Antique Brooches


Antique Brooches

The brooch belongs to the originally functional accessories of clothing. Since antiquity it has developed from a decorative means and purpose of fastening and closing garments to a pure piece of jewellery. A major role in the development of the brooch played its importance as an order or badge of honor. Over the past 500 years, however, their function has changed almost exclusively to decorative. Matching the fabric and the look, it should help a garment to develop its full effect. Brooches are the perfect jewellery for a self-confident wearer, because they are a mirror of individuality. Buy antique brooches – online at Antique Jewellery Berlin with full security and the largest selection!

For stylish outfits: Show your personality with brooches

Brooches are always modern! These are incorruptible and always watchful jewellery. This is to be taken literally, because the brooch originally protected and held together fabric. A safety pin or possibly a lapel pin, could also. But there is much more to it than just its function, which has taken a back seat since the introduction of buttons on clothes. It is the decorative character of accessories for women, which offer the viewer a considerable insight into the personality of the wearer at a clearly visible height. It is up to the observer to draw his or her own conclusions and to recognize the individuality of the person. This is where the brooch shows its strengths - just as there are countless characters in people, there are also countless types of antique brooches.

From funky costume jewellery to stylish period jewellery made of the highest quality materials. From the small pin with a personal message to the brilliant diamond jewellery for the gala evening. From the inconspicuous metal gold-plated badge to the splendid decoration of a platinum brooch set with precious stones. Everything is possible. Any desired statement can be realized! However, we do not want to speak of costume jewellery, pins or badges in our antique jewellery. Clips or pins can be found on pockets, shirts and collars. But real antique brooches can be found on carefully combined clothing and as an important part of personally inspired outfits.

Brooches are versatile accessories for the personal look. They are the messengers of moods and here mostly of joie de vivre. Worn openly they hide nothing. Antique brooches and vintage brooches like this one are a source of enthusiasm:

  • Victorian brooches in 750 or 585 yellow gold, set with diamonds and stunning colored gemstones,
  • Art Nouveau and late Victorian brooches in yellow gold and platinum in natural forms, e.g. in the shape of a flower or of animals, such as swallows,
  • Victorian and Art Nouveau brooches with finest enamel work, depicting female heads or scenes from ancient mythology,
  • Cameos and gems from shells and lagstones, hand carved with incomparable richness of detail, mainly Victorian brooches,
  • Exceptional jewelry materials such as jet, vulcanite, horn and hand-painted plastics.

Animal brooches: From butterflies to dragonflies to cicadas

Antique brooches are often forged in the shape of animals. If they are made of yellow gold, silver or platinum, a gemstone setting is mandatory. Swallows, butterflies and other flying animals were grateful motifs for ancient goldsmiths and jewellers. Their wings are mostly engraved by hand. As eyes, as well as on parts of the plumage, diamonds and rubies or garnet stones were set. The extraordinarily vivid representation of animals could also be achieved with other materials. Organic materials such as horn and shells have a completely different character than precious stones and gold. The brooches from the Art nouveau workshops of the great masters of horn jewellery can be compared with nothing else in the world. The translucent properties of the material, combined with the lovingly hand-painted finish, make butterflies, dragonflies, bees and cicadas look truly lifelike. These popular brooches bear witness to perfect style. These are more than just accessories for ladies with a firm stand in society.

In Art déco the colorful decorative enamel was back in fashion. This trend came from Scandinavia - Denmark and Norway and from England. Especially butterflies saw the light of day in fantastic colors of enamel on sterling silver (sometimes gold plated). These Art déco brooches are still very popular today, because they give a lot of joy in a simple way. They are small works of art, which you can wear on your sweater and blazer. Absolutely perfect animal brooches for the light-footed and life-affirming appearance of young ladies on their way to the office, to leisure activities or to the summer resort.

The variety is unique

Antique brooches speak a language that almost everyone understands. In all epochs of jewellery, the examination of these accessories for ladies, but also for gentlemen, was at the same time a homage to that time with its typical customs. What was trend, what became trend, what will be the trend of the future? Ladies with vision prefer brooches from past times as jewellery and wear them to hold more than just fabric together. They build a bridge between a past created by values and a personal future that appreciates values.

Bring back what has largely been lost to modern society. Even if it is only a close look at loving details:

  • Star brooches in yellow gold and platinum, from Victorian to Art déco, excitingly set with diamonds, colored gemstones and magnificent natural pearls,
  • Art déco and art nouveau brooches from Scandinavia, finely designed silversmith work with organic materials and enamel,
  • Bohemian garnet brooches from the historicism, versatile combinable and timeless jewelry with its inherent fire of the extra class.

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