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The ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum. There are only two types of corundum: rubies and sapphires. While sapphires cover a very wide range of colors, the ruby is exclusively red. It is considered the second most important gemstone in the world of jewellery - directly after the diamond! The masters of antique jewellery making have always recognized rubies as a perfect tool for adding wonderful accents to gold jewellery. Antique Ruby Jewellery you buy at Antique Jewellery Berlin for eternity and always with certificate, of course also online! To describe the fascination for this gemstone in short words is almost impossible. When ladies put on antique ruby jewellery, they show perfect taste. When gentlemen buy an engagement ring with ruby from us, they are making the right choice. This stone bewitches the senses and its red stands for true love - a guarantee for romantic success!

Rings, chains and earrings with antique rubies

There is so much passion in rubies. In addition to its fascination as a gemstone, a multitude of inherent qualities have always been attributed to this gemstone. Since antiquity, the "fire", which is said to live in rubies, has been a major theme. If you hold the beautifully deep red stones against the light, you can see it particularly intensively. Like the color of glowing coal, the ancient Greeks and the ancient Indians felt it, who even attributed to the stone the ability to heat a boiler. The ruby should also protect against illness and misfortune, and as a talisman worn also brings luck in the game. If you read from its ancient epithet "drops of blood from the heart of mother earth" the mythological force that the stone always had, you are still very impressed. And rightly so - because antique ruby jewellery is perfectly beautiful. The stones have been carefully worked into timeless jewellery for centuries. Whether in brilliant facet cut, drop cut or cabochon cut - the ruby is a star among the gemstones. Throughout all eras it is usually accompanied by the diamond. A special feature, however, is the multicolor jewelry from the Victorian period. There, goldsmiths arranged the ruby in so-called "Adore rings" or "Dearest rings" in meaningful color jewellery according to its initial letter. These are, however, almost the only examples of antique ruby jewellery in which the glowing adored stone did not play the leading role.

We recommend the ruby in any kind of jewelry. It is most popular with our customers in earrings, necklaces / chains with pendants and of course in rings. Antique engagement rings with ruby are, just like pure diamond rings or sapphire rings, as such a perfect choice! Red stands for love, passion and romance. The combination with diamonds simply makes a perfect mix - nobody can resist the romantic effect. See for yourself how expressive antique ruby jewellery can be:

  • Ruby necklaces for ladies with pendant / necklace from the Victorian era to the vintage period, in 9 carat (375) yellow gold to 18 carat white gold & yellow gold,
  • Ruby earrings as earrings and stud earrings, often accompanied by diamonds, from Victorian to Art Nouveau to the Vintage period - from 9 carat gold to 18 carat yellow gold & platinum,
  • Rubies are often accentuated in brooches for ladies: for example as eyes or on the body of noble animal motifs such as swallows, butterflies, etc,
  • Arm jewelry, such as bracelets and bracelet maturity from the Victorian wedding to art deco - indescribably noble jewelry of the highest material quality and design.

Discover a versatile design language: Ruby rings for women

Apart from earrings, a ruby ring is especially interesting for women. The versatility of the design is unlimited here too. Every era has its own way of expression - which we can illustrate with our genuine antique jewellery for every interested jewellery lover. The Victorian rings with ruby are very emotional. The Art Nouveau rings and the ruby rings from the Edwardian convey a certain lightness with verve. Everything that came from the Art déco era onwards is more luxurious on the one hand and wearable every day on the other. Everyone will find the antique ruby jewellery he or she desires. Either for yourself or as a gift for your loved one. As already mentioned: an engagement ring with ruby is a wise choice. One could say: a sure thing!

Buy an engagement ruby ring at Antique Jewellery Berlin

Sometimes you have to seize the opportunity. A man anyway - because spontaneity is often part of success. We often have people willing to get engaged in our shop for an initial consultation who have not previously had any contact with jewellery for men or women. Even without prior knowledge, when looking through our range of ruby rings it often turns out that the red gemstone with its characteristic "fire" is exactly what it should be. In this respect, the most beautiful engagement rings with ruby are sometimes sold out quickly. This is the well-meant appeal: do not think too long. Engagement rings with rubies are extremely popular, so man should not hesitate long! As each piece is unique, there is no alternative to antique jewellery for those who seek individuality. Let us advise you extensively. We are here for you - with our expertise, our knowledge of human nature and the sense for that certain extra. Just the way antique ruby jewelry demands. Whether for the engagement, the morning gift or as a timelessly beautiful gift in between: ruby jewellery is a very good choice! Buy Antique Jewellery online at Antique Jewellery Berlin offers you:

  • Enchanting colored stone rings from Victorian England, with love messages such as "Adore" represented by amethyst-diamond-opal-ruby emerald, or "Dearest" represented by diamond-emerald-amethyst-ruby-emerald-sapphire-tourmaline,
  • Fantastic Art Nouveau rings with one or more rubies and diamonds, often typical in the harmony of Art Nouveau from France, Germany or England,
  • Super elegant and high quality ruby rings from the Art déco for women with timeless designs and the highest quality workmanship for future generations,
  • Modern designed engagement rings with rubies in excellent quality, e.g. Burmese rubies with maximum fire in the stones as well as a ring rail in 18 carat yellow gold, 18 carat white gold or platinum.

Service & Consulting - Your experts for vintage and antique jewellery

Whether gold ring, or silver earring: We wish you much pleasure in discovering our assortment. Which epochs, which stones or which designs make your heart beat faster? Or can't you make up your mind and need professional advice?
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our ruby jewellery, facet cut or any other kind of high gloss polished precious stones. In German, English and Arabic we are at your disposal by e-mail, telephone or in our shop in Berlin-Mitte (Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin). We are looking forward to meeting you!

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