The product is always just the sum of its parts. No matter which epoch: the material elected by the artist is as important as the completed work of art itself. We consider antique jewellery to be the absolute art – the preservation of an attitude towards life with a clearly historical expression.

The discovery of the materials and its cultivation to suitable jewellery material was a process which outlasted millenniums. Besides, these are not exclusively metals, (gem) stones and minerals coming off the ground. These are also materials of organic origin, which grow in the sea,

of animal or plant origin. According to a certain epoch, the cultural level of development, as well as the contemporary technical possibilities of the country of origin, certain materials were particularly desired and liked.

All materials have one thing in common and that is the respect and appreciation, which emanate from the jewellery creator. The idea and vision in the head of the goldsmith to create something timelessly beautiful and precious. We would like to present you here the great variety of antique jewellery materials. Dive in with us!