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A ruby is red. And if only it was so simple to be able to describe in words the aura, which surrounds this precious stone. What kind of stone is this? Rubies are considered to be the second most important jewellery gemstones. Directly after diamonds! On the 'Mohsschen hardness scale'(hardness scale by F. Mohs), the ruby holds a top rank (on the same level with the sapphire) with a hardness grade of 9 as the second-hardest material. The ruby is the red variety of the mineral 'corundum'.

The colour originates from the chromium content in the ground. Only genuine red corundums are called rubies. Already the pink-coloured variants are allocated to sapphires. The masters of the antique jewellery production have always been recognised rubies of course as perfect tools to place wonderful accents in golden jewellery. The colour stands for love, life and passion. Blood is red, wine is also red and sunsets as well. To wear an art nouveau necklace with a solitaire ruby is a privilege and a joy, which is best to understand when just doing it. And already it is simple again. The ruby is just a passionate stone! For many people it is the most beautiful of all. The deep red captivates the viewer, tells stories and emits warmth. In unenlightened times rubies were viewed as an effective protection against the devil and against the plague. Whichever way you look at it: Rubies make life worth living! Last but not least, be also assured that the ruby makes a wonderful engagement ring.
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