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Antique Cufflinks

Antique cufflinks (from approx. 1910) and real vintage cufflinks (after 1950 to approx. 1980) are the most diverse pieces of jewelry for men. They are suitable for everyday use as well as for the big gala evening. The elaboration and different designs are almost unlimited! This is unique jewelry for men - accessories for every occasion.

Our offer includes more than 2,000 individual pairs. A representative part of our entire range can be seen and purchased in our online shop. Every taste is met - it is simply fun to discover antique cufflinks for yourself and others. Buying jewelry online from us means: with full flexibility and our natural buyer protection!

A sign of taste and personality: antique cufflinks

Everyone decides for themselves whether cufflinks should be antique or whether cufflinks from vintage times fit better. It is nice when a man can access different variants. Just as you don't just have a shirt in your closet, a sleeve needs a cufflink that is perfectly matched to your outfit. Men who usually wear little jewelry express their personal style via cufflinks. It is therefore a matter close to our heart to offer these important accessories for the strong appearance and lasting impression of a man in all their variety. Antique cufflinks offer what no other jewelry category offers: a unique blend of classic elegance, perfect style and fresh, imaginative designs.

Again the Art Déco plays a major role here. The timeless power behind the creations from the important jewelry era of the 20th century is still effective today. The jewellery for cuffs achieved its greatest popularity to date from the 1920s. To this day, men prefer to decorate themselves individually. We can help keep antique cufflinks from this era as elegant accessories for the next hundred years. Whatever you want in terms of style - it was guaranteed to start in Art Déco. Whether antique made of silver, brass or gold-plated - with hand-engraved cufflinks have always been popular and individual.

Men's jewelry from ancient times

We have hundreds of original pairs ready for you in our shop and online. We differentiate into several sub-groups:

  • Cufflinks that are considered antique: from about 1910 to about 1950,
  • Vintage era cufflinks: from about 1950 until the end of the 1970s,
  • Base metals such as silver, gold, brass, stainless steel, etc,
  • Cufflinks with polished designs or with engraving, structure and chasing,
  • Decorations with popular materials like mother-of-pearl, enamel and glass,
  • Unusual shapes and motifs, such as animals, lucky symbols, coats of arms and other designs.

You will be amazed at how wide our range of cuff links is. Not only men, but also ladies with a distinct style attach their cufflinks to business outfits and on festive occasions with distinctive jewellery. The shirt or blouse becomes even more an expression of personal taste.

Particularly stylish gift idea for men of all ages

There are many opportunities. Cufflinks are perfect as a gift! It is so easy to present this kind of jewellery as a small or bigger surprise. Nobody can have enough of them - changing outfits demand variety in accessories. Antique cufflinks made of silver or in the cool look of stainless steel, with or without engraving, have always been real all-rounders. They can be used as a birthday present or for a youth party, for example. Perhaps you also want to give the outfit of your best man the perfect engraving, pardon, the perfect finish?! For a wedding, company anniversary or any other very special occasion, luxurious style with gold (or fine gold plated) cufflinks is suitable. Classic pieces from the 1920s to 1970s are often finished with mother of pearl or enamel. It is wonderful to see how much attention to detail and effort has been invested in the selection of decorative elements of these fashion accessories.

Vintage cufflinks

On the other hand, if you like it funky, you'll find the same with us. Especially the cufflinks of the vintage era make a good figure on the shirt/cuff. Figure is to be taken literally, there are sometimes also very humorous forms. Whether animals, professions and guilds or the representation of coats of arms of all kinds. There is almost nothing that does not exist! Have you ever been to New York?? Bring the exuberant atmosphere of the 70s generation in the legendary Studio 54 to your home. You don't even have to leave the house for that vintage feeling - order your cufflinks comfortably and securely in our online shop. Vintage cufflinks are just as fascinating jewellery as antique cufflinks.

The importance of accessories for the perfect look is, of course, unbroken through all eras, albeit to varying degrees. Here too, as antique jewellery dealers, we can see how technology and tastes have evolved. While simple designs were still in demand in the 1930s, things became more colorful after the war. In the era of the upswing and the economic miracle, people loved life and lived love. The most wonderful pieces of jewellery for the cuff were available:

  • Gold-plated cufflinks with colored glass stones, fine mother-of-pearl and eye-catching enameling,
  • Chromed cufflinks with onyx and agates, mother of pearl and enamels,
  • Motifs of animals, sights, coats of arms and hobbies.

Whichever piece you choose, your cuffs will celebrate! If you have any questions about materials, motifs and differences typical of the era: we will be happy to answer them! Cufflinks have always been a passion of ours. Because antique men's jewellery is not as diverse as jewellery for women. We have therefore paid special attention to these accessories. They were and are indispensable for the personal style and the incomparable look of a man, or even a woman, of the world!

Scroll through our category with cufflinks of all possible expressions and designs. Of course you can also use the very helpful filter system. You can sort by era, by material and by price. You have it completely in your hands to decorate your cuff in the antique way. Our expressive original pictures of the jewellery pieces show you the condition of the cufflinks at Antique Jewellery Berlin well.

We take a lot of time for good advice and service

We stand for attention to detail. Even in the small things we recognize the great artistry and passion that is in antique jewelry. Let us advise you and discover more with us! As always:

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  • in the online shop and in our shop, you can pay completely safely in many ways,
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We are looking forward to your visit! Our shop in Linienstr. 44 in 10119 Berlin-Mitte is open every Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Of course you can also reach us by phone or e-mail during these hours. Buy antique cufflinks and vintage cufflinks online at Antique Jewellery Berlin - make it your pleasure. Safe - fast - individual.