique gift for your loved one. May we recommend you something?


  • A ladies’ ring can be simply smooth, elegantly engraved or set with stone, e.g. from Art Deco Germany usually made of 585 white gold and yellow gold
  • Men’s rings and signet rings were mostly forged from 375 yellow gold and red gold from the Victorian era to the Vintage period. This alloy is very robust
  • A perfect accessory for any look, or the primary eye-catcher, are necklace, bracelet and earrings or ear studs in 750 and 585 gold. Depending on the era, set with precious stones in perfect cuts
  • Popular earrings from the vintage period are hoop earrings in 375 yellow gold and white gold
  • We are sure to surprise you with the variety of our antique gold jewellery. If you go through our assortment and have questions about an item, please do not hesitate to contact us. Which bracelet goes with which ladies’ ring? Which cufflinks go with which men’s ring? What can be combined – does Mix & Match apply to antique gold jewellery through all eras?

Antique gold jewellery: Best advice and perfect service are our thing

We do everything to make you happy. Our passion for art historical antiques and jewellery production drives us every day. We stand for profound expertise in the field of antique jewellery production and the collections.

As you know it from us:

  • Worldwide free and insured shipping always by the best known shipping service providers, each with the best regional expertise
  • We offer all established payment methods in our online shop and in our store
  • Changes and reworking by our master goldsmiths are possible on request
  • Original, unembellished product photos
  • Comprehensive advice in the field of antique jewellery: Please use our contact form or use our chat service. We speak German, English and Arabic.

We are looking forward to your visit, personally during opening hours in our shop at Linienstr. 44 in 10 119 Berlin-Mitte. Of course you can also contact us by e-mail or by telephone. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you! Buy antique jewellery made of gold online at Antique Jewellery – it has never been more comfortable and safe!

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