Birthstone August ∞ Peridot: The Cheerful Green of Summer

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The yellow-green peridot is one of the most reliable of all gemstones and is associated with harmony, optimism, honesty and loyalty. Once called the "gemstone of the sun", the birthstone for August was formed deep inside the earth and only came to the surface with volcanic magma. Peridot actually only exists in green, albeit in different shades. Its eye-pleasing green makes it per se visually attractive to almost everyone. The bridge to nature, which the monthly stone peridot builds, opens the heart. And once it is open to the stone, one recognizes the profundity, the fascination and the power that lies within it. Especially in interpersonal relationships, in friendships and marriages, peridots keep envy, jealousy and financial worries at bay. As the representative of the colour "green" in the coloured stone jewellery of the suffragette movement, it has secured a particularly high status among jewellery lovers and art historians. You will find a uniquely large selection of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery with peridot online at Antique Jewellery Berlin. This could be the birth of your next passion!

What effect does the monthly stone for August have?

There are exclusively positive properties, which are attributed to peridots. The "gemstone of the sun" is supposed to promote friendships and free the mind from negativity. Just as a mother always has an open heart for her child and marriage is the symbol of love and fidelity, the birthstone peridot stands for willpower and future-oriented action. The wearer of a peridot in gold or silver will gladly surrender to the charm of the messenger of the midsummer month of August. And uses its liveliness to achieve his personal goals.

Whether you are of the zodiac sign Leo, Virgo, or any other month: As the monthly stone for August, peridot will not pin you down to the date of your birth. It sharpens the view of everyone for the essentials and supports the skillful circumnavigation of emotional and financial stumbling blocks in life. The optical impression of a sometimes somewhat sleepy nature comes from a fine "mist" in the Peridot stone, which is most reminiscent of aquamarine. This makes the birthstones for March and August both seem particularly mysterious. Especially since this slight veil is perceived neither as unpleasant nor as pejorative. Let's stay with the comparison of aquamarine and peridot: both are often the alternative choice for sapphire (also blue like aquamarine) and emerald (also green like peridot). Although that may have sounded different just now, most peridots and aquamarines are clear of eye and not clouded! We observe that these gemstones are bought by particularly gentle and harmony-loving people.

They definitely belong to the first league of gemstones, which is explained by the fact alone that they are freestones of the month. But there is much more to it than that!

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a powerful general and ruler who loved peridot. He gave his Josephine a piece of jewelry with peridot as a token of his love.
  • The stone represents one of the 12 tribes of Israel. It can be seen on the breastplate of the prophet Aaron (the elder brother of Moses).
  • From ancient Egypt it is said that miners could mine peridots in the middle of the night because it glowed in the dark in a magical way ... By the way, it actually fluoresces in bright green under artificial light.
  • The birthstone for August is nicknamed the "evening emerald". Some historians suggest Cleopatra's idolized collection of emeralds were actually peridots. This has not been proven - especially since the emerald mines of Egypt have been rediscovered.

Gift jewelry with the birthstone peridot

Every event has its main actor(s). You are one of them, no question about it. Support the power of your charisma with a piece of jewelry that features the August month stone, peridot. This is not only a perfect gift to yourself, but also to the loved ones in your life. Melt the heart of your wife, daughter or mother. Peridot caresses the eye and the soul - no matter how or where it is worn. As birthstone jewelry, it looks especially good on a necklace with a pendant. Also on a ring: either accompanied only by diamonds or right away with the full emotional power of the green-white-purple combination of the suffragette movement in the first two decades of the 20th century. Earrings are worn at eye level, making the peridot an inescapable eye-catcher for anyone who walks vigilantly through life.

There it is again: the heightened awareness. In ancient times, peridots were thought to reverse enchantments. We claim with a wink that nowadays "enchantments" by the sight of birthstone jewellery with peridot are not only accepted, but quite intended. Admittedly, only with the best intentions of the giver(s). Gentlemen be assured that engagement rings with peridot are a very good choice! The eye-pleasing gemstone is always accompanied by diamonds on the ring anyway. The diamond, which is obligatory for engagement, gets along extremely well with the peridot. And exceptionally with all gold alloys! Yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and the silver characteristic platinum are all equally suitable for stunning peridot engagement rings. In the Edwardian and Art Deco periods, peridot rings were actually made almost exclusively of yellow gold and rose gold. But the important thing is to get a good overview of the jewelry of all eras. Your future wife's heart will beat faster if the antique engagement ring with peridot points in her direction. Show courage to the color green - a piece of jewelry as a gift can not be more harmonious!

Astrology for birthstones: August for Leo and Virgo

The August-born Leo (August 01 to August 23) and early Virgo (August 24 to August 31) are pleased by peridot as their birthstone. That the "gem of the sun" must be close to warmth is obvious. It is a stone that fits the warm season, the height of summer! Topaz would have done similarly well, and so would amethyst. But the birthstones of November and February are not only close visually, but also in terms of feeling good, despite the difference in temperature. With the amethyst, the peridot creates an almost magical intimacy. We will come to the jewellery of the suffragettes in a moment. Hawaiian mythology, meanwhile, may come closer than any to explaining the birthstone for August Peridot. The fire and volcano goddess "Pele" is considered the revered creator of Hawaii and at the same time the feared destroyer. "Madame Pele" lives in a crater called "Halema'uma'u" that is still active today. Since volcanoes unearth the gemstone peridot, there are many peridots in Hawaii. When the gemstone did not have its present name, it was called the "Tear of Madame Pele". The association with midsummer heat seems understandable with volcanoes. Perhaps this is why August has its green monthly stone, peridot.

For determination and clarity: birthstone peridot as necklace, ring or pendant

It's impossible to talk about peridot jewelry without getting to the revolutionary movement of the suffragettes! The slogan the women used to demand their rights was: Give Women Vote! Since the ladies of the upper social classes in particular could not vocally express their demands in the first two decades starting in 1900, a silent protest was formed in the form of fashion and jewelry.

The ladies of the upper class had special necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made or given by their husbands if they shared the opinion of the suffragettes. It was the birth of one of the most attractive color stone combinations of all time. If not the most beautiful of all! Fine jewelry of gold and silver was set with three colored stones, each reflecting the first letter of the slogan: Green (Giv e= Green) White (Women = White) and Purple/Violet (Vot e= Violet).

Almost always for green was chosen the monthly stone for August, peridot, only exceptionally emerald or green tourmaline. White dressed either diamond or pearl. Violet was reserved exclusively for amethyst. In history, the suffragettes stand for determination, which fortunately was crowned with success. The birthstone for August played a convincing part in the jewellery of this movement. It is an absolute mystery, or simply the respect for the strong women and their unique achievement, that this colour combination was not set in gold and silver afterwards. The "Suffragette Jewelry" is historically unique and extremely sought after because of its irretrievability! This is peridot jewellery as it could not be better. But of course it also exists without this background:

  • Necklaces and chains with pendants made of precious yellow gold, rose gold or silver-colored precious metals → often larger suspensions and larger gemstones, often accompanied by pearls.
  • Earrings and studs made of at least 9 carat yellow gold or sterling silver → The antique peridot stud earrings are designed as a cluster with diamonds.
  • Rings with the birthstone peridot, sometimes as three-tones rings with alternating diamonds/brilliants → popular throughout into the vintage era,
  • Engagement rings with peridot and diamond cluster as well as coloured stone rings of the suffragette movement → made through all jewellery eras, from Victorian to Edwardian, Art Deco to vintage.

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