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sustainable jewellery over the centuries: goldsmiths at work

Sustainable Jewellery from Antique Jewellery Berlin

There is a big difference between talking about sustainability for purely fashionable reasons and acting in this sense out of grown conviction. We welcome people’s growing awareness of a healthy ecology. Our customers have always been jewellery lovers with the goal of consuming sustainable jewellery. Also, or perhaps precisely because antiques and jewellery from past decades not only conserve resources, but also increase in charm and value over time. The conditions in the production of jewellery have hardly changed in recent eras. Social and technological conditions have shaped the production of jewellery at all times. In this respect, it is important to trade fairly with existing material and – not least thanks to the clear price advantage over new jewellery – to encourage people to make a very simple contribution to sustainable purchasing behaviour. Of course, without any renunciation of emotional depth and overwhelming aha effects. On the part of the buyer as well as on the part of the recipient. We would love to show you how beautiful handmade, individual jewellery can be, far away from the usual label veneer. On the internet in our online shop as well as in our showroom in Berlin-Mitte. Each piece offers a unique design and was made by hand – that is our world!

Engagement Rings

For the love of the environment: choose sustainable engagement rings

The engagement ring is usually the most important piece of jewellery in life for both the proposer and the loved one. We can say from experience that the engagement ring is naturally sought for romantic reasons, but in the end it usually causes headaches. The understandable desire to really get everything right at this point is touching in every respect. In addition to the design, the perfect work and a previously targeted price, there is the desire for something special. The media flood of the big labels can quickly become a burden once you start looking.

Who really produces fairly? Who really acts sustainably? Or the other way round. Who really looks at their cards and actually offers sustainable engagement rings? And anyway – what is that actually by definition? The only logical answer to this important question can only be: old sustainable jewellery!

Antique jewellery and genuine vintage engagement rings. The ‘category’ of vintage jewellery is also often misunderstood because it is defined differently on every continent in the world. We are talking about genuine vintage jewellery in the American sense. “Pre-loved” is our favourite term for sustainable jewellery, specifically sustainable engagement rings. They were produced in the past, they have a fascinating history and are timelessly beautiful pieces of jewellery. With such a ring, one not only gives away one’s heart, but also transmits a sign of absolute appreciation towards their future together. Two people planning their future together. That’s what it’s all about! You can easily be part of a sustainable generation for whom fair trade is not just a thought bubble.

Wedding Bands

Focus on sustainability for wedding rings & wedding bands

Can you protect the environment with wedding rings? Yes, absolutely! With wedding rings, the future together is the most emotional of all topics. That’s what the wedding is all about: appreciating and adding value to the time spent together. The shared experiences become shared memories. Dealing fairly with the world in which you live and with the people with whom you share your environment determine your everyday life. Nothing is infinitely available – not even the metals from which jewellery is made. Antique wedding rings made of gold, silver and platinum are already available. There is no need to plunder any more mineral resources for them!

At this point it quickly becomes clear that the social conditions of metal extraction in the past do not even need to be illuminated. Because the fact is: the material is here now. And how beautifully it was worked into stunning jewellery! Antique wedding rings appeal to art historians simply because they can almost always be dated exactly. The hallmarks and stamps of the goldsmiths are precisely catalogued all the way back to the late Victorian era. It is an exclusive pleasure to be able to document the manufacture of a piece of jewellery so precisely. For you, this means being able to buy emotionally timelessly beautiful jewellery for yourself at a significantly lower price compared to the big labels. Together we make your antique wedding rings sustainable by using only recycled material for ring size changes. Fair metals for your antique wedding rings – so they stay antique. Experience the good feeling that sustainable wedding rings bring. For what counts!


Environmental protection and responsibility when buying jewellery: Sustainable and fair?

Protecting the environment and fair trade are aspirations of modern society. It is idle to talk about how we have waited far too long to positively change certain conditions for people, nature and the world. It is not idle at all, and by no means too late, to talk about it now. And to act fairly enough to change (help) things for the better. We should now insist on following up every sustainable thought with real sustainable action. Gladly in such an unexciting way that it can also become a normality. Let’s feed the creature of habit in us with sustainable brain food. Germany and the world have more to offer than empty words and hackneyed slogans! Let’s all take it in hand … and enjoy it, please. No one wants to stop anyone from feeling fun in life and enjoying the beautiful things. Sustainable jewellery is simply part of that!

