Mother-of-pearl or nacre

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Mother-of-pearl is the material that makes up the inside wall of a shell. There are also some types of snails that produce nacre. It is a natural material in thin layers - as fascinating and beautiful as a pearl itself. Its iridescent sheen gives us the highest visual pleasures. The jewellery designers since the 19th century create delicate filigree and subtle jewellery with thin mother-of-pearl platelets. Also in the 19th century, however, mother-of-pearl also established itself as a beautiful, practical material for all kinds of buttons on garments. Almost reserved for stylish men's jewelry, nacre or mother-of-pearl meets us in cufflinks since the Art Deco era in the golden 20s. And even if some pieces look alike - looking closely, there are always subtle differences. Every piece of mother-of-pearl is absolutely unique!
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