Buy antique earrings


Buy antique earrings

Our opinion is, that there is hardly any other piece of jewellery that can influence your appearance and personal effect as much as earrings. This is because they are worn so close to the face and therefore practically at eye level. The effect could not be more direct. Antique earrings and vintage earrings have an immense influence on the charisma of the wearer and transport stimulation and emotions like a blink. Let us inspire you - our fantastic selection of antique earrings, ear studs and creoles is second to none. Our assortment consists also here of epoch-typical single pieces from three centuries. Buy antique earrings – with full security and all-round service!

Charisma & grace - order earrings, ear studs and creoles

Those who wear antique earrings also want to show this. This has our 100% support. That's the thing about antique jewelry. Timeless designs and perfect goldsmith's art find many lovers of old values in every modern epoch. It quickly becomes clear: antique earrings and ear studs go very well with the modern look and are anything but old-fashioned. Whether in the Victorian age or in the all-encompassing Art Deco, the style and designs of that time have defied all subsequent changes in the world. They still set one trend after another.

The designs are of course often an accompanying accessory. Sometimes however one does not choose the earring to the dress, but the dress to the ear jewellery. There is the perfect pair for every look! Whether they are restrained plugs, made of precious gold or platinum, decorated with precious stones: Such jewelry is perfectly suitable for the office, for everyday life and even for sports activities. They are always real eye-catchers on the ear - discreet jewellery that keeps you mobile and does not restrict you in any way. When visiting a restaurant, the theatre or other nice leisure time events, may and - sorry! - it should be more than something restrained. Here antique earrings have an impressive effect for a confident woman who respects style. The impression of personal elegance literally radiates from the head out into the whole world. Look: What beautiful earrings! Impressively worked, artfully set with gemstones, possibly hand-engraved or even enameled in places... there are once again no limits in terms of design. You can discover all this when you look online for antique earrings and vintage earrings. Discover - be fascinated - buy online. For your charisma, for your style or maybe even for your own trend. Dare to show the world what you stand for. Earrings are among the most important accessories for a woman. They must be as unique as she herself. Only antique earrings meet this high standard. Wonderfully beautiful and unique like yourself.

Characteristics of antique earrings: style evolution of the epochs

Antique earrings of all jewellery epochs as well as ear jewellery after 1950, i.e. vintage earrings, are multifaceted and very different in style. It is important to understand that our jewellery is always unique. This includes all categories. Just under this premise it is overwhelming, with what beautiful ear jewellery we were already allowed to trade. For us, too, there are the never-aging design classics, mostly from the Art déco, but nevertheless the fascinating "storytellers" such as the suffragette jewellery. The course of history can be read in the design of earrings, just as is generally possible with jewellery for neck, ear and arm joints. Fundamental differences can be seen in these characteristics:

  • Ear jewellery of all epochs from the Georgian, e.g. Victorian, Biedermeier, Art Nouveau, Art déco and Vintage
  • Variations of all precious metals, e.g. yellow gold, white gold, (sterling) silver and platinum
  • Gold alloys from 8 carat (333 gold), over 14 carats (585 gold) to 18 carats (750 gold), partly supplemented by silver or platinum
  • Perfectly set pearls or precious and semi-precious stones, depending on the period and origin specific choice of gemstones
  • Engravings, chasing and special techniques of gold working, such as repoussé or granulation (filigree)
  • Night & Day jewellery (separable into different lengths) and many other specialities

Since earrings are always a good gift, we want to advise you as best we can when it comes to choosing the right pieces. Of course we offer personal advice in our shop, where we are happy to talk about the eras and their special features, but also about the designs to match the desired look. In addition, there are further explanations on our website in various categories about the materials and gems of our antique earrings. And last but not least, thanks to the photograph of almost all earrings, creoles and ear studs on our model, it is now also very easy to estimate the sizes of the ear jewellery in real life. You can use this very well for yourself both on a stationary screen and from your mobile devices. So you have a good feeling when you buy antique earrings online. Whether for yourself or as a gift for others. Who likes to wear earrings from childhood on, can never have enough of them? It doesn't even have to be the big gala evening – Earrings also perfect any everyday look. Find what you are looking for at Antique Jewellery Berlin!

