Antique Cufflinks

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Antique cufflinks (from about 1910 to 1950) and real vintage cufflinks (after 1950 to about 1980) are the most diverse pieces of jewellery for men. They are both suitable for everyday use as well as for the big gala evening. The Models and different designs are simply unlimited! Every material was used, classical to futuristic creative fantasies were implemented. Every individual taste is met - it's a real pleasure! Our offer comprises a total of about 2,000 different pairs. A fraction of the total range can be seen and purchased in our online shop. Paying a visit to our shop in Berlin-Mitte and discovering the full diversity of the range is therefor even more worthwhile! Very popular today are the cufflinks of the Art Deco era. Their timeless elegance and high-quality workmanship are still enough for the next hundred years. Genuine vintage quality, with selected materials and handmade, takes you back to the glamorous 1970s through the 1950s. Feel the exuberant mood of the 70s generation at Studio 54 in New York. Of course, we can also offer colorful, eye-catching and funky ones! Antique cufflinks are always a perfect gift: whether for a birthday, a passed exam, a wedding ... or just in between and for yourself. Click to fold
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