Birthstone January ∞ Garnet: deep red color, fiery character

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As the birthstone for January, garnet has the power of new beginnings and is therefore perfect for the start of the year. Stones like the ruby, emerald, opal, amethyst, peridot, sapphire, aquamarine, citrine and topaz are real gemstones and bring luck, courage and have a healing effect. But hardly any of these gemstones is as rich in history as the garnet birthstone.

Since the Bronze Age, red garnet, also called carbuncle, is said to give vitality, energy and self-confidence. In addition, the fire of its color is a boon. Thus, the year starts with a magnificent gemstone. Garnet is one of the most revered gemstones and is produced by Mother Earth in an amazing variety of colors and shades. Dazzle the senses - due to their incredibly rich color spectrum that stimulates our visual senses, garnets have made a name for themselves by keeping up with the evolution of style and fashion color trends.

In the jewelry world, garnets are a great inspiration to work with. They are also one of the few types of gemstones in the world that do not undergo any gemological treatment at all. Garnet is found in a variety of shades, all of which are said to possess individual powers. It gives confidence and courage and strengthens the wearer. False friends are driven away, also the garnet proves faithful in marriage. If the garnet becomes dark or even black, it indicates a tense situation in the partnership and lets us act accordingly.

This gemstone has always been a guardian of true friendship. It gives joy and vitality, strengthens self-confidence and is sometimes said to be able to help with melancholy and depression, which is very useful in the middle of the winter months.

The garnet belongs since the memory of mankind to the stones which have a special value with their effects and their beauty with almost all peoples. It belongs to the group of those 29 stones which have been honored since ancient times as the foundation stones of life.

The Meaning of Garnet as Birthstone & Monthstone in January

Garnet is the birthstone for Capricorn (12/22 to 01/20) - those born in January, as well as Aquarians born this month (January 21 to February 18). Their birthstone is the garnet. However, garnet is also a wonderful gemstone for other people and is excellent as a gift. There are different types of a garnet stone and they are assigned different additional powers.

For example, the green garnet called tsavorite: With tsavorite, the colors vary from a light yellow green to a deep, rich forest green. It has a particularly high brilliance that cannot be compared with other green gemstones. It is also one of the oldest gemstones in the world, formed 60 million years ago and is the rarest garnet. Similar to the peridot - but the tsavorite shines in its green tones.

What a wonderful gem to have as a birthstone. The birthstone garnet is significant: tsavorite is the gemstone associated with goodness, strength, wealth, energy and confidence. It is said to help one find inner beauty and guide the wearer to their destiny. So it acts as a stress reliever, strengthens clarity of perception, knowledge of love and understanding of your partner. Most importantly, they are truly beautiful.

The name Rhodolite Garnet comes from the Greek "Rose Stone." This garnet captivates with a beautiful array of red, pink and purple hues that show all the brilliance and beauty of garnet. The purple garnet is reminiscent of an amethyst in color. It is on par with a ruby in its beauty. Rhodolite Garnet is the jewel of inspiration; it promotes kindness, compassion, love, and helps one fulfill one's purpose in life. It is also a warm, sincere and trusting gemstone that acts as a source of inspiration and is attributed with positive energy.

The term Malaia Garnet is borrowed from a Swahili word "Malaya" which means "unfit". This stunning gemstone varies from a beautiful light orange hue, to a dark pinkish orange, to a reddish or yellowish orange. Malaia Garnet is a beautiful, very rare gem with explosive brilliance. It is found in only one place in the world: the Umba Valley in Tanzania. Malaia Garnet is a joyful and sharing gemstone that brings happiness, friendship, joy and familial togetherness. It promotes companionship, affection, passion and intimacy.

The garnet varies in different colors and its powers are an enrichment for every person. Garnets, as birthstones, support people born in January in their lives. But as you can see, the garnet has so many advantages that you can give a great gift with individual meaning and power depending on the color.

Tradition since the Bronze Age: gemstone jewellery with garnets

The symbol of strength and passion as well as a healing stone whose effect has a millennia-old history.

Garnets have been used as jewelry since the Bronze Age over 5,000 years ago. Bohemian pyrope are among the oldest known garnets and have been collected from the edges of rivers since prehistoric times. They can already be found in Bronze Age graves near deposits that were opened up later.

