Vienna Ball Season 2022

Vienna Ball Season 2022

For the grand entrance in the upcoming ball season belongs, of course, in addition to the perfect evening wear is also the right jewellery. Where the dress code traditionally leaves relatively little scope, the jewellery may be imaginatively chosen. Especially important is that it sparkles!

Whether opulent diamond jewellery or delicately coordinated color jewellery – its allowed what pleases. And what fits. In this regard, antique jewellery offers more than expected. For example, discover our wonderfully coordinated jewellery sets and our invariably genuine antique jewelry from three centuries. Who knows, perhaps the jewel of your choice by ANTIQUE JEWELERY BERLIN has been admired on a glamorous ball over 100 years ago?!

Antique jewellery with history is just perfect for the most festive of all events: the ball.

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