Birthstone jewellery: antique, vintage and unique

All over the world, there are many different traditions that can be found in a wide variety of cultures. One of them is the belief in birthstones, there are different historical paths there as well, but everywhere the use of the birthstone is considered lucky: for example by wearing birthstone jewellery. Birthstones are certain gemstones that are assigned to a certain month. Historical traditions that each month and each of the twelve signs of the zodiac was assigned a specific gemstone date back to the first century. Nowadays, it is no longer customary to wear a different stone every month, but only the stone of one’s own month of birth.

You can discover which birthstone matches your star sign here. Or you can find a unique piece of jewellery with the birthstone of a person you would like to give as a gift.

Choose the stone for your birth month here:

Every person has a birthstone that is assigned to their birth month. Due to developments through the centuries, there are two or even three birthstones for some months. If you would like to learn even more about the stone for your birth month, take a look at our website. You will find a detailed description of the birthstones and their meaning for each month. Each gemstone is said to have healing powers which have not been scientifically proven. It is often stories handed down over generations, traditions and the spiritual nature of mankind that want to assign these “healing powers” to the stones.

Exclusive gifts: Birthstone rings for your loved ones

A birthstone should support the strengths of the wearer and enrich them in their daily life. What better jewellery gift for this than a ring? Birthstone rings are both impressive and meaningful.

Rings have been worn and made since time immemorial. Made of different materials and for different fingers. In Roman mythology there are many ideas about the meaning of rings, depending on which finger they are worn on. Each individual finger, with the exception of the thumb, is said to stand for a Roman deity. But there are also other legends and stories behind the individual fingers. We would be happy to discuss the meaning of each individual finger with you:

  • Jupiter, the Roman father of the gods, is associated with the index finger. Because like Jupiter, the index finger is supposed to stand for self-confidence, ambition and leadership.
  • A ring on the right index finger symbolises the striving for power and the desire to rule, but can and should also stand for discretion.
  • According to tradition, the planet Saturn is associated with the middle finger, which is supposed to represent responsibility, humanity and universal laws. A ring on the middle finger is also said to symbolise a kind of balance between good and evil as well as justice.
  • How could it be otherwise: The ring finger is associated with Apollo, the god of love. Apollo also stands for elegance, compassion and beauty. So we wear our wedding or engagement ring on the finger of love.
  • The little finger was assigned to Mercury, the god of communication and perseverance. It is said that a ring is worn on the little finger by clever, extremely talented and inventive persons.

As you can see, you can give a highly individual, exclusive and meaningful gift with a carefully selected ring with your mother’s, father’s, girlfriend’s or husband’s birthstone. You can also use our ring sizing service if, for example, you want to give a birthstone ring to fit a particular finger.

Wearing a Birthstone Necklace on Special Occasions

Jewellery has been worn in every culture for thousands of years and has always been attributed a deeper meaning, power and energy. As a symbol, jewellery can influence our inner attitude and boost our self-confidence. Faith moves mountains, they say. Jewellery making has always followed this never-ending and everlasting trend. For thousands of years, jewellery has been commissioned and today we are fortunate and can find in a veritable abundance of jewellery with symbols the right jewellery for all occasions, the sight of which is then supposed to be associated with very special thoughts or expectations in each case – be it for the wearer, the wearer himself or for outside observers. Perhaps you have already chosen a particular piece of jewellery, not only because it matched the pattern of your blouse or dress, but also because you attach a deeper personal meaning to it.

Wearing a luxurious necklace or a noble chain with your birthstone could possibly give you that certain something in your charisma on special occasions. Be it for an important appointment, a brilliant appearance or a trip.

Birthstone pendants for a delicate, simple necklace, meanwhile, can be worn every day and can bring you joy as a constant companion in everyday life.

Antique jewellery with birthstones: writing life’s story

Is there such a thing as jewellery that lasts forever? That can probably never be predicted, but jewellery that we today refer to as antique jewellery has clearly lasted for centuries or decades. This is partly because of the high-quality materials and partly because the former wearer or wearers probably took good care of their jewellery. Jewellery pieces with a history of their own certainly are. There are pieces of jewellery that were designed and finished for emperors and kings, queens or high-ranking persons.

Antique jewellery always brings a story with it. By buying birthstone jewellery and choosing antique or vintage pieces for it, you continue to write the history of the jewellery with your own life and can carry it on for generations. You help shape the history of the jewellery.

Apart from its historical uniqueness, antique jewellery is of first-class workmanship, which is hard to find in this quality nowadays.

Or do you find the biography of a famous person so inspiring that you want to buy that person’s birthstone? Fantastic idea!

Choose the birthstone for engagement rings

The one question that comes from the heart should definitely be asked with a very special ring. How perfectly suited are unique antique engagement rings with filigree-cut gemstones? Exactly. It doesn’t get any more beautiful than this. A diamond ring adds brilliance to the important event and is the classic among engagement rings.

Of course, you can also make an unforgettable proposal to your life partner by choosing an engagement ring that makes the birthstone of your love a glamorous eye-catcher. Antique engagement rings are very popular, especially with birthstones. And it’s not just about individuality, but increasingly also about sustainability, because antique jewellery is active protection of the environment and human rights. To ensure that the precious pieces fit perfectly, changes to the ring size can be implemented by our master goldsmiths within a very short time.

Birthstone jewellery with personal engraving?

Giving jewellery with gemstones is always an excellent idea. If the gemstone also carries a suitable meaning as a birthstone, it is a gift that is hard to beat. Stones set in sterling silver (925) or gold are particularly effective. How can you make such a special piece of jewellery even more special? With a personal engraving: have initials engraved on the birthstone jewellery, a word, a symbol or something that only you and the person receiving the gift will understand. This personalises the piece of jewellery and makes it absolutely unique – there is unlikely to be another identical piece of antique jewellery in the whole world.

Rings, necklaces & more: Jewellery with birthstones from Antique Jewellery Berlin

At Antique Jewellery Berlin, there is a variety of beautiful antique jewellery that is unique in itself. Our range includes earrings, bracelets, men’s rings, cufflinks, lockets, brooches, rings and unusual jewellery trends from past eras. If you have read on our site which gemstone is your birthstone or the birthstone of a beloved person, you will find a selection of jewellery with the matching gemstone. Each piece of jewellery convinces with individuality and it almost seems as if the jewellery has its own character …

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