Birthstone March ∞ Aquamarine: Sea Blue Freshness

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Probably Johann Wolfgang von Goethe wrote: "From the stones that are put in one's path, one can build beautiful things. " How true these words are can be seen from the beautiful birthstone March. Aquamarine has been used for at least 3000 years as a versatile piece of jewellery, for example as an amulet. References to aquamarine have been found in Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman writings. The word aquamarine actually consists of two words that describe this stone. "Aqua" comes from Latin and means water and "Marina" means something like "from the sea". When you look at these beautiful gemstones, you will also understand why. As soon as you look at a monthly stone aquamarine, a feeling of calm and relaxation will envelop you. The birthstone March has a cool blue hue, which reminds you of a beautiful sea. Even the Greeks called it the sailor's friend or the sailor's stone. According to a legend, sailors believed that the aquamarine was a gift from mermaids. They believed that wearing it would protect them from drowning or prevent seasickness. Supposedly, they also adorned their ships with gems to encourage calm seas and thus keep them from sinking. What else can be stormy but the sea? Love!

An aquamarine to smooth the waves of the restless sea was also considered the perfect amulet to calm the storms in a marriage. Thus, the birthstone aquamarine was popularly chosen as a gift among married couples to support a harmonious marriage. Even in ancient Rome, lovers exchanged aquamarines as gifts. Amulets, necklaces or rings were perfect to signal pure love rather than lust in their relationship. The birthstone March is a gemstone with depth. In the following, however, let's look at how it is understood today as a birthstone before we sink into the exciting story.

What is the meaning and effect of aquamarine as a birthstone for March?

March has a very special birthstone, the aquamarine. It is the spring that awakens everything. Lakes, rivers and streams that were frozen flow quietly, the water that is supposed to be connected to the aquamarine blossoms with new life in March. The month stone aquamarine is also said to be associated with the moon, how could it be otherwise? For we all know the influence of the moon on us and the seas. Aquamarine is a perfect gift for a loved one born in this month! If we look at the origin and legend of aquamarine, the month stone is linked to water. Water is and has always been indispensable to all life forms. Throughout history, we humans have come to appreciate the birthstone of March for its purification, nourishment and blessing. Almost every culture, past and present, uses water in religious, spiritual and purifying rites. Aquamarine is said to be the embodiment of water and if legend is to be believed, it can be considered a comprehensive protective stone. Birthstones are said to have many properties, mainly based on myths, legends as well as folk beliefs. In its meaning, the birthstone aquamarine can inspire, comfort and enliven us just like a landscape, a work of art or a place.

Therefore, we note in the following that it is a personal feeling and not of proven miracles. But we all know that faith can move mountains. The birthstone aquamarine is known for being in tune with feeling and embodies calm water and bright blue skies. It may also be due to its clear colour, as blue is said to be calming. Therefore, the month stone March is used for meditation, because it can convey a feeling of serenity.

Zodiac Sign Pisces & Aries: Astrological Birthstone Jewellery

The zodiac signs of Pisces (19 February to 20 March) and Aries (21 March - 20 April) born in March have one of the most beautiful monthly stones. The birthstone March Aquamarine sparkles with a special intensity of the colour blue. There are aquamarines in a dark blue and greenish blue that are very popular.However, a lucky March-born should know that aquamarine also produces pale or pastel shades of blue. This month stone can stand out with a real diversity. Moreover, the aquamarine gemstones we could see and admire for hours look so pure and clear that their glow symbolises the power to keep away all impurities in your life. The birthstone March Aquamarine has a protective effect according to the belief of the sailors and is said to be able to ward off evil in the vicinity of the wearer. It is also said that aquamarine jewellery is said to strengthen self-confidence and prudence in people. The gemstone improves farsightedness and stamina. Aquamarine is said to have a positive effect on the psyche and is said to make people calm and intuitive. Both signs of the zodiac in March, Pisces and Aries, have a special connection to water and spring awakening, and there can be no better monthly stone than aquamarine. The great thing about the March month stone is that men can also wear this stone in various pieces of jewellery without feeling uncomfortable.

Jewellery as beautiful as sky & water: Aquamarine - the stone of the month for March

Aquamarine can be cut in any style:

  • Oval cut
  • Circular grinding
  • Drop cut
  • Baguette cut
  • Carreé cut
  • and many more

The March Aquamarine monthly stone is strong enough to withstand the rigours of daily wear. This makes the aquamarine suitable for any piece of jewellery. Very impressive are the antique necklaces and vintage earrings. Engagement rings with these special stones are particularly beautiful. But brooches, gold necklaces, silver necklaces, ear studs and necklaces are also stunning as a gift for a very special person. Nowadays people are looking for interesting alternatives to diamonds for engagement rings. Aquamarine is durable and beautiful, making it ideal to be this most important sign of love. The cool blue colours go with any eye colour and any outfit. Our pieces of jewellery are not only enchantingly beautiful, but also set in a high-quality material. Each piece of jewellery is convincing with individuality and it seems as if the jewellery has its own character. Regardless of the month of birth of the recipient: Jewellery with the aquamarine birthstone is breathtakingly beautiful.

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