The Scheunenviertel – Antique Jewellery Berlin is in the middle of it.

The Scheunenviertel – Antique Jewellery Berlin is in the middle of it.

Our shop in Berlin-Mitte is located in the so-called Scheunenviertel (barn area). The history of this neighborhood is mostly tragic, marked by bitter poverty and great suffering of its inhabitants. The district got its name from the big hay barns, which were built in the 17th century for reasons of fire safety outside the Berlin city walls, near Alexanderplatz. Here lived only the poorest part of the society, such as the farm workers. In the 18th century, the royally arranged settlement of the Scheunenviertel by Jews began. This movement continued until the 20th century and on the one hand, it quickly created a lively trade and cultural revival, but on the other hand it led to an acute housing shortage and devastating lack of space. Although industrialization after 1871 gave Berlin a top position in the global economy, the Scheunenviertel got even larger, existential problems. We would rather not go into the development of the area during the Nazi regime at this point.

Anyone who grapples with history(s) of such neighborhoods anywhere in the world knows that where poverty prevails, there is always hope. The dream of a better life is sure to be dreamed by every person in need. The cohesion in the circle of the beloved family may have been the main support for many inhabitants of the Scheunenviertel. If the circumstances allowed, the visit of a real Berlin pub was also very motivating. There were many bars, inns and quaint Berlin beer pubs in the area – same as in the whole city. The pub culture lay fallow for some time after the Second World War, like so much else. The Scheunenviertel has never lost its basic character over the many eras. The poorness continued here in the ruined Berlin after 1945 until the end of the GDR in 1989 more or less. The collapsed and no longer to be rescued houses were laboriously removed in the 1950s – but rarely were the gaps in the streets closed by new buildings. Not as much effort as in the bourgeois East Berlin districts Pankow and Prenzlauer Berg was invested in the Scheunenviertel. This is probably why the Scheunenviertel was inhabited by many artists, craftsmen and alternative thinkers. Creativity needs its adverse circumstances to produce great things. That has always been the case, no matter where and when.

The immediate proximity to tourist highlights, such as the Alexanderplatz and the area around the Hackescher Markt with its historic Berlin backyard culture, ensured in the late 1990s for the rapid upswing of the Scheunenviertel. The shabby old buildings and well-known architectural and historical monuments, such as the Volksbühne on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, have been extensively and lovingly restored. Interesting and successful new buildings also enriched the image of the streets. Since then, the district has been attracting more and more people from all parts of Berlin, Germany and now from all over the world who want to live here. Still, it is the individuality and variety of the old and new residents in our neighborhood, which makes life interesting here. Sustainable craft shops, workshops, unique galleries and individual specialty shops can now be found in every street of the Scheunenviertel. Our shop for antique jewellery in the Linienstraße 44 is also unique in Berlin! At the corner of Alte-Schönhauser-Straße and parallel to Torstraße, we are perfectly accessible from everywhere. We are delighted to have been part of the quarter’s current success story for many years. We present the individuality of old jewelry and offer unique pieces of jewellery for all needs of modern people and in almost every price range. From Monday to Saturday, between 11am and 7pm, we are happy to advise you in our shop at Linienstraße 44, Berlin-Mitte. Of course we are always open online: We look forward to you!

Visit our air-conditioned shop for unique Engagement rings and genuine Antique jewellery – we are looking forward to see you here, in the heart of Berlin!

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