For us as an antique jewellery dealer, sustainability has been part of our programme since the very beginning. We regard every piece, every piece of antique jewellery in our assortment with pure appreciation! We appeal to the intellect and empathy of our environment to recognise realistic proportionalities. Even then dizzyingly expensive pieces of jewellery from past eras had moral notches (according to today’s views) and yet are admired works of art.
Since we live in the 21st century, we should also think in the 21st century. Whether bracelets, ear studs or any other jewellery from times gone by: The production of these beautiful things is in the past. Antique and vintage jewellery nevertheless meet the most modern demands on quality and design. So why not reach for these pieces – sustainably recycled happiness, so to speak?! That’s exactly what it is – made for eternity. The most progressive of all statements: conserve the world’s resources and gild your personal happiness!

Chains & Necklaces

Show personality & combine sustainability with individuality

You don’t jump on any bandwagon with our sustainable jewellery. They don’t follow short-term trends or anything like that. Because we’re talking about enduring craftsmanship, timeless style and disarming creativity. Our jewellery is unique – each piece exists only once in the world! Large labels as well as smaller manufacturers are surrendering to the current pressure of the population, which is demanding a rethink. Fortunately, we have to say!

At Antique Jewellery Berlin, we haven’t just recently started talking about fair trade, sustainable manufacturing using recycled materials. But… we don’t want you to get the impression that we are running our own production. This is not the case! We still have master goldsmiths and restorers on our side who recondition partially defective antiques. Just because a bobbin may be missing from a vintage engagement ring or a gold eyelet may have come undone on an antique necklace, we do not give up on old works of art. Our daily business includes, in particular, ring size changes. It goes without saying that such work is carried out by our master craftsmen, taking into account the original metals and alloys with recycled material! This does not detract from the fascination of antique and vintage jewellery – quite the opposite! It testifies to true individualism and a consolidated taste. Your style expresses your personality. Think about tomorrow. We will be happy to advise you!


Assortment from three centuries: Sustainable gold jewellery & silver jewellery

We’re not big on romantic stories that we can’t back up. We see what is in front of us. And we have a very good sense of what could be if you take the right path. Antique Jewellery Berlin stands for sustainable gold jewellery & silver jewellery (genuine jewellery) from the most important epochs of the last 300 years. Silver and gold are metals that have always inspired. Of course, these metals have been used to create great visions or even small masterpieces for the here and now (i.e. the Anno and Then) and subsequent generations. The great fortune of the actual here and now is to still be able to acquire these antique treasures in the form of gold jewellery & silver jewellery. Antique jewellery was cherished and cared for. At all times and under all circumstances, people preserved their most precious possessions, their personal jewellery, from harm. This is the solid explanation why vintage jewellery and sometimes two centuries old jewellery often still looks like new. Gold and silver for existing jewellery no longer have to be mined from the earth.

Sure, that’s why the environmental sins were committed earlier. But to condemn that is now just a formality. Craft can only ever work with what it has. It is a comforting thought to no longer have to burden the world so that we can trade fairly. And you, dear jewellery lovers, have the chance to make great emotions and “recycled happiness” work for you. Join us in writing the history of antique jewellery in a sustainable way … for the future of us all.


Experience inspiring jewellery online

We hope you will find exactly what you are looking for with us. That’s why our wide range of antique jewellery and sustainable vintage jewellery is fully mapped online and safe to buy there. For the most part, our jewellery speaks for itself. That’s why we want to talk about the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of the ordering process at this point.

  • Our packaging material is produced in an environmentally friendly way → The boxes are made of recycled material, have been bleached without chlorine and are optically neutral, unprinted.
  • The bubble bags used to protect the valuable contents are produced from recycled material → They are fully biodegradable.
  • Our world-class shipping company UPS, which delivers orders for us within Germany and the EU, is CO2 neutral certified → We voluntarily pay an extra fee per parcel for this active environmental protection.
  • Parcels sent worldwide outside the EU are transported for us by DHL → also CO2 neutral, “Go Green” certified.



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