Buy Antique Medallions and Lockets


Buy Antique Medallions and Lockets

The piece of jewellery which is typical for the 19th century like no other is the medallion. It was made in all jewellery materials and followed every fashionable trend. The desire to always carry the image of an important person with you was fulfilled in such a varied and enchanting way by silver and goldsmiths. The constant development of photography did its part in the success of antique medallions. From the daguerreotypes of the Victorian era to the Polaroids of the 1960s, people of every era were able to put pictures of their loved ones in medallions and carry them with them. Perhaps the most emotional form of jewelry of all. Buy antique Medallions - online at Antique Jewellery Berlin with personal advice and the largest selection!

Discover stylish silver medallions

The decision is certainly not an easy one, because the variety of antique medallions is enormous. As always, it is the question of personal taste. The first question is usually whether it should be a piece of silver or of gold or gilded. Antique medallions made of silver were almost exclusively forged from 925 silver. This precious metal, also called sterling silver, has perfect optical and haptic properties. It convinces with impressive durability and reliably withstands the frequent opening and closing of the medallion. 925 sterling silver is also perfectly suitable for engraving. The engraving was of course done by hand and gave each antique silver medallion its unmistakable design. There have always been special trends that were understandably subject to technical progress.

The relatively large English medallions made of sterling silver, for example, were worn on long, specially forged chains. In our shop you can also buy such medallion chains from original times. Like the medallions themselves, they were richly decorated and hand-engraved. A mostly oval piece of silver jewellery of that time, with handmade engraving, is something incomparably touching. When opened, it holds a photograph, a drawing or a lock of hair. The inlaid material was then usually provided with a perfectly fitted glass plate to protect it from light and moisture. Opening and viewing the interior was therefore safe. With the beginning of the 20th century antique medallions became generally smaller. They should be worn on a discreet and short chain. Since photos on paper could now be cut into small pieces, more compact forms were introduced. Very typical for Art Nouveau and Art Déco are therefore the sterling silver medallions in heart shape.

These antique silver medallions are especially popular. They are also perfect as a very personal gift. These include, among others:

  • Victorian medallions made of 925 silver, with hand engravings on both sides, for relatively large cut pictures,
  • Dainty oval, round or heart-shaped medallions from the English Edwardian and German Art Nouveau styles,
  • Individually decorated Art Déco medallions in sterling silver, with fine engraving,
  • Vintage medallions with smooth surface or fine engraving, naturally punched and genuine 925 silver.

Gold medallions: timeless beauties

Gold medallions offer an even wider range of design possibilities. Only incidentally, a distinction is made between solid gold medallions and those that are gold-plated. Gold-plated, on copper, brass or silver, was primarily used in the German-speaking world. In Art Nouveau, beautifully designed, elegantly shaped and very individual medallions were created at a reasonable price. They were often decorated with gemstones, subtle enamel or engraving. The medallions forged entirely from gold were still made of 18-carat or 15-carat yellow gold in Victorian times. In contrast to the widespread sterling silver medallions, they were almost always decorated with precious stones, pearls or really elaborate enamel decorations. Antique gold medallions were extremely exclusive pieces of jewellery until Art Nouveau/Edwardian. The big breakthrough came around 1900 with the relatively small gold medallions, which could be worn on the discreet chain in everyday life. Once again it was the English goldsmiths who set new standards at the beginning of the 20th century. From then on medallions were almost exclusively made of 9 carat (375) yellow gold and rose gold. During the Art Déco period, the exuberant engravings diminished somewhat and it also paved the way for medallions with simpler designs. Now a heart medallion was allowed to be smooth or at least only a subtle engraving was placed on the front. Precious stones like rubies and sapphires correspond well with golden surfaces. And their mythological significance is also decisive for their use on gold medallions - because they are memorial jewellery of high emotional significance.

Perfect as a gift

With lovingly engraved or decorated with selected gemstones and pearls, you are guaranteed to find your next favorite piece of jewelry at Antique Jewellery Berlin. Antique medallions made of yellow gold and sterling silver are equally suitable as heartfelt gifts. Open a heart and give away an antique medallion:

  • Medallions from the mild design epoch Art Nouveau or the English Edwardian enchant with particularly harmonious designs,
  • The large silver medallions from the Victorian era inspire with particularly elaborate hand engravings and captivating details,
  • The Art Deco whirled everything upside down again and created completely new trends, gold and silver in new forms. Of course, the medallions of this epoch you still can open.

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