Birthstone April ∞ Diamond: Crystal Clear and Brilliant

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Since the introduction of the Gregorian calendar, all months of the year have been assigned one or more gemstones. The birthstone in April is the diamond. Sometimes dull and rough, sometimes light and mild, April is the image of man. Following this old farmer's rule, the birthstone April also has different facets. One always thinks of the clear and shining diamond, but the April birthstone also comes in different shades. It is a multifaceted gemstone that is based on a legend. The April birthstone is believed to be one of the 12 precious stones that Aaron, the first high priest of the Israelites, wore on his breastplate according to biblical tradition. This legend about the 12 precious stones is still told today. Each of these stones represented one of the tribes of Israel and was believed to possess magical and spiritual energies that could be used to protect its wearer. Throughout history, the birthstone diamond has been considered the supreme jewel, symbolising strength, longevity and eternal love. Diamonds are the hardest material on earth and therefore represent endurance and strength. As with many precious stones, the name "diamond" comes from the ancient Greeks. Originally called adamas, meaning "indestructible", the diamond probably got its name because of its unyielding physical form. According to scientific evidence, the first diamonds formed over 900 million years ago. As soon as diamonds became commercially available, traders began to transport them along the Silk Road and sell them at high prices to royalty and noble families. At that time, it was reserved for high-ranking people to buy this gemstone. The association of the diamond birthstone with royalty probably still influences its high market value today. While diamonds are still considered a symbol of royalty, they are much more accessible to "ordinary" people today. However, due to their special hardness and rarity, diamonds are still particularly valuable gemstones today. Jewellery with diamonds today comes in many different designs with the gemstone in different sizes and densities. Antique diamond jewellery has the advantage that an expert can certify its authenticity for you and, with luck, also tell you something about the exciting history of your piece of jewellery.

The diamond as a birthstone: the power of purity

The birthstone of April is the beautiful powerful diamond. Like other gemstones, the diamond has a long history. In the Middle Ages, people believed that the diamond would draw toxins out of the body if it was heated and taken to bed at night. The Romans called diamonds the stones of love, believing that Cupid's arrowheads were studded with diamonds that could penetrate even the most stubborn lovers. The diamond is the hardest material on earth, formed by the action of pressure and heat on carbon. The birthstone for April thus symbolises power and strength. These supportive qualities are intended to benefit its wearer. Just by wearing diamond jewellery you attract attention. In any case, a necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring sparkle unmissably.

White topaz and quartz - a brilliant alternative

The diamond is the official birthstone for April. There are wonderful alternatives for those who do not have access to such a precious gem or cannot afford it. In order to still be able to wear the month stone, white topaz and quartz have been listed as alternative birthstones for April and Aries. Both gemstones were chosen for their multi-faceted brilliance and their similarity to diamonds. They are said to help the wearer to be more concentrated and to relieve nervousness with their effect.

Diamonds in all their colour diversity

The April birthstone is not only captivating as a classic white diamond, which is known as a clear and typical engagement ring. The gemstone is also available in a warm yellow tone, which is called champagne or cognac diamond because of its colour. Furthermore, there are the so-called fancy diamonds - this term refers to all other diamonds that have a range of vivid hues, including blue diamonds, yellow diamonds and even violet diamonds. Over the years, the diamond birthstone has been believed to have various healing properties that guide us through suffering and misfortune as a positive support, giving strength and self-confidence.

Birthstone for Aries born in April as a gift

The diamond is the king of gemstones. In its radiant clarity and indomitable hardness, it is a symbol of purity, strength and perseverance. The birthstone for April is said to be able to transfer these qualities to people as well. No wonder, then, that the star sign Aries (born between 21 March and 20 April) is considered to be particularly energetic and strong-willed. Taurus born in April are also considered to be self-confident zodiac signs whose power can be strengthened by the diamond. For those born in April, the monthly stone diamond is said to bring many powers with it, serve as an energy booster and purify body and mind. It has long been associated with loyalty, love and relationships. For this reason, it is considered the ultimate love gift and is often incorporated into engagement rings. For Aries born in March, aquamarine is the birthstone and can have a correspondingly supportive effect on the wearer in the month of March. The diamond as a birthstone unfolds its positive energy most strongly for star signs born in the month of April, such as Aries or Taurus. However, you can give the wonderful gemstone to anyone, because a diamond is a gift filled with love. You celebrate the birth of a loved one and wish them strength and power with their birthstone, which the diamond represents. Diamond gemstones are good to wear individually or in combination with other coloured gemstones. Jewellers have known this for a long time and have created many unique pieces of jewellery. Diamond jewellery impresses as:
  • antique necklace
  • Vintage earrings or stud earrings
  • Engagement rings
  • Brooch
  • Gold necklace or silver necklace
Even if you want to give yourself a little pleasure, we have beautiful bracelets or other fantastic pieces of jewellery with diamonds to offer.

Month stone with a special cut for April

Antique jewellery with diamonds as well as vintage diamond jewellery embodies the birthstone with a special cut in April. Whether in the classic baguette cut or in other cuts such as brilliant cut, cabochon cut, grapefruit cut, princess cut, rose cut, emerald cut or drop cut: our jewellery with precious stones is exclusively set in high quality gold, silver or platinum. Depending on the stone and the type of cut, the setting also has a different effect and gives the jewellery in our shop something special.each of our jewellery pieces therefore convinces with individuality.

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