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Art Deco - from about 1920 to 1940

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In the established 20th century, the following epoch Art déco arose as a rigorous continuation of Art nouveau again on French ground. At the Paris world exhibition in 1925 this artistic act of liberation of international dimensions began. The discovery of the tomb of king Tutankhamun and thus the salvaging of most magnificent treasures of old Egypt is the decisive influence on the design of the Art déco. By this adaption of the cubist morphology and excessive colour combinations of old Egypt, one reached to the so far preceding design references in such a way that these were considered in its abstractness again as completely new and revolutionary.

Any borders of imagination were blown voluminously. It was a coloured celebration of life, pleasures and all possibilities, which produced the age of machines, the technical quantum leaps by innovations and worldwide trade. From everywhere in the world travellers and artists brought their impressions to Europe. They got inspired by Asian jade, by coral jewellery and more and more affordably materials like rubies, sapphires and Indian emeralds. Daring and exotic were the works of the jewellers in its consequence: Diamonds and coloured stones complemented each other enforcedly, geometrical patterns of the cubism asked for trigonometric, pentagonal and oblong cuts of multi coloured stones. Geometrical lines were the inventions of the hour in the building architecture as well as in jewellery production. Sharp lines, which alternated with waves or completed with them, as well as garish colours in partly provocative compositions, let the silhouettes of many cities in the whole world appear new and thrilling. These influences were style forming till the 1950s in North America. In its importance legendary and breathtaking to look at: the world-renowned Art déco District in South Beach Miami, Florida the USA. No epoch stood so much for the rigorous implementation of its dreams and ideals as the Art déco.

Using the arts of Africa and Eastern Asia as an inspiration, this era still had the strength to preserve hope and joy of life during the darkest chapters of the European history. It is the omnipresent symbiosis of elegance, esteem of the materials, perceptible sensuousness, however, also of powerful determination, which surrounds the pieces of jewellery of Art déco still today. Film stars and boulevard beauties from the 1930s and 1940s dressed up with long-stringed pearl necklaces and splendid diamond platinum bracelets. Equally breathtaking horn-rimmed jewellery originated and sweeping jewellery with floral elements. What else? Besides Miami, Prague and Napier (New Zealand), the London cityscape is strongly influenced by the style of Art déco. Buildings of that era speak a strictly geometric language and are due to the costly treatment of costly materials a preservation-worthy testimony of prosperity and progress of those times. As a splendid example ‚Florin Court‘ has to be mentioned here – also famous as ‚Hercule Poirot’s Whitehaven Mansions‘.
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