Vienna Ball Season 2024

The 2024 ball season – stage for the highest elegance

For the dance at the Hofburg, in addition to the lady’s perfect ball gown and the gentleman’s elegant evening dress, the matching jewellery should also shine. Where the dress code for tradition sometimes leaves little room for manoeuvre, the jewellery, on the other hand, may be chosen imaginatively and individually. Perfect jewellery for all balls can only be found where grown traditions are understood and where the special counts. Choose antique jewellery for your grand entrance at the ball – the big show is you!

Of course, we’re not just talking about the grand opera ball at the Hofburg Vienna, but rather about hundreds of balls during the much-awaited ball season. Whichever evening during the season of balls in Austria is yours: everything will be just right at this event. Dress, accessories and jewellery. You don’t have to travel around the world or spend a fortune for this. Antique jewellery offers highly artistic creations for your memorable event. Antique jewellery from three centuries is like classical music: timelessly beautiful!

Whether it’s a Viennese ball or an emotional wedding: we have learned that these occasions are of the highest importance in Austria by tradition. So it’s no surprise that, both as outfitters for brides and grooms and for balls, we get to the heart of things with our jewellery. Balls, music, wedding and tradition – that’s what our jewellery is made for. That’s what our antique jewellery is all about. Dance with us into happiness and choose what you like. We present our antique earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings below. Gentlemen are also catered for. Proverbial pearls of antique goldsmith’s art and impressive jewels at reasonable prices are just waiting for you.

Chains & Necklaces


Complete the ball gown with exclusive jewellery

The Viennese ball season is active during the so-called Fasching, i.e. when carnival is celebrated. It always begins on 11 November and ends on Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. It can fall between 03 February and 09 March in any given year. This depends on the Easter festival. Despite the start of the Viennese ball season in November, the big balls do not begin until the “Hofburg Silvesterball” at the Hofburg Vienna on 31 December. This very well-known ball was called the “Kaiserball” about 10 years ago. The tradition of this ball in particular is long and goes back to the “Hofball” and the subsequent “Ball bei Hof” at the time of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I (d. 1916). In addition to the politically relevant background of that event, the splendour and luxury of the dresses and accessories are of particular modern interest to us today. Ball gowns and men’s wardrobe of the most exclusive quality as well as jewellery of breathtaking elegance and splendour. Dizzyingly expensive dresses by the standards of the time were worn by the ladies of the upper classes. There are many painted pictures that still keep alive the carnival, the music and the grand theatre of well over 100 years ago. Night after night a grand ball – exuberant atmosphere despite strict adherence to tradition in the best sense. We speak of pure tradition in the Viennese ball season – now in the most modern sense. Because of course we are no longer in the imperial era, but in the 21st century. Everyone has already philosophised with themselves and with others about how important tradition is. The Viennese Ball exemplifies how attractive it can be to evolve traditionally. Music and dance are pure joy. In many parts of the world, carnival is the most beautiful time of the year for the population. It is not in the winter months for no reason.



The Viennese Ball Season

The liveliness of the balls in the capital of Austria is in a class of its own. Every event on every night for about 3 months is a positive statement to life. There are hundreds of balls all over the country and exceptional ones in Vienna itself. Prominent examples are the “Vienna Opera Ball”, the “Officers’ Ball”, the “Doctors’ Ball”, the “Hunters’ Ball” and many more. Other large cities, such as Salzburg or Graz, and balls are held all over the country. Events for the people of the country – not only for aristocrats, industrialists or cultural celebrities. Carnival touches everyone. The season of balls is effectively used to have fun through dance, music and beautiful dresses. Tickets for an event do not always cost thousands of euros. Showing the big even in the small, for this talent Austrians are known and loved. Putting on a ball gown, skilfully staging accessories and cultivating a modern tradition – that’s where they dance, the young people. We take a bow and recommend taking a look at our range of antique jewellery. We’re sure to have what’s on your wish list.



Vienna Opera Ball: Dress code as a living tradition

When the “Vienna Opera Ball” traditionally takes place on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, the whole world watches the illustrious happenings at the Vienna State Opera. A strict dress code applies at the “Ball of Balls”. The unalterable dress code stipulates that ladies are only admitted in a grand ball gown or long evening dress and gentlemen only in tailcoats. No one would think of disregarding these guidelines. No one would risk forfeiting the coveted and sometimes very expensive tickets to such a prestigious event due to misguided individualism. Because that is what would happen! So they stick to tradition, which keeps the show alive anyway and guides it light-footedly into the modern age with a waltz step.

Dress code


The ladies wear a long evening gown or a large ball gown. The colour does not matter. This is actually the only thing where the ladies are allowed to be a little more relaxed than the gentlemen. For them it may only be a tailcoat – and this is of course black. Back to the ladies: the long evening dress must be at least ankle-length and should have a wide skirt. It must not be skin-tight, made of cotton, linen, leather or “alternative” materials. Extravagances are undesirable! A woman goes to the Vienna Opera Ball as a proud and self-confident woman. She knows how to behave properly and appreciate the honour of being part of such an exclusive event.


The ball of balls – for the gentlemen this means black tailcoat with white waistcoat. The white waistcoat may either match the front of the jacket exactly or peek out slightly below it. In addition, braces instead of a belt, white mesh instead of a tie and patent leather shoes. If you are a man of the world and want to show your respect, you should also wear a pocket watch. Grandfather’s heirloom or an exclusive custom-made watch with engraved initials – it doesn’t matter. A wristwatch, however, is a no-go and would also ensure that the tickets for the Vienna Opera Ball are forfeited. You don’t get there with a watch on your wrist!


This also applies to ladies in a broader sense. However, they have a wider choice of shoes: either evening shoes closed at the front (with or without heel) or evening sandals. With the latter, tights are not necessary, with closed evening shoes they are customary. The bag must be elegant and small… the jewellery, however, should not be small. The “jewellery” is of great interest and underlines the lady’s good taste. And its value, of course. A necklace with diamonds, diamond-studded earrings and an impressive bracelet: all this must demonstrate style and elegance.

Individual jewellery for the ball gown or dinner jacket

As no wristwatch is permitted for men, they can only shine with individual cufflinks. For the ladies, this is much broader. The wish list is certainly long. In addition to the accessories that a woman acquires herself in the course of her ball career, there are certainly pieces of jewellery from the family estate. Further on inherited antique and vintage jewellery is a special concern for us, because that is actually its purpose. Otherwise, we have exactly what you need for the grand entrance, for the lovingly planned theatre and for dancing at a glamorous ball. Don’t underestimate the versatility of fine jewellery. Of course, it’s also perfect to wear at a wedding (even if you’re not the bride) or at an evening event, such as a visit to the opera. By choosing antique jewellery, you are making a statement for sustainability and bridging the gap between tradition and modernity. Do you already have tickets for your next ball? Ball gown/evening dress and shoes ready? Then it’s now a matter of what you want to adorn yourself with:


  • Earrings & stud earrings with diamonds and, where appropriate, refined coloured gemstone elements (pearls) from the late Victorian era, through Art Deco to the vintage period → made of fine gold or platinum,
  • Gold and platinum necklaces with diamond arrangements → opulent or very delicate, necklaces or chains with pendants must match the personality of the wearer,
  • Bracelets & bangles in sterling silver, gold or platinum → depending on the jewellery era, elegantly engraved by hand, or richly set with precious stones, pearls as well as popular gemstones,
  • Diamond rings, coloured stone rings, pearl rings and whatever else the hand desires → we have all the variations of the last three centuries in our range for every ball gown and every personal taste. Pure enthusiasm for the big show, for your ball of balls.

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