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The citrine is named after its lemon yellow colour. As with aquamarine, its colour character is anchored in the name. At least, that is what is commonly associated with the stone. The natural, pale yellow citrine occurs extremely rarely and is accordingly sought after. Citrines are usually mined together with the closely related amethysts. Treated amethysts usually take on citrine-like optical characteristics, which makes it relatively difficult to distinguish between them. But whichever way you turn it, citrine jewellery is something sensational! Especially antique jewellery with citrine is special, as it has been considered the “gemstone of luck” for centuries. The history of fascinating citrines and their jewellery creations is long and also shows some parallels to the violet amethysts. But here we are now talking about the freshness and positive aura of the yellow gemstone. Buy antique jewellery with citrine as well as genuine vintage citrine jewellery online and in our shop in Berlin. At Antique Jewellery Berlin you are – as always – in the right specialist shop!

Jewellery with citrine: Unique lemon yellow colour

A quick word about chemistry, but then straight on to passion. The citrine is a macro-crystalline variety of the mineral “quartz” and can literally be found very close to the amethyst. The colour palette of citrines ranges from pale yellow to intense sunny yellow to orange and reddish. They are often treated to meet the special ideas and wishes of goldsmiths or those of discerning customers. Especially the mandarin – coloured to reddish citrines are passionately sought after, which constantly drives up their value. Elaborately faceted, these stones exude a downright yearning magic. Citrines are mostly clear and light yellow by nature. They sometimes take on this original colour again when they are exposed to strong sunlight over a long period of time. Since no one would intentionally expose their antique citrine jewellery to this, the gemstone will give its owner much pleasure for a lifetime. Speaking of antique jewellery: filigree earrings made of gold, fascinating necklaces with pendants and life-affirming bracelets were created with citrines. Before the 20th century, they were gladly staged together with pearls and definitely always set in gold. Citrine jewellery made of silver, the obvious choice would be precious 925 sterling silver, is not known to us from popular antique jewellery. The gold alloys for antique citrine jewellery were, depending on the origin, 18 carat, but at least 14 carat yellow gold. In the 20th century up to the vintage era, the more affordable 9 carat gold also became established, which nevertheless does not make citrine jewellery very common. Our guess: Once you have it, you won’t give it away!

Lucky companion: Citrine rings

Yes, the citrine has been considered the “gemstone of luck” since ancient times. Especially as a pendant on a necklace, the gemstone was worn to protect against evil thoughts and poisonous animals such as snakes and other reptiles. In the urban jungle, of course, one has to deal with poisonous snakes and other deadly bites far less often. But the citrine is as reliable as it is versatile as a talisman. It is said to help modern people maintain control over their own emotions and to sharpen their vigilance against deceit and resentment. The citrine is thus said to have the ability to strengthen intuition and promote self-confidence.

Citrine rings arenot only self-confidence boosting, but usually also very impressive to look at. Together with smoky quartz and amethyst, citrine has secured a monopoly on cocktail rings. Citrine rings, i.e. the aforementioned cocktail rings, are usually presided over by a perfectly faceted, large citrine. From a lemon yellow specimen to a slightly orange stone. These gemstones are set on a gold bar and are almost always the undisputed star of the piece of jewellery. The gold alloys of the citrine rings have 9 carats to 14 carats. Silver will not be found here either. The silver-coloured character of 925 sterling silver, or that of correspondingly noble white gold, is traditionally not associated harmoniously with citrines. Here we have another parallel to the next citrine relative, the amethyst.

By the way: fans of charming cocktail rings may even consider specimens with citrine as engagement rings.

Antique necklaces, chains and earrings with citrine

We have earrings and necklaces with pendants, sometimes as perfectly staged jewellery sets, from the Georgian and Victorian eras in our range. Over time, the earrings have become smaller and, at the latest in the vintage era, filigree and suitable for everyday wear. Whether it’s a sweeping earring or a delightful stud –citrine jewellery cuts an elegant figure on the ear! Add a necklace (with or without pendant) to your repertoire and definitely a bracelet as well. You know what we like? We love multicolour gemstone jewellery from the 1900s onwards! We can hardly get enough of them ourselves, because such pieces of jewellery are rapidly going out of stock. But they do exist. And you should keep your eyes open for it: multicoloured gemstone jewellery with the citrine as the yellow/orange part. The citrines on such arm and neck jewellery are accompanied by aquamarines, sapphires, tourmalines, smoky quartz and garnet.

Of course, the citrine can also simply “do its own thing”. It is the freshness of its appearance, the splendour of its colours, that is largely responsible for its charm. Small pearls complement it ideally, of course, but people have refrained from doing so since the 20th century. The necklace made of 14 carat yellow gold with pendant then rather carried a solitary citrine. Beautifully faceted and noble to look at – a gem of a gemstone! Antique jewellery with citrine is rare, is coveted and last but not least timeless. We have the most beautiful job in the world, because we deal with masterpieces of the jeweller’s art and with desirable things every day. Like, for example, with citrine jewellery of this kind:

  • Citrine ring in 14 carat or 9 carat yellow gold, mostly as cocktail ring with large stone, elaborately faceted
  • Earrings and stud earrings in yellow gold or rose gold, with citrine solitaire or several small stones and pearl accompaniment.
  • Pendants and necklaces with light yellow to tangerine-coloured citrines → from the 18th century to the vintage era, always worked in gold
  • Bracelets with strung citrines, or multicolour gemstone jewellery with changing colours → mainly from 1900 onwards from the Edwardian era

Citrine jewellery has always been made of gold, not sterling silver or other silver-coloured metals. Alloys range from 18 carat to 9 carat gold.

Buy precious citrine jewellery online in our shop

Citrine jewellery is made for people who want to see and experience the positive in life. We are convinced that we can make our determined customers happy once again with our unique antique pieces. Each of our jewellery pieces is thoroughly examined and evaluated by our experts. Only flawless, guaranteed genuine and immediately wearable jewellery is offered in our online shop. With far more than 2,000 individual pieces, we operate the largest online shop for antique jewellery in Berlin. Our perfect service is unparalleled and an enduring tribute to the art of great goldsmiths of past eras. When you buy antique buy antique jewellery online from us, you will receive a certificate with every purchase with the details of the piece of jewellery known to us. Citrine jewellery purchased online is of course insured and shipped with the best parcel service providers. We ship worldwide with complete tracking and high transport insurance.

No matter what question you have about our range or your purchase occasion – be it what 925 sterling silver means or how long the chain should be for a selected pendant: We will be happy to advise you individually, in detail and personally in German, English and Arabic. Call us, use our contact form or use our chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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