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Antique Colliers & Necklaces

Colliers and necklaces form the lower frame of the face and are therefore very important for the harmonious overall impression. Just like earrings they individually round off a look at eye level. They impressively underline the personal expression of the wearer and accentuate the décolleté if necessary. Depending on desire, taste and occasion, this can be achieved with a fine chain and pendant or a richly set necklace. Neither ladies nor gentlemen can escape the attraction of a beautifully decorated neck. We have very good arguments for this in our range. Buy antique necklaces online as an indispensable accessory - at Antique Jewellery Berlin you can experience the fascination first hand!

Necklace: Effective accessory for women

The Sautoir was, according to his own statement, Coco Chanel's favorite gem. However, very long necklaces like these are not the first thing you think of when thinking of jewellery for neck and décolleté. Necklaces, whether very fine or coarse-linked, with matching pendants or without them, are probably the most frequently worn accessories after rings. In contrast to earrings, which have about the same effect, you can wear Colliers over and under your outerwear. One moment they can support an outfit attractively and the next moment you can hide them discreetly. Normally the wearer will not want to hide her jewellery - because especially antique necklaces and enchanting chains with pendants are very special eye-catchers. For all occasions, ladies with a well-assorted jewelry box have an accessory up their sleeve to round off their look perfectly. It is always a question of personal taste and occasion, how to combine clothes with necklaces.

Special style features of past eras

The very old necklaces from the Georgian for example are mostly for festive occasions. Long slide chains in 18-carat yellow gold or pearl-set gold necklaces were only affordable for higher social classes at the time of their creation. In this respect their exclusivity is still clearly noticeable today. Highest goldsmithing skills and finest detail work testify to the love of jewellery and extraordinary good taste. This includes every generation until today - because whoever creates such an exquisite work of art has a distinctive style.

The antique necklaces of the long and eventful Victorian era reflected above all signs of change. While from about 1840 onwards heavy gold chains with pearls or pendants set with precious stones were still predominant, the second half of the 19th century was optically different. Initially, the advent of the first photographs was a technical revolution in which the British Kingdom in particular wanted to participate. From then on medallions as pendants were the hottest accessory for the ladies "of the world". Due to the fact that the first photographs (so-called daguerreotype) were quite large, the medallions were also inevitably large. They were mostly hung on silver necklaces that were forged for this purpose. Precisely because the dimensions and weight of these combinations were relatively high, the choice of materials went in favour of sterling silver. The smiths invested endless effort and detail work in the engraving of the medallions and their matching silver chains. Women have always worn such jewellery over their clothes. Silver also has the advantage that it can be combined with almost any kind of clothing.

After 1860, when the wearing of exclusively black jewellery was permitted at the royal court to commemorate the deceased Prince Albert, a kind of fashion emerged among the monarchy's loyal population. Jett (also called Jet, Gagat or black amber) established itself as a wonderful material to work with. Jett-link chains in different lengths and number of rows were created. Truly majestic jewellery made from a light material that was mined and processed on English soil - unique and timelessly elegant!

The 19th century gave us unique necklaces. In France, the Netherlands and the German-speaking countries there were also admirable necklaces for ladies who loved jewellery. Outstanding examples of this are also available in our shop:

  • "Bohemian grenade": As necklace or necklace with pendants, from the Historicism in the German-speaking area,
  • Cut-Steel-Colliers from the English Georgian and Victorian - stainless steel faceted and polished,
  • "Berlin Iron" jewellery: sought-after collector's jewellery made of blackened iron, produced in the region around Berlin/Gleiwitz,
  • Gem-set pendant in 18 carat yellow gold with diamond roses, partly set on silver foil or set in silver for the brilliance of the old-cut diamonds, with matching gold chains.

Colliers in yellow gold, white gold and platinum - unsurpassed elegance

Starting with Art Nouveau and its English parallel epoch Edwardian, the creations of the gold and platinum smiths reached new heights. Platinum was once again a stroke of luck as the white precious metal of the hour. Diamonds and other precious stones set in platinum shone brighter than ever before. The colliers and pendants were elaborately and imaginatively designed. The reference to nature was almost obligatory for Art Nouveau necklaces. The integration of bright white shining diamonds in combination with peridots, rubies, emeralds, amethysts and citrines was beguiling. The materials in the neck jewellery of the first decade after the turn of the century were carefully combined and processed in unsurpassed harmony. Perhaps the most classic and definitely timeless colliers and necklaces were created in the following period, in the Art déco style that is still modern today. Necklaces with brilliants, white gold, brilliants, platinum and again diamonds were the measure of all things! In the era of permanent progress and immensely growing prosperity, it was no longer enough to adorn oneself with less. The outfits have become nobler, the amusing ladies lived the big style, the luxury and the love for all occasions. Feel the fascination of freedom in the jewellery of that time - the golden 20's and the great 30's still exist today in necklaces and necklaces of Art Deco.

Wear an antique necklace for your wedding

An antique collier, or a necklace with an antique pendant, is the perfect accessory to combine with an impressive wedding dress. The length of the necklace may follow the length of the dress and crown the most beautiful look of the year. Incomparable antique jewellery for one of the most unforgettable experiences in life! Antique colliers are also the first choice for other festive occasions. They prove good taste and confirm that the wearer knows how to express herself with her appearance and her individual look. A collier made of the finest materials is of course also a gift from the heart. Either you get it from your loved one or the ladies take matters into their own hands...

At Antique Jewellery Berlin you will find an impressive selection of enchanting necklaces and chains, from around 1820 to the vintage period, from 1950:

  • The reverent bow to nature: horn necklaces from the workshops of the famous horn artists in French Art Nouveau (Art Nouveau), mostly originally signed,
  • 9 carat to 18 carat yellow gold and white gold necklaces from Victorian to Art Deco with pendants typical of the era, set with diamonds and corresponding colored gemstones and pearls,
  • Sterling silver necklaces from the "Arts+Crafts" movement and signed silver necklaces with enamel decorations, colorful and life-affirming
  • "Pinchbeck" jewellery and gold-plated silver: Necklaces with turquoise, pearls and enamel applications, unique jewellery from classicism to Biedermeier and historicism.

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