Antique Engagementrings

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The engagement ring is the sparkling point on the i in the German term „Liebe“ (Love). Like no other jewel, it symbolizes the passionate love between two unique people. Who gives it and who takes it, no matter who, now forms an inseparable unit. Be as you are - Love as you are!The master goldsmiths and jewellery makers of all epochs knew how important and individual the demands on an engagement ring are. Antique engagement rings from the past 200 years are therefore the perfect choice when it comes to the most important: the individuality. As unique and perfect as the partner - so must the ring be! Tiffany in New York, in the early 20th century, has added an unprecedented standard to the jewelry world with the launch of the Diamond Solitaire engagement ring. How individually in subsequent decades this universal design was still varied, testifies to the attention to detail and the demand of jewellery studios all over the world to create perfect engagement rings. Tradition and modernity - if you want both, choose an antique engagement ring!Click to fold
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