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The emerald is a variety of the silicate mineral "beryl“. It owes its captivating green tones to trapped chrome and vanadium ions. Whether deep green like a lush tropical forest or, like an aquamarine, slightly watery in appearance, you look at this gemstone and instantly fall for it. It is one of the most sought-after gemstones of all eras and sometimes fetches higher prices than a diamond. Clearly visible inclusions testify to naturally grown emeralds of the highest quality - antique jewellery is particularly sought after in this respect

Whether in a necklace or engagement ring: especially in Art Deco, goldsmiths used emerald as their preferred gemstone. Antique Emerald Jewellery you can buy at Antique Jewellery Berlin with absolute security and always with certificate, also online!

Emerald as a jewel: the green heart of nature

Colored gemstones each have their very own character. Which gemstone suits the wearer depends on many factors. Ladies, who like to adorn themselves nobly, have good reasons to choose emerald jewelry. Since the emerald grows in very cramped conditions and a "rough environment", it has, far more than other gemstones, a positive neutrality. It is what it is - a naturally grown, rough beauty of the deepest nature.

An emerald doesn't fake anything, it doesn't dazzle. You can look into it and discover what the stone is and what you are. He reflects the soul, because analytical abilities are given to him. Gemstone cutters often recognize the stone of stones in emeralds. Masterpieces of nature, which superficially show flaws, which do not correspond to the truth. Emeralds usually have inclusions visible to the naked eye and fog-like veils, which however must be even with exactly this gemstone. The inclusions make the emerald an emerald and require all the skill of the grinder. You will become part of the magic that the ingeniously finished cut gemstone in the jewelry will ignite. The inclusions are called "Jardin" in professional circles, which is French for "garden”. This describes in such a romantic and analytical way the impression of a "plant in a green garden".

Real jewellery experts, as well as ladies and gentlemen with a deep connection to nature, recognize and love the characteristics of this gemstone. Antique Jewellery Berlin certainly does so too. We are happy about every new addition to our range, knowing that the duration of his stay with us is limited. Genuine antique emerald jewellery and really first class vintage emerald jewellery is rare and therefore highly sought after!

Buy Emerald Jewellery at Antique Jewellery

French and English jewellery from the 19th century already produced beautiful pieces. The emerald was used to great effect mainly in necklaces (necklace with pendant), bracelets or earrings. Before platinum was easy to work with, goldsmiths and silversmiths emphasized the sometimes cool green of the emerald with settings made of sterling silver (925 silver). In general, antique emerald jewellery was naturally made from 18-carat to 14-carat gold. In England and Russia there was the special alloy of 15 carat yellow gold, which was also popular. We have jewellery of this kind in our assortment for sale. Impressive individual pieces are for example:

  • Necklace with pendant / necklace from Victorian England → to the worldwide Art déco era, in 14 carat (585) yellow gold to 18 carat yellow gold / white gold,
  • Earrings and studs with a solitary emerald and diamonds set all around, initially only in yellow gold → later in 14 carats to 18 carat white gold,
  • Rings for ladies and gentlemen with relatively large emeralds in emerald cut (staircase cut), from the Victorian to the late Art déco at the end of the 1940s,
  • In the 20th century engagement rings with diamond and emerald, most diverse ring head designs, from at least 14 carat gold up to 20 carat gold.

The emerald ring - the gemstone evergreen for ladies

Especially the engagement rings with emerald meet highest demands. That are fantastic creations and timeless designs created around emeralds. From the Edwardian era onwards, but even more so in the Art déco era, colored stones experienced an immense surge in popularity. In the end, even this was due to the euphorically celebrated archaeological discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Especially in jewellery design and fashion a lot changed from the 1920s onwards.

The love of colors in general, and the mystical aura of emeralds in particular, promoted their popularity in rings & engagement rings. Very popular are the so-called "Three stones rings" and "Five stones rings" with either one emerald or two or three emeralds alternating with diamonds. Round ring heads, oval or square ring heads with the stone combination emerald and diamond, were also available in every possible size and design. As with pure diamond rings, emeralds were set in platinum settings in the 20th century. The desired color character silver thus provided for an unadulterated color fidelity of the gemstones. No ring rail or ring head structure made of yellow gold should disturb the fascination of pure gemstones. The ladies wanted perfect emerald rings - and got them. To buy an antique engagement ring with emerald in the new millennium is a testimony to style and love of the beauty of nature. This is something every man is advised to do.

Silver, gold and green: noble play of colors with emeralds

Our range of genuine antique jewellery spans three centuries. As early as the 18th century, simply cut gemstones were used to set overwhelming accents. Jewellery was created from 925 sterling silver, all alloys of yellow gold as well as alternative base materials such as tombac or pinchbeck. In the 20th century the most precious of all metals established itself in jewellery: platinum.

Look through our pieces of jewellery - you will discover amazing creations. The play of colors between metals and gems is overwhelming! Green goes perfectly with yellow. It seems to be an image of nature. Silver, white gold and platinum, on the other hand, create a completely different visual and emotional effect when playing with the green of the emeralds. Fortunately, every personal taste can be met. Ladies born in the merry month of May have a particularly deep connection with emeralds anyway. Because this is their birthstone / lucky stone. The emerald stands for harmony and balance between man and nature. It sharpens the eye for the essential...

  • Stud earrings and earrings are worn at eye level. The play of green and white can unfold its full effect: breathtaking,
  • Collier or necklace with pendant, set with emeralds in combination with diamonds or pearls: an incomparable eye-catcher,
  • An engagement ring with emerald and diamonds is, thanks to its sophistication and unrestricted suitability for everyday use, certainly the most enjoyable piece of jewellery in a woman's life.

You would like to get personally enthusiastic about the breathtakingly beautiful gemstones and discover our range of emerald jewellery? We look forward to your visit in our showroom in Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin. If you have any questions, please call our service telephone (030 20689155) or use our contact form. Antique Jewellery - Your expert for vintage and antique jewellery in Berlin.

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