How To Choose Your Engagement Ring: Helpful Guide for Couples

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How To Choose Your Engagement Ring: Helpful Guide for Couples

Choosing your engagement ring is a momentous moment in any couple’s life. But what kind of ring best suits your individual ideas and desires?

Who Picks The Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is a symbol of love and a promise to be with your partner for life. Therefore, it is natural to choose a ring for the engagement that is as uniquely beautiful as your relationship. Whether with a sparkling diamond or a colored gemstone, whether simple or playful: At the beginning of the endeavor is the question: who should pick the engagement ring? The person proposing or the person receiving the proposal? Or do you both want to pick out the engagement ring together?

Are You Planning On Honoring or Breaking Proposal Traditions?

Traditionally, for couples, the man purchases the engagement ring for his girlfriend before the proposal. But nowadays, fortunately, we are not necessarily bound by old traditions, both in choosing a partner and in proposing marriage – only if we want to.

Option #1: Choosing the engagement ring together

Picking the engagement ring together – a romantic adventure with tangible benefits:

  • You can be sure that the ring will suit the taste of your girlfriend or boyfriend. On the other hand, you can advise and support each other.
  • You create shared memories. Picking out the engagement ring becomes a unique experience that you will remember fondly years later after the wedding.

Shared memory of a significant moment

Take your time and listen to your gut feeling while you look at or try on different pieces in search of the ring for the engagement. Once you have ultimately found the ideal model, your joint choice will be an unforgettable moment of joy.

Option #2: Picking Out The Engagement Ring By Yourself

Even if you know your partner extremely well, it may be a challenging mission to track down the ring he or she would choose on his or her own. There can be several reasons why a partner might choose to pick out the engagement ring themselves.

  • For one, it is a way to show your partner how well you know him or her and how much effort you put into finding the perfect piece of jewelry.
  • On the other hand, as the “proposer”, you can hide the upcoming engagement in this way and make the moment of the proposal a surprise.

Of course, if the proposal is to be completely unexpected, you’ll need to find out as inconspicuously as possible which ring size, gemstone, or cut would be appropriate.

Option #3: Planning A Surprise Choice Is The Happy Medium

For couples who both want to pick out the engagement ring together, but don’t want to completely miss out on a surprise moment when proposing, we recommend a special middle ground:

  • You pick out 3 to 5 engagement rings together in a store or online that both partners like equally.
  • The partner who proposes chooses the ring of rings from this collection.
  • As a result, the person receiving the proposal does not know which one he or she will be delighted and surprised with as soon as they open the ring box at the proposal.

Guide To Choosing The Ideal Ring For Your Proposal:

Know Your Budget & The Ring Size

Before you set out – together or alone – to find the most beautiful ring, you should be clear about what budget you have available and what ring size you want the ring to be.

What Do You Want The Ring to Look Like? Choosing Material, Stone & Style

What is the best way to go about choosing an engagement ring? Finding the right ring from all the possible rings is easier if you follow a rough checklist. Below, we have compiled the most important criteria. You can use these to help you decide what type of ring you want to consider. Are you looking for a classic solitaire ring with one stone? Or should it be set with several diamonds? Maybe instead of one diamond, you’d rather have a gemstone in a certain color?

Picking The Material

What metal should the ring band and setting be made of? The classics are silver and gold. While white gold and yellow gold are timeless, rose gold can seem rather trendy. In addition, there are also rings made of platinum, palladium and stainless steel.

Choosing A Stone: Diamonds vs.Colored Gemstones

As we all know, the most desired engagement rings of all time is the diamond ring. The colorless stone is popular with couples of varying age and background. Gemstones like sapphire, ruby, emerald or aquamarine each glow in their own uniquely beautiful color and are also popular among lovers.

Choose Your Preferred Cut, Carat And Shape

The brilliant cut is the most common type of cut for engagement rings and consists of 57 facets, which are arranged symmetrically to create an extremely shiny – or brilliant – gemstone. Other cuts have their charms as well. For example, you can also choose a ring with a princess cut (square), emerald cut (rectangular). Asscher cut (octagonal), Marquise cut (elliptical), Baguette cut (rectangular), Heart cut and Pear cut (peach-shaped).

Determining The Ring Type: Solitaire Ring With One Stone Or Multiple Stones?

The number of stones on an engagement ring depends on personal taste. However, here are some popular options, our customers tend to buy.

  • Solitaire ring: ring with a single diamond or gemstone.
  • Three-stone ring: a ring with multiple diamonds or a ring with a center diamond and smaller diamonds in a row
  • Diamond cluster rings
  • Diamond band rings

Picking The Style And Design

The design of the proposal ring is also crucial. Are you looking for a ring with a light modern design or one with lots of playful details? When picking out your proposal ring, you may want to consider antique pieces in addition to newly made rings.

Exclusive & unique antique  jewellery

Does the love of your life have a soft spot for history? As antique jewellery dealers, we at Antique Jewellery Berlin have a love for high-quality engagement rings from bygone eras – including rings from the Victorian era, the Art Déco era or the Vintage era. Fortunately, even the most modern ring designs are based on classic style features. So you’ll find a ring for every couple in our assortment!

Find the perfect ring online or discover it at the jeweler’s store

Have you done a little research and figured out the most important features for the ring for your personalized proposal? Very good! Whether you buy the jewellery online or go to a trusted jeweler or jewelry retailer is, of course, up to you. A good jeweler will not only be able to present you with a wide selection of rings, but will also be able to give you expert advice and answer any questions you may have.

Depending on your culture or region or age, there might be different traditions or customs that dictate what happens to the engagement ring after the wedding:

  • The ring can move to the right hand and complement the wedding ring as a pre-engagement ring.
  • The engagement ring is discarded and only the wedding ring is worn.
  • On one hand is the engagement ring, and on the other is the wedding ring.

No matter which hand the engagement ring is placed on during the proposal: What you plan to do with the ring after the wedding can also influence what type of engagement ring you choose.

Book a personal jewellery consultation

At Antique Jewellery Berlin, you are welcome to make an appointment for a personalized professional jewellery consultation. We also have a large selection of wedding rings! Do you have any questions about our assortment? Feel free to contact us or come by our store in Berlin. We look forward to seeing you!

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