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The great demand for green gemstones is mainly covered by the peridot, besides the emerald. In terms of its appearance and its visual and mental effect, however, it is clearly different from the rather dark green emerald. Peridot jewellery is perceived as particularly harmonious and calming. This is probably due to the fact that this usually light olive-green gemstone sometimes appears somewhat "sleepy". In this respect, it is very similar to the light blue aquamarine. Whichever way you look at it, peridot is a fascinating stone that had its heyday in ancient Edwardian jewellery. Among other things, as part of the legendary colour combination of the Suffragette movement. You can buy antique peridot jewellery in the greatest variety at Antique Jewellery Berlin - whether in a ladies' ring, ear stud or as a peridot pendant . Of course, with the usual bright service around the wide field of antique jewellery!

Jewellery with peridot from ancient eras

Peridot earrings, peridot pendants or women's ring and necklace with peridot are statistically among our most sought-after coloured stone jewellery. Although there are stunningly beautiful and elegantly composed engagement rings and stud earrings with this stone from the vintage era from the 1950s onwards, the heyday of jewellery with peridots is before 1930. One cannot overestimate the importance of green, which the peridot carried almost alone in the jewellery of the suffragettes. If we disregard the historical importance of this movement and look only at the jewellery that resulted from it, friends of antique jewellery will have tears of joy in their eyes. The colour combination green - white - violet (meaning "Give Women Vote!) is one of the luckiest of all times. For some inexplicable reason, this extremely attractive colour combination has hardly been set after the 1920s. Perhaps this is simply part of the way of things. Some phenomena have their limited time - but we like to hold these honours high!

The colour world of peridot jewellery

In our shop, we always experience our customers' enthusiasm for these creations of peridot jewellery. If the peridot is not accompanied by amethysts and pearls, it is always with diamonds. We almost never saw it solitary in antique jewellery. Since it is known that from about 1910 onwards gemstones were almost always set in platinum settings, this is also particularly the case with engagement rings with peridots. This has its justification and is not for nothing a proven method to prevent yellow tints in the gemstone from the supporting gold. It is striking, however, that there is almost no antique peridot jewellery made of precious 925 sterling silver, white gold or platinum. The basis of peridot jewellery is always yellow gold or rose gold. Inconspicuously worked white metal settings do not distract from the golden main tone. Yellow and rosé obviously go better with green than white. We absolutely agree. Take a look through our range - it will convince you!

Stylish emerald alternative - make a statement with peridot pendant

It was not only the suffragette movement that made statements worldwide with its jewellery from around 1910. Since the colour green primarily evokes positive associations in us, jewellery with green is naturally also popular in antique jewellery. Green is associated with life, growth, freshness, hope and confidence. Ladies transfer these positive associations best with a ring, a bracelet or a necklace with green accents. Peridot earrings and stud earrings worn at eye level are admittedly even more present for the environment.

The effect of emerald jewellery and peridot jewellery is similar... and yet very different. Not all green is the same. The emerald captivates with its clear and intense green, like that of lush fresh grass. Similarly energetic, although almost always intensely olive green, is the green tourmaline. The most harmonious, however, and of an extremely peaceful character, is peridot. Beautiful pendants and necklaces adorn this gemstone, mostly in combination with pearls and diamonds. Especially in the local English Art Nouveau, synonymous with the Edwardian era, and in the Arts+Crafts movement at the same time, fantastic specimens were created! We have fine and very noble pieces of jewellery for ladies for sale in our wide-ranging assortment. Incomparable unique pieces are for example:

  • Necklace withperidot pendant / necklace from Edwardian England → to the worldwide Art Deco era, in 9 carat (375) yellow gold / rose gold to 18 carat yellow gold / rose gold,
  • Gentle shapes and sweeping designs from Art Nouveau, immortalised in yellow gold or rose gold → for ladies with very harmonious requirements, pendants with peridots, often faceted in emerald cut.

Peridot earrings: Classic with pearls or with diamonds

Earrings in particular are a great way for ladies to showcase their style in a faceted way at eye level. The benefits of the colour green are obvious and the same is readily taken to the ear to put on antique peridot earrings. In late Victorian England, peridot earrings came into fashion as an alternative to more heavily available emerald jewellery. But it was not until around 1900 that the unstoppable triumph of peridot earrings began.

Up to the vintage era of the 1980s, it is mainly stud earrings with clusters of central peridot and diamonds set around them that we have in our range more frequently. They are made of high-quality yellow gold, with the gemstones usually set in platinum or white gold. Of course, pendant earrings are also very popular. From the early 20th century we know and appreciate creations with peridots and accompanying pearls. They are extraordinarily gallant earrings, which often show lovingly integrated details. Either peridots hang from each other on fine chain links or are arranged directly behind pearls. Sterling silver is not used here either, however. The white part is taken over by pearls or diamonds. This also applies to suffragette jewellery. Unfortunately, earrings of the suffragette movement are rarely found - in contrast to the ladies' ring, the necklace with pendant and the bracelet.

Fresh gemstone creations with sometimes playful motifs were also created in the decades after the Art Deco. You should definitely take a look! And be quick - because peridot earrings are extremely popular and usually sell quickly thanks to the low prices. By the way, earrings with peridot as a gemstone are a great gift for your partner. Whether for a birthday, Christmas, the birth of a child or Valentine's Day... We recommend this to every man and woman.

Gallant peridot gold ring: yellow gold as a partner

There are perfect partners for us humans and there are perfect partners in jewellery design. Without question, yellow gold and peridot are ideal competitors when it comes to the question of an engagement ring that radiates harmony. When the life together, the future and the loving family planning take their convincing beginning, engagement rings with peridot and diamonds are the right choice! The warm basic character of a cluster ring with a central peridot or a differently designed ring, with peridot as a peaceful eye-catcher, is what it takes at the right moment. Life needs colour! Green (along with blue!) is the ideal colour in an engagement ring. The obligatory diamonds or brilliant-cut diamonds are also there. Rely on our many years of experience and discover our peridot gold rings! You will love the combination of materials!

  • Cluster rings in 18 carat yellow gold or rose gold → round or slightly oval ring head with a central peridot and diamonds arranged all around, mostly from Art Deco,
  • Three-tones rings or five-tones rings with gemstones lined up in alternating colours → often a peridot is set in the centre (e.g. faceted in an emerald cut) and a brilliant-cut diamond to the left and right of it, as designed from the Art Deco to the vintage era,
  • Suffragette rings as engagement rings → historically valuable antique jewellery with a poignant message, the ideal companion for ladies of particularly strong character and self-confidence.

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