Timelessly beautiful and always in demand: gold earrings

This is probably the classic par excellence: ear jewellery made of gold. Especially in the Georgian epoch of England and of course in the Victorian period, large gold earrings were popular. The goldsmiths liked to decorate them with pearls or turquoise. There were also roughly cut gemstones that were used. These were often diamonds, aquamarines, emeralds and garnets. With the grenades the variety was very large. Mostly the subtle purple almandines decorate the antique earrings of 19th century England. Often the garnet/almandine was cut round for ear jewellery, in the so-called cabochon cut.

Very special were also the designs of the so-called Night & Day jewellery. With these it is possible to hang out a longer element from the earring. This gives the wearer a shorter piece that hangs or lies closer to the ear. Absolute flexibility when it comes to choosing the right ear jewellery for day and night. This is just one of the grandiose and visionary inventions of the English and French goldsmiths of ancient times. Speaking of inventions: As early as 1720, the London watchmaker Christopher Pinchbeck invented a copper-based metal alloy in England that stands up to optical and haptic comparison with gold. This breathtaking curiosity sometimes comes into our assortment, where it does not stay for long. Because especially earrings from Pinchbeck are unspeakably popular collector's items on the one hand, a unique opportunity to adorn yourself with unmistakable antique jewellery on the other. Gold earrings, sometimes gold-plated on silver or another alloy, have always been the most relevant. No question: the style, the designs refine every look and survive every trend. If they have not actually reawakened a trend themselves. Antique is often as modern as you can hardly believe.

These gems make vintage earrings special

The most popular gems on antique earrings and vintage earrings vary according to the era. First and foremost, the triumphal procession of diamonds is unbroken to this day. Also very attractive:

  • Opal, fascinatingly diverse gemstone, which owes its rich play of colors to trapped moisture, very often used since late Victorian times
  • Peridot and amethyst, the two bringers of joy often appear in a team and complement diamond and pearl in suffragette jewellery, immortal style also in earrings since the beginning of the 20th century
  • Emerald, the easily cut gemstone, can be found on protruding ear jewellery from the 18th century onwards, loved and processed by goldsmiths all over Europe

There were, primarily in German-speaking countries, the "epochs" of Biedermeier and Historicism, which can be described as a phenomenon. The Biedermeier was clearly the time of the earrings and brooches. Few other jewellery was created in that time, which one associates above all with restraint and renunciation. But nevertheless goldsmiths created earrings as simple as beautiful from mostly foam gold and low gold alloys.

It is usually light, the Biedermeier jewellery. But nevertheless charming, because the ornament was designed in curved and beautiful forms. Historicism, on the other hand, does not spill - it splits. Mostly very expansive necklaces and of course earrings were created between 1840 and 1910 in Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bohemia. Here it was not gold, but other metals and alloys that dominated the designs. But instead the garnet, the deep red longing mineral and the lucky stone of the month January. The rich occurrences of the "Bohemian garnets" were processed into wonderful creations in antique jewellery. Until today they belong to the most popular pieces of jewelry and should not be missing in any jewellery box. Especially the real antique earrings with garnet provide with their luminosity for the fantastic appearance of each wearer. You will find your new dream earrings for sure in the online shop of Antique Jewellery Berlin. You can also use our easy to use and very helpful filter system when you shop for earrings.

Earrings Vintage: High quality advice and perfect service

We are here to make you happy. Behind all this, of course, is our own passion for art historical antiques and jewellery making. We stand for profound knowledge and best advice in these areas with expertise, passion and always a good tip for your look.

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We look forward to your visit, personally during the opening hours in our shop in Linienstr. 44 in 10119 Berlin-Mitte. Of course you can also contact us by e-mail or telephone. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you! Buy earrings online at Antique Jewellery - it has never been more convenient and safer to order antique and vintage jewellery online!