Antique Rings


Antique Rings

The ring is the piece of jewellery worn the longest throughout. Its appearance has changed very little in over 4,000 years. The shape of a ring symbolizes infinity, has no beginning and no end. As love, so shall a ring be a constant companion in all your ways. Especially antique rings and vintage rings enchant by their uniqueness. You are connected with him, can always look at him and feel the stories of past times. You can never get enough of that! Buy antique rings at Antique Jewellery Berlin of course with full security and free services!

Rings as stylish jewellery for ladies and gentlemen

An antique ring is probably the most flexible and easiest way to adorn yourself with something special in everyday life. It does not require strict correspondence with other pieces of jewellery or an explicit outfit. Even if the ring is the only thing he or she wears, it would be perfect. Our antique rings, from the Georgian epoch to the vintage, show the modern jewellery history in really all facets. Even with a period of 200 years, we can probably speak of modern rings, after all, they have been around for more than twice as long as our modern era.

Wearable jewellery in a timeless style was mainly created in the Victorian era. After the silver ring one had already arrived at all kinds of gold rings due to the increased prosperity. Set with pearls and precious stones, fine works of art with magnificent details and designs typical of the time were created. English jewellery in particular was groundbreaking in its style and technological basis for the following epochs, such as Art Nouveau and Edwardian. Antique rings became slimmer and simpler, but no less refined and expressive in Art Déco from 1920. If you click your way through our epochs, you will be able to follow the developments very well. Each era stands for characteristic features. Every wish can be fulfilled, both for women and men!

The statement on the finger: antique rings and vintage rings

We are proud of the achievements of the old goldsmiths and jewellers. At Antique Jewellery Berlin you can experience how visionary and timeless their creations were. Among other things you can buy these rings:

  • Ladies' rings and men's rings from all eras, e.g. Victorian, Edwardian, Art déco and vintage
  • Variations of all precious metals, from 925 silver, 585 gold, to platinum,
  • Special gold alloys typical of the country, e.g. German 8 carat (333), English 15 carat (625)
  • Hand-engraved ring bars (Victorian) and particularly finely constructed ring heads (Art déco),
  • Gem-set rings of all kinds, e.g. with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and garnets,
  • Signet rings made of silver and gold, some with stones, engravings and intaglios.

Antique rings form a wide field and meet almost every demand. The individual design is, as usual with our jewellery, from the Victorian ring to the vintage ring, completely unique. If you browse our range online, you will be amazed at the variety of antique jewellery. There are only a few pieces that cannot be individually adjusted to your ring size. We clearly point this out in the jewellery description. Otherwise: full flexibility.

Enjoy real vintage rings with the same fascination as antique rings for ladies and gentlemen. If you are looking for perfection in the cut of a diamond, then a vintage ring may even be your first choice for an engagement. You enjoy the same service as directly in the shop when you buy your rings online. Also here the unique change of the ring width, and/or size of the ring for you is naturally free of charge. It should be a pleasure to buy jewelry online at Antique Jewellery Berlin!

Charming light reflections: Rings with precious stone

When one thinks of impressive antique rings, gemstones usually play an important role. Whether a ring is presented for an engagement or bears the birthstone / lucky stone of the presentee - there are countless variations. Let's not forget: to give yourself a present every now and then is pure joy of life. There rings are often more suitable than other pieces of jewellery. Just because you can look at them so well without a mirror and other aids on yourself. Let's indulge in the artful ring head of an ancient ring from past eras, which carries precious stones and pearls. The choice of gemstones depends on the situation. In addition to diamonds/brilliants, we love all colored stones, because they not only embody special meanings, but because life is colorful! Precious stones, as well as minerals and quartzes, are ideal for expressing moods and personal preferences.

Men also have the full range of antique and vintage rings, through all eras and designs. In today's modern world, women are also welcome to propose an engagement. How about a fantastic antique ring, with carnelian or lapis lazuli, for the chosen one?! You see many pieces of jewellery of English origin. Since the Victorian era, antique rings of the highest quality and with gemstones of the most advanced cuts have been made there.

Throughout the ages, rings with stones appeal to all tastes. Only with the wedding rings one usually relies purely on the effect of the precious metals. You will feel pure individuality with antique and vintage rings, set with precious and semi-precious stones. Each of these pieces of jewellery is unique. Here some ideas:

  • Diamonds and brilliants in excellent cuts, perfect on ladies’ rings since the Victorian,
  • “Give Women Vote“, the demand of the suffragette movement in Edwardian, translated into the colors of precious stones in antique jewellery: Green - White - Violet,
  • “Give Women Vote“, the demand of the suffragette movement in Edwardian, translated into the colors of precious stones in antique jewellery: Green - White - Violet,
  • Cocktail rings with exceptionally large gemstones, splendid and extravagant.

We want to see you happy. And even if we can't look each other in the eye in our shop, you can look forward to personal advice and perfect service. We are happy to answer all questions about our antique jewellery and vintage rings! For your perfect shopping experience also use the helpful filters, by era, material and gemstone as well as by price. The unretouched original pictures of our jewellery pieces show you the condition of the rings. So you also enjoy a good feeling in this respect when buying your antique ring online.

Highest consulting and service quality

You can rely on our many years of experience with antique jewellery. We have sound expertise, attach great importance to providing comprehensive advice to our customers and use our excellent empathy for this purpose. Our three renowned master goldsmiths guarantee technical perfection!

When you buy rings online at Antique Jewellery Berlin you will enjoy:

  • Premium shipping (free and insured) through the world's best shipping partners,
  • all common payment methods, both in the shop and in the store,
  • one-time free change of ring size/ring width (by our master goldsmiths),
  • high-resolution and unretouched images,
  • personal and individual advice via contact form or chat (German, English, Arabic).

Would you like to visit our shop at Linienstr. 44 in 10119 Berlin-Mitte? We are already looking forward to your visit. Of course you can also call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Ordering high-quality antique jewellery on the Internet is particularly easy and safe with Antique Jewellery. Whether you buy antique rings or vintage rings online – enjoy with us your joy of exclusive Antique Jewellery!