Antique bracelets & bangles


Antique bracelets & bangles

Wrists and arms are predestined to be decorated with bracelets and bangles. In addition to a wristwatch, it is above all link bracelets and maturity that can complement or complete a look very nicely. The bracelet does not necessarily have to be coordinated with other pieces of jewellery.

As with other accessories, a bracelet or bangle alone can be the absolute eye-catcher. In personal contact with other people, the skilful use of antique bracelets paints the picture of a self-confident wearer. Ladies have trusted the strong expressiveness of elegant bracelets for centuries. We gladly continue this beautiful tradition. You would like to buy antique bracelets and bangles? Here in our online shop and at Antique Jewellery Shop in Berlin you will find exciting unique pieces from three centuries!

Exclusive, diverse antique arm jewellery

Antique bracelets are very diverse. Throughout all epochs it was mainly made of precious metals like yellow gold, silver and platinum. Epoch-typical features, decorations or special motifs were created by engraving, granulation and the trimming with precious and semi-precious stones. Depending on the desired size on the wrist, ladies could have a piece of jewellery made by a goldsmith or silversmith for their personal style, which fits "like a glove".

Bracelets offer, due to their design, a somewhat greater flexibility due to their movable links. Bangles (one can also say hoops) are rigid and usually only movable on one hinge for putting on and taking off. Especially from the Victorian epoch mostly relatively wide bracelets made of sterling silver were produced. These were without exception engraved by hand and some of them were also individually refined with gold plating in yellow gold and red gold. Narrower antique bangle were of course made of gold, in England often also of stainless steel (Cut Steel). The Cut Steel jewellery art still originates from the Georgian and was very popular until the late Victorian era. The steel studs were so steamed up that they sparkled brightly. As so-called "travel jewellery" it was carried along instead of the precious diamond jewellery.

Your vintage bracelet with historical flair

As Cut Steel arm jewellery was only made up to the 19th century, it is nowadays in great demand among antique jewellery lovers and collectors. It is quite similar with the Scottish "Pebbles jewellery". The bracelets forged almost exclusively from silver give by their fascinating agates and quartzes from the Scottish mountains very colorful joy. Definitely a highlight are the bracelets, which have a heart-shaped pendant as closure. Hand-engraved and partly even there provided with a perfectly cut gemstone, these were once valuable love gifts of the gentlemen willing to get married for their ladies.

From about 1900 onwards, the solid gold bracelets with chain links and similar "padlock" fasteners in the shape of a heart were introduced. At the latest in the Art déco such bracelets of gold but also of sterling silver were very common. Such a noble bracelet was certainly a gift, which ladies have made to themselves from time to time, even if no loved one could fulfill this wish. These are all really typical designs of antique bracelets. We love the style of each era - it tells so much about the customs and fashion of the past. And once again it shows: antique jewellery design is timelessly modern and full of admiration for people and the treasures of nature.

Buy chic and historic bracelets online

Bracelets and bangles are highly visible accessories when worn on the wrist and openly express the wearer's sense of style. Not quite as natural as a wristwatch, they can still be an everyday accessory for a personal look. Like almost no other antique piece of jewellery, the charm of arm jewellery is completely combined with the appearance of its wearer. Choose antique bracelets to match your clothing and styling style, including these:

  • Victorian bangle in 18 or 15 carat yellow gold, set with diamonds and natural pearls, sometimes with colored gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and almandine
  • Cut Steel bracelets from the Georgian and the Victorian, faceted and polished stainless steel
  • Scottish Pebbles jewellery: silver bracelets with perfectly cut layer stones, agates and quartz
  • Silver bracelets and link bracelets from England and France, partly very effective and detailed gilded
  • Light and natural jewellery materials, such as English bracelets made of jet

Timeless and classic: Gold arm jewellery

Nothing beats gold! In the world of antique jewellery, gold is the undisputed leader in popularity. How much antique bangles and bracelets made of gold (almost exclusively yellow gold) have changed over the centuries, you can see very clearly from our incomparable range.

Very elegant bracelets made of rare smooth yellow gold with pearls and enamel are from the Georgian. Finest engravings are usually also found on the Victorian gold bracelets and gold bracelets. These are often set with diamonds, often with pearls and occasionally with colored gemstones. Red gemstones such as ruby and garnet or almandine are the most commonly used colored gemstones on yellow gold bracelets. With the advent of white gold and almost simultaneously with the triumphant advance of platinum from 1900 onwards, diamonds and brilliants were primarily used in bracelets.

Since Art Deco, sapphires, emeralds or rubies have adorned gold bracelets more rarely. It is precisely because of the straightforward Art Deco that the desire for "simple" bracelets has developed - of course made of solid gold, not just gold plated. The vintage bracelets and vintage gold bangles often play with the stylistic elements of past eras. Very often the arm jewellery of the vintage era are set with precious stones. These can be perfect diamonds, but also colorful gemstones like tourmalines. Extremely popular are the multicolor bracelets with single- or multi-row tourmalines, topazes and aquamarines. Wearing such a piece of jewellery on your wrist is an absolute pleasure.

A romantic gesture - give away diamond bracelets

A jewelry gift is meant for someone you love very much. And of course, why shouldn't you sometimes be allowed to give yourself a present? One of the most stylish gifts are undoubtedly antique bracelets made of the finest materials. Choosing a diamond bracelet from the Art déco is perfect in many ways! The technical possibilities in art deco to process platinum and white gold filigree, and to transform it together with yellow gold into a detailed piece of jewellery, encouraged unlimited creativity. Thus, the gentlemen of creation can tickle their sense of precision and technical superiority, while at the same moment they present their ladies with a romantic and beautiful love gift. The pleasure is guaranteed!

At Antique Jewellery Berlin you will find a fantastic selection of wonderful bracelets from the vintage period, from 1950:

  • Bracelets with enamel, on sterling silver, stainless steel or brass, partly signed by the most important European enamel workshops of the 1950s and 1960s
  • 9 carats to 18 carat gold bracelets with harmonious colored gemstones, such as amethysts and aquamarines
  • Sterling silver bracelets with engraved links and padlock closure as well as silver bracelets in Victorian style

Impressive arm jewellery with best advice and perfect service

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