Wedding Bands


Wedding Bands

We are prepared for everything - because love breaks through all barriers! Since ancient times wedding bands have been emotionally very important. They symbolize partnership for life. They are worn directly on the body and are visible for everyone. Wedding rings, wedding rings, partner rings - you can call them what you want. They remain what they are: the romantic link between two people who love each other more than anything else. Individuality has again come to the fore. Unimpressed by every trend and every revival, we at Antique Jewellery Berlin can say that individuality has been the basis of our business for more than 15 years. Antique jewellery is absolutely unique and not easily replaceable! So it is clear that antique wedding rings have always been a matter of the heart for us.

Wedding rings: Memories of the best day of your life

There is only the one. The partner with whom you want to spend your life. Wedding rings are not only the connection between two married couples, but they are a symbol of love in general. As difficult as finding the perfect life partner, the wedding rings of Antique Jewellery Berlin are fortunately do not. From our exclusive collection of antique and vintage wedding rings, you can choose the model that perfectly suits each of you. Mix & Match is the motto with us! Choose your favorites from all eras and designs, from every possible metal (precious metal!) alloy and design. Would you like your wedding rings in yellow gold or your wedding rings in platinum, do you love white gold, red gold or rose gold? The choice is large - and as usual with antique jewellery, each piece is unique. Even though the scope for unusual designs in wedding rings is limited, you will be amazed at how much creativity there can be in them. The old Victorian wedding rings can often be recognized by their elaborate engraving. We are talking about the engraving on the outside, which is highly elegant, in the sense of a ring, the symbol of infinity. In the 19th century, the gold alloy still fluctuated between 9 carats (375) and 18 carats (750) yellow gold or red gold. Silver, platinum or even multicolored wedding rings were designed vintage, from the 1970s onwards. Also vintage wedding rings with stone - for the ladies a diamond; for the gentlemen an agate, we have in our offer.

Make the wedding perfect with beautiful wedding rings

The smooth yellow gold wedding rings from the Art déco era are particularly popular with our customers. They are something like the epitome of value and discreet luxury. The alloy of 22 carat (916) gold, which has been very popular for several decades, has a very classic appearance with a rich and beautiful depth of color. Absolutely straightforward and timeless, each ring in this collection meets the highest standards! Experience the enthusiasm for antique wedding rings at Antique Jewellery Berlin. Among other things you can buy wedding rings of this kind from us:

  • women's rings and men's rings from all eras, e.g. Victorian, Art déco and vintage,
  • Smooth wedding rings in silver, rose gold, platinum, white gold and other precious metals,
  • Antique single pieces in different widths, e.g. 2 mm, 3 mm up to 7 mm,
  • Rings with handmade engraving, e.g. from the Victorian and Art déco,
  • Extraordinary vintage wedding rings, e.g. set with stone, sometimes multicolored / bicolor.

Highest material qualities and elaborate processing techniques show all wedding rings of the past epochs. Unfortunately, many of the antique pieces were lost over time. It was often the custom to bury the wedding ring together with the loved one. The antique wedding ring of the remaining spouse was certainly well protected within the family for a long time. Nevertheless many rings find their way to us and fascinate a new generation in the here and now. We stand by the fact that, just like people, the wedding rings of a married couple can be different! Mix & Match through all epochs and designs finds our enthusiastic support. Let us advise you about our collection. Take advantage of our advice in the shop or through various channels via our website. You can ask all questions about our wedding rings on the phone, via our website or the chat service. As always, you have the possibility to choose how you would like to communicate with us.

Individual wedding rings - perfectly adapted for you

When it comes to wedding rings one usually relies on the pure power of precious metals. Therefore there is rarely stone trimming on antique wedding bands. The ring was often completed and personified with an external engraving. Since the ring fitting is of course included once for you, there are almost no obstacles to fitting any antique wedding ring to your hand. Only a very complex outer engraving or a multicolored (bicolor) forged ring could show limits in this respect. But of course this is pointed out in our article descriptions! We have the great privilege of having three of the best master goldsmiths in Berlin as partners. With this concentrated skill almost anything is possible. Every model in our collection, every alloy in white gold, red gold, rose gold etc. is available as a wedding ring for life. Make an appointment for a consultation, or just come by. Also online you can enjoy the perfect service as usual. As if you were on site in our shop, the consultation is obligatory. What you can expect from us.

Highest seriousness through many years of experience

We stand for the best advice, well-founded expertise and last but not least for a lot of empathy. Our three renowned master goldsmiths take care of the technical implementation of your needs.

You continue to enjoy:

  • free and insured premium shipping by the world's best shipping service providers,
  • all common payment options in the online shop and in our store,
  • one-time free adjustment of the ring width (ring size) by our master goldsmiths,
  • true to original, not retouched photos,
  • comprehensive advice in the field of antique jewellery: Please use our contact form or use our chat service. We speak German, English and Arabic.

We are looking forward to your visit, personally during the opening hours in our shop in Liniments. 44 in 10119 Berlin-Mitte. Of course you can also contact us by phone or e-mail. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to seeing you! Buy antique wedding rings and vintage wedding rings online at Antique Jewellery - it has never been easier and safer to order high-quality antique jewellery on the Internet!