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The great demand in green jewellery gemstones covers besides the emeralds very often the peridot. The peridot is a transparent variety of the mineral 'olivin'. These crystals appear in clear, transparent cleanness as well as in slightly drowsy seeming, translucent quality. The colour character is mostly to be assigned to olive green. However, there are also dark yellow-green to yellowish-brown versions.

The chrysolite also belongs to the same class as the peridot. Both variants are to be distinguished only by gemmologists. When antique jewellery is concerned we find peridots very often in the Edwardian epoch. This stone with its pleasant aura of down-to-earthness and perfect harmony adorns fine necklaces and pendants. Not seldom it is accompanied by pearls. By its warm basic character it feels most comfortable set in yellow gold since centuries. And if the gemstone is happy, then the proud bearer of antique peridot jewellery is happy too.
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