In ancient times, garnet was well known in Egypt, Greece and the Near East as well as in India, although there was no differentiation into individual types of garnets. In ancient Egypt, garnets served primarily magical purposes, being worn as a special form of amulet. In this context, of course, they had also established themselves as jewelry of kings, higher priests and other members of wealthier classes. In Egypt, garnet was also used as an antidote to snakebite and for healing food poisoning. As a healing stone, the effect of garnet is centuries ahead of other gemstones.

The Talmud says that the only light Noah had in the ark came from a carbuncle. According to recent research, the Flood described in the Bible, the Talmud, and the Epic of Gilgamesh took place about 2,400 years BC. In the Hoshen, the sacred breastplate of the Jewish high priest Aaron (ca. 520 B.C.) there were twelve stones, among them a garnet. Thus, the symbol of a garnet is biblical in nature, it strengthens any wearer.

Grave finds prove that garnet was also known to the Scythians (4th to 6th centuries BC) and the Sarmatians (500 BC) who lived in southern Russia. In 1991, Russian archaeologists excavated near Tsemdolina, a suburb of Novorossiysk on the Asian side of the Black Sea, and uncovered a necropolis from the second half of the 1st century. In one of these graves a warrior was buried who wore a gold ring on one finger in which a garnet was set. This garnet was cut as a gem by stone cutters of the Bosporus and represents the Greek Tyche (Roman Fortuna), who carries a cornucopia. Knights also wore garnet and it is believed that the stone strengthened the fighters with courage.

For Capricorn and Aquarius: Power stone of strong symbolism

This gemstone possesses tremendous power that is bestowed upon the wearer.

As a birthstone it is very useful for the Capricorn, because it strengthens the sense of reality, so that the wearer has more endurance for the duties of everyday life. Garnet also strengthens Capricorn in recognizing that life is not all work and encourages them to create a balance. For the Aquarius born in January, the garnet helps to stimulate their imagination and strengthens their vision. But it is not only a powerful stone for those born in January.

Some call this gemstone an aura stone because at any given time during the day, it shows many different colors. Similar to an opal, but garnet does not change its color into different facets, rather the nuances change. Each shade is a sign of a tension, mood, or danger. Thus, it not only protects the wearer spiritually, but shows a real change.

The garnet stone gives the wearer a protective effect as well as a calming feeling. The healing stone garnet can be useful as a dream catcher and give the owner pleasant dreams.

There can be health benefits to wearing a garnet birthstone. These benefits can include relief from negative feelings stemming from guilt and depression. In addition, people have noted stronger self-confidence and mental clarity. On the soul, garnet is said to have an effect of joy, vitality, upliftment and energy. Let's face it, who isn't a proponent of better peace of mind?

In addition, the healing stone is said to have the ability to detect misfortune when the stone loses its luster. The vibrant red color is said to show grace, prestige and longevity. As far back as the Middle Ages, garnet stones were even used as a remedy for inflammatory diseases, bleeding and anger. Traditional folklore also links garnet to the circulatory system and the production of hemoglobin. They believed that this birthstone stimulates metabolism, treats spinal disorders, stimulates the blood, and more. It is said to lie on the skin to bring out its full healing powers, thus a necklace, bracelet or ring would be very appropriate.

The January birthstone gift: beautiful vintage garnet jewelry

Antique garnet jewelry as well as vintage garnet jewelry with the January birthstone make wonderful gifts. You celebrate the birth of a loved one. One gives away power and strength.

This stone is considered a monthly stone because its different colors symbolize the start of the new year like a rainbow. The effects that the monthly stone brings not only serves the January-born, but is useful for anyone who needs extra energy and strength. Jewelers have known about its effects for a long time and have created many unique pieces of jewelry. For thousands of years, garnet has been crafted for jewelry, passing on its healing abilities to the wearer. Very impressive are the antique necklaces and vintage earrings.

Engagement rings with this extraordinary stone are especially beautiful. The red garnet symbolizes love and passion, like a ruby it is a strong gemstone. But also brooches, gold necklaces, silver necklaces, stud earrings and necklaces are stunning as a gift for a very special person. If you want to give yourself a little treat, we have beautiful bracelets to offer.

Our pieces of jewellery are not only enchantingly beautiful, but also set in a high-quality material. Each piece of jewellery convinces with individuality and it seems as if the jewellery has its own character - something unique to appreciate about antique jewellery. Regardless of the month of birth of the presentee: Jewellery with the birthstone garnet enchants!

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