Antique Pendants


Antique Pendants

Besides its decorative beauty, the pendant often has a very personal meaning for the wearer. In the early days it should protect its owner and therefore originally had an amulet character. The cross has also been a very common form for centuries. Due to the increasing self-confidence of the people and the changing faith, it developed over the ancient epochs to a primarily decorative fashion accessory. Nevertheless, it is almost always the pendants who are chosen for the individual presentation of personal messages and for the preservation of valuable memories. This makes chain pendants to one of the most loving types of jewelry and to gladly chosen gifts. Buy antique pendants online - at Antique Jewellery Berlin you can discover every design and be inspired!

Wear exclusive antique pendants on chains

A pendant is not only chosen according to personal taste, but also allows a certain flexibility in wearing. In contrast to a holistically designed necklace with an integrated chain, a pendant can be worn on different chains. This primarily involves chains of different lengths and possibly also of different thicknesses. The color of the pendant will normally be kept true to the color of the chain, unless the antique pendant is also made of a combination of materials. The original amulet was in the antiquity mostly forged from silver. Either it was engraved or it was set with precious stones. For centuries gemstones like aquamarines, amethysts or garnets have had positive mythological meanings. Especially for pendants, amulets and medallions it has always been possible to integrate the "apotropaic properties" of a gemstone into jewellery. Thus these pendants offered their wearer "protection" from that which was most likely to endanger the person. Seafarers, for example, wore amulets with aquamarines, since it is said that the aquamarine can appease the sea god Neptune and thus ensure a safe passage. The amethyst, however, is supposed to protect against several disastrous events: from drunkenness, from robbery and theft. No wonder then that goldsmiths and silversmiths have always given a great deal of thought to the choice of materials for pendants.

The so-called "birthstones" or "lucky stones" have a similar emotional importance. Each calendar month is assigned at least one gemstone or semi-precious stone. The birthstones are extremely popular and an enormously important influence in necklaces. Again, especially with antique pendants, attention is paid to the specific choice of a birthstone for the monthly births of the ladies and gentlemen. In this way, a part of the personality, also as an expression of the world view or one's own interests, can easily be carried outside with antique jewellery. This can of course be done very discreetly - rather for oneself than for other people. But especially men who buy a pendant with necklace as a gift for their girlfriend or wife should at least think about the birthstone of their loved one. Sometimes it is the very small gestures that have a much greater effect. And they prove a comprehensive, deep interest in his counterpart.

By the way: an antique or vintage pendant is a perfect gift for festive occasions. With pleasure also sometimes "in between", because even without a chain handed over, a pendant is usually immediately wearable. After all, ladies have at least one gold and silver chain in their jewelry box in addition to the one or other necklace or brooch! Some examples of enchanting pendants are available online and in our shop:

  • Diamond solitaire pendant with sparkling brilliants, carefully set in a simple yellow gold, white gold or platinum setting,
  • Gold chain pendant, with precious stones, forged as heart or cross, a glittering symbol of love,
  • Silver chain pendant, with engraving or chiseling, sometimes with delightful ideas behind it - e.g. as stamp storage, coin holder or match dispenser,
  • Antique medallions in gold or silver with hand engraving - heart-shaped, oval, round or in individual shapes, emotional fashion accessories.

Signs of affection: Heart pendant in silver or gold

Medallions belong to the most common type of antique pendants. They are also both emotional and very personal jewellery. You either buy them for yourself or get them as gifts. The loved one or the mum gives a medallion as a pendant to remember and to enjoy. Besides the obligatory photo of a loved one (can also be that of a pet or similar) inside, the outer design of the piece of jewellery stands out from the rest. Medallions have been forged since the Victorian era. Nearly all of them receive an unmistakable, individual engraving by hand. In the past they were patterns, natural motifs or even structures. Later it was the trend to have your initials engraved. Jewellery can't be any more personal than this! We have many such antique silver and gold chain pendants in our assortment. Have a look: Medallions are additionally categorized separately.

Discover timelessly elegant pendants from different eras

No matter from which jewellery era: antique pendants transport beauty, emotions and great craftsmanship. Whether it is a gold or silver cross, a gem-set piece of jewellery from the Victorian wedding or a modern Art déco work. You will always feel the love of detail and elegance to which goldsmiths and jewellers long ago felt obliged. There are pendants to match earrings and bracelets. Nevertheless, the wearer has the flexibility mentioned above, thanks to materials that go with every outfit and really enrich every look in a refreshing way. As is well known, Art déco gave rise to a universal style that both met the desire for more simple jewellery and fired the excessiveness of the new affluent society. These are still today sparkling testimonies of a high culture that loved life and celebrated technical progress. The unlimited processing possibilities of platinum and the now perfect brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds produced incredibly beautiful pendants and necklaces. One can still be astonished and happy today.

At Antique Jewellery Berlin you will find a variety of antique pieces and vintage pendants, from the Georgian era around 1800 to the vintage period, from 1950:

  • Pendant in 18 carat gold, sterling silver and platinum. From the diamond-set cross, a lifelike swallow to the simple diamond solitaire pendant,
  • Suffragette jewellery - Pendants in 15 carats to 18 carat yellow gold, with peridots, diamonds/pearls and amethysts, adorable colored stone jewellery,
  • Art Nouveau & Arts+Crafts sterling silver pendant with enamel decoration, turquoise and mother of pearl/pearls,
  • Art déco and vintage pendants with central colored stones, e.g. emeralds and sapphires, and diamonds set all around.

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