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How romantic it sounds to our ears: Au? This is the chemical element for gold! This alone does not elicit a smile in the face of a jewellery lover. But if you see it with your own eyes… It is one of the most yearning of all cultic revered things in this world. The stuff of dreams come true. Gold jewellery and alone the gloss of the precious metal is for thousands of years without any real competition for passion, prosperity and joy in life. The base material of each jeweller and jewellery creator of all epochs we find in many different versions.

Processed for each type of jewellery, it dissolves when wearing real feelings of happiness. Whether as a necklace, ring or earrings: Gold always fits! Luckily, there are a wide variety of gold types for all tastes. One differentiates gold to levels of purity as well as for colour characteristics. Differences in colour characteristics are caused by the addition of other metals, such as e.g. copper, silver or palladium.

Degrees of purity:

The purity of gold is measured in the unit carat (ct). This depends on the fine gold content in the used alloy.

8 ct alternative specification 333 corresponds to 333 1/3 g per kg of gold
9 ct alternative specification 375 corresponds to 375 g per kg of gold
10 ct alternative specification 417 corresponds to 416 2/3 g per kg of gold
14 ct alternative specification 585 corresponds to 583 1/3 g per kg of gold
15 ct alternative specification 625 corresponds to 625 g per kg of Gold
18 ct alternative specification 750 corresponds to 750 g per kg of gold
20 ct alternative specification 833 corresponds to 833 1/3 g per kg of gold
22 ct alternative specification 916 corresponds to 916 2/3 per kg of gold
24 ct alternative specification 999 corresponds to 999 g per kg of gold

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