Birthstone July ∞ Ruby: Jewellery with fiery luminosity

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The ruby is commonly called "The Stone of Love". You can't imagine a better gemstone as a birthstone for July, because its intense red perfectly represents the hot summer month. In the middle of the year, the zodiac signs "Cancer" and "Leo" share one of the warmest months and a real power stone at the same time. Rubies are bursting with positive energy, passion and overarching confidence. Those who wear them as their own July birthstone may enjoy (or leave) a variety of qualities. The ruby is strong and it makes you strong - it is by no means one of those gemstones that gives us inner peace. Step into the light of the ruby and benefit from its strength! At Antique Jewellery Berlin you can buy antique and vintage jewellery with the monthly stone for July online - make yourself and others happy with it.

Perfect gift: jewelry with the birthstone for July

From ancient records, two descriptions of the ruby have survived to this day: "the king of gemstones" and "the stone of love". In particular, a ruby symbolizes love like no other colored gemstone, because its fiery red now traditionally stands for love, passion and romance. Whether you are looking for a ring for an engagement or an antique piece of jewellery for another festive occasion: you will find it!

The birthstone for July is a sensational gemstone on all 365 days of the year and is not without reason one of the three most popular color stones. Together with sapphire (blue) and emerald (green) it meets the taste of almost everyone. So you don't have to be born in July to wear (or want to wear!) ruby jewelry. We come across strong people very often - many of them love ruby for its beauty and energy. If you want to show someone that you think they have a strong personality and appreciate their character, look specifically for ruby jewelry.

If your partner for life was born in July, it may also be one of our engagement rings with ruby. A ruby solitaire ring is absolutely unusual. Therefore, accompanying diamonds are also obligatory with the ruby ring. Listen inside, close your eyes and ask yourself if your partner loves the fire of red. Almost any engagement ring with a colored gemstone is more exciting than a diamond-only ring. If you have a birthday in July, you do well with fire and passion anyway ... A piece of jewellery with the July birthstone ruby hits the heart as a gift in any case.

The ruby and its effect as the monthly stone for July

Even older and more pronounced than the reference to love is the ruby's reference to self-confidence, courage and power. Ruby red is indisputably the color of self-confidence. Those who wear jewellery with the monthly stone ruby show fearlessness in the face of life's stumbling blocks and are rewarded for this with prosperity and admiration.

The strong color of the July month stone is also the color of fire and blood. This is why rubies were the gemstones of dominant rulers and nobles many centuries ago. The stones sharpen the mind and promote concentration, which benefits those who can use their energy and strength of character purposefully in harmony with themselves during protracted negotiations and energy-sapping arguments. The gemstones give their wearer verve and vitality and enable him to recognize positive opportunities immediately and to use them effectively for himself.

The strength and motivation of those who wear rubies also benefit the loved ones and fellow humans around them. Due to the courageous attitude and balance, they honorably stand up for friends, children and animals - should they be exposed to a threat. The connection rubies are said to have to blood flow throughout the body strengthens the heart and stabilizes blood pressure. At least until the lust and passion of the ruby takes over the body and mind.

The stone of the month for July should support you to enjoy the sensual pleasure of life intensively and to live out romantic situations and occasions. Here we have arrived again at the stone of love. If one believes "findings" of the last centuries, the ruby promotes the desire for sexuality and increases the potency. Whether you are a child of January or December, the stone of love is a lustful asset for everyone. Those born in July are probably the most likely to know about the effects of ruby red ...

Zodiac signs in July: Ruby as birthstone for Cancer & Leo

Before improved measuring devices made it possible to accurately determine gemstones in the 19th century, virtually all gemstones with a deep red hue were classified as rubies. In detail, this means that garnets, spinels and tourmalines with a red hue were also considered rubies. People in ancient times had just declared red gemstones per se as the birthstone for July. It is the warmth and the "fire" that the sun kindles in the stone that must have been the deciding factor.

The ruby is said to have strong mystical powers as a birthstone. It guides, strengthens and protects the crabs born in July (01 July to 22 July) and the early lions (23 July to 31 July). Likewise, the hope for more passion in life is one reason why the ruby is worn close to the body by many people. It doesn't matter if they were born in July or are a child of another month. There is a special feature of some rubies: Especially high-quality stones can "store" light. When they have been "refueled" by the sun, they later emit it again through a shiny fluorescence.

No wonder, then, that these stones are considered wonders of nature and are extremely valuable. The stone of July "Ruby" stands in parts of the world for prosperity, health and a happy love life. In yet other parts of the world, it represents peace, harmony and power. For whatever reason you love the stone: Trust in its wisdom, in its strength, and harness the energy.

Intense statements: birthstone ruby in earring, ring, bracelet or pendant

Rubies are most effective when worn at about eye level. This means that stud earrings and pendant earrings with the July birthstone in particular, as well as necklaces and pendants, immediately catch the eye of the person opposite. You will not see antique ruby jewelry go uncommented upon! Above all, it is the grandiose interplay of diamonds and rubies that ignites the auspicious sparkle and fire.

Especially the ruby jewellery of the 20th century leaves the greatest possible impression. Also because the platinum settings after 1910 put the stones in the best light. Round facet cuts as well as fancy cuts such as the drop cut and heart cut look exceptionally good on the ruby. Jewelers of past eras usually only paid such attention to diamonds. In fact, no other coloured stone releases the visual power of beauty, creativity, passion and fertility. The fact that it also stands for harmony and fidelity is proven by the ruby when it is purchased specifically and often as an engagement ring.

When you have arrived with certainty at your partner for life, the sparkling ruby on your finger tames and gives peace to the soul. Fortunately, not too much inner peace, because the ruby lives with you from now on and should, as I said, also provide vitality and a long, fulfilling life.

Many of our rings date back to the Victorian era. The range extends all the way back to the 1970s. The same applies to bracelets and bangles - with both types of jewellery, the wearers also have the advantage of admiring their jewellery. Let yourself be inspired by epochal ruby jewellery from three centuries:

  • Bangles and bracelets in 18 carat yellow gold set with rubies and diamonds → effective arm jewellery with the highest material quality since the Victorian.
  • Earrings or mostly stud earrings made of at least 14 carat yellow gold or white gold → The antique ruby stud earrings as well as vintage stud earrings are often adorned with a central ruby in a "special" cut,.necklace as well as pendant with chain, made of at least 14 carat or 15 carat yellow gold, rarely set alone with a ruby solitaire → usually accompanied by diamonds.
  • Engagement rings with the birthstone ruby, some as three-tones / five-tones rings with alternating diamonds/brilliants → from the Victorian jewelry era, Art Deco throughout to the vintage era.
  • In very valuable brooches with animal motifs, e.g. the depiction of swallows or snakes, the eyes of the animals were represented by small cabochon-cut rubies → Victorian to Art Deco.

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