Antique jewellery is made for eternity. It is treated with the utmost caution, will always be honored and lovingly cared for. However, since jewelry should be worn primarily by cheerful people, it is sometimes necessary to adapt it to the personal needs of the owner. In most cases, ring size changes must be performed properly. Sometimes, however, the conversion of closures on earrings or bracelets is desired. We offer a workshop and repair service for the antique jewellery of our own range. For this purpose, we have built up a professional network of three master goldsmiths, experts and antique jewellery / gemstone specialists.

Before a piece of jewellery is sold on our premises, it is checked by our experts for material fastness and safe, immediate wearability. The expertise of our three established gold and platinum companies lies above all in the restoration, reworking and repair of old jewellery. There are only a few specialists in antique jewellery with the necessary background in Germany, because the time-specific peculiarities of the old manufacturing techniques are often no longer common today. Everything we need to make a jewel of Antique Jewellery Berlin your new favorite piece is what we can accomplish. There is almost nothing our experienced master goldsmiths cannot do! Of course, the focus for all of us is always on maintaining or supporting the overall harmonious concept of an antique piece of jewellery.

The change of a ring width (colloquially: ring size) usually takes only 24 hours. Customized rings are usually ready for pickup or ready to ship the next working day. The change of ring size is free of charge for rings purchased from us! We will always coordinate all other commissions with you professionally. A fee-based express service is possible by arrangement. Speed and precision are our highest standards, from which every antique jewellery enthusiast benefits.