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The emerald builds a bridge between man and nature. The merry month of May is accompanied by the lush green of the emerald. It is the feel-good month that people have longed for after the cool beginning of the year. May-born people are often envied by winter children for their birth month. This is just as understandable as the fascination that emanates from the emerald as the birthstone for May. The emerald provides vitality and a sharpened view of the essentials. Thus, "Taurus" and "Gemini" born in May benefit from the visual harmony and profound balance of the green gemstone. Buy antique emerald jewellery as a messenger of good luck - not only those born in May are guaranteed to find their inspiring masterpiece at Antique Jewellery Berlin.

What effect does emerald have as a monthly stone?

It takes a lot of time to list all the properties and "abilities" of emerald. You quickly realise that this gemstone is the absolute elite. Perhaps even the most versatile of all stones. What does the birthstone emerald stand for? What does it symbolise? First and foremost, the emerald is the symbol of freshness and vitality. Just as legendary as her frequent baths in donkey milk was another excessive passion of the last Egyptian queen and pharaoh Cleopatra: emeralds as preservers of eternal beauty and youth. The legendary "one great source" was several emerald mines in Egypt that operated for at least 1,000 years and produced vast quantities of these highly revered gems. Admittedly, this was not the only source, but in ancient times it was certainly the most spectacular. They were rediscovered in 1818 by a French mineralogist after being lost for some 500 years. The mythological significance and effect of gemstones, which millions of people still believe in today, was formed many centuries ago. To this day, the emerald stands for vitality and eternal youth. True in any case is the calming effect of the intense green colour of the stones for the eyes. The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder once wrote about this: "No colour is more attractive than its colour. It is the only gemstone that satisfies without tiring the eyes. " Indeed, the intense green of the beryl emerald is exceptionally easy on the eyes, and thus exudes calmness and strength in equal measure. The treatment of eye ailments and a certain "restoration" of sight has been handed down since time immemorial. In this respect, especially in the modern world of computers and smartphones, the active soothing of the eyes is extremely important. The calming effect that arrives when looking at the emerald birthstone gives new energy, clarity and strengthens intuition. This strength also serves as a lucky stone for enlightened fellow human beings in the 21st century, whether born in May or not. Since the emerald is generally said to help revitalise weakened organs, it is obvious that it is said to have a healing effect especially on heart weakness. The same applies to the treatment of diseases of the lungs, the pancreas, the liver as well as joint and bone disorders. The emerald's holistic effect on body, mind and soul is certainly helpful in everyday life. As a "rejuvenating gemstone" it is also said to contribute to a better memory and optimism.

Zodiac Signs in May: Birthstone for Taurus & Gemini

All this can certainly not be proven. But faith moves mountains... and love moves even more than that. Since ancient times, the corundum ruby and the beryl emerald have been THE gemstones of love. While the ruby stands for pure passion and almost impetuous love, the emerald is attributed the attributes of fidelity, eternity and depth, but also the attributes of hope, innocence and purity. The green outshines the red and the blue. And this, of all things, in matters of love - although unbridled passion and eternal fidelity can indeed unite to create perfect fertility and happiness. In the merry month of May, fertility plays an essential role in nature, just as it does in the relationships of fellow human beings. Admittedly, humanity would be facing a critical situation if only May would inspire lovers... Fortunately, this is not the case. The energy inherent in those born in May is congenially distributed by the emerald as their birthstone. From 01 May to 20 May, the star sign Taurus shares the month stone Emerald with the star sign Gemini, from 21 May to 31 May. Why it was the emerald in May is not exactly clear. Probably the lush green of the stones and the seasonal face of nature are simply very close.

Give Jewellery with the Month Stone for May as a Gift

Giving antique jewellery with emerald and vintage emerald jewellery with the May birthstone means giving happiness and love. At the end of spring, the sun and the blossoming nature strengthen creativity. All the spirits of life are finally reawakened. It is definitely the right time to freely develop one's creativity and optimism! Everyone can only benefit from strength and endurance. So it is a wonderfully emotional gift for a close friendship or for the love of your life to give a piece of jewellery with the birthstone emerald. If it might take a little courage to take the step of getting engaged, then reflect on the good qualities of the May birthstone. Antique engagement rings with emerald are particularly popular with our customers, in addition to diamond solitaire engagement rings. Among the coloured gemstones, ruby (red), sapphire (blue) and emerald (green) share the podium. When it comes to the themes of fidelity and eternity, a man or woman cannot do without an emerald ring. Since there are no emerald solitaire rings, the presence of accompanying diamonds is obligatory. You can never go wrong with them anyway.

Emerald green joy & delight: Wear the birthstone as a ring, necklace, earrings

Throughout all epochs and jewellery categories, the emerald has established itself as a special gemstone. Whether Cleopatra used it to wrap powerful men around her finger in ancient times or a modern woman wears vintage earrings with emerald in the here and now. It is a fascinating stone full of power, fire and wisdom. It blends in perfectly with yellow gold as well as white gold and platinum. Moreover, it combines very well not only with diamonds but also with other coloured gemstones. Jewellers have always known this and have created extraordinary things. Very impressive are the antique Victorian coloured stone rings. Whether ADORE, DEAREST or REGARD: the "E" always stands for "Emerald" and thus symbolises green. Green can also be a tourmaline, but which green is in all these words? Exactly! Emerald jewellery emerald jewellery has a strong character. That is what we love so much about antique jewellery. Regardless of the month of birth of the recipient: Jewellery with the birthstone emerald inspires! Among other things, you will find jewellery like this in our assortment:

  • -Necklace and pendant with chain, in 14 carat, 15 carat or 18 carat yellow gold, rarely set with an emerald alone → usually accompanied by diamonds,
  • Earrings and stud earrings in at least 14 carat yellow gold or white gold → the vintage stud earrings often have a daisy setting, older earrings usually have emerald-cut emeralds,
  • Victorian love message rings "DEAREST" dearest, "ADORE" adoration and "REGARD" admiring look → the emerald complements the green "E" in these words, incomparable multicolour jewellery from England,
  • Engagement rings with the birthstone emerald, sometimes as a three-tones/five-tones ring with alternating diamonds/brilliants → from the late Victorian ca. 1890. Very popular, however, from the Art Deco onwards,
  • Antique emerald rings were only made of high alloy gold or platinum → from the 1920s to the vintage 1970s in emerald cut or round faceted cut.

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