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The precious stone from the 'beryl' group is a close relative of the emerald. This very popular stone owes its name of Latin origin 'water of the sea” to its colour character of seawater. It comes along either crystal-clear or a little bit milky. As similar to the peridot, the aquamarine can be certified at times a little bit drowsy grace, which is meant lovingly. The aquamarine is perfectly presented according its transparency. In eyeclean quality it is to be found in the antique jewellery as a solitary eye-catcher in pendants or on rings, mostly set in white gold or platinum.

Stones with opacities got cabochon cuts and adorned very impressive necklaces and bangles. Blue, the colour of loyalty and peace, increased the popularity of the aquamarine at all times. In antique times it was used on account of its colour and its gentle courage by sailors to calm the sea God Neptune. For the protection against storms and earthquakes they threw aquamarine amulets overboard. We are convinced of course that an antique aquamarine piece of jewellery is absolutely worth to be preserved and to be worn full pride.
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