Birthstone October ∞ Opal & Tourmaline: Fascinating Colourfulness

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Willy Meurer said, "Autumn is the year's most beautiful colored smile." Autumn is colorful, the leaves turn different colors, it is a special season. The noticeable peculiarity of autumn comes to bear especially in the month of October, which stands out uniquely in terms of birthstones, monthly stones or birthstones. Two birthstones and powerful healing crystals, opal and tourmaline, share the birthstone slot for those born in October and November. These two gemstones influence the two zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio.

Opal as birthstone

The beautiful and increasingly rare opal is the birthstone of the zodiac sign Libra (September 24 - October 23). The planet Venus rules this enchanting sign and an opal worn on, for example, a sterling silver (925) necklace can help Libra find balance.

In addition, opal is a special gemstone because most opal has a milky or pearly luster called "opalescence." However, there are rare opal specimens that produce brilliant flashes of color when turned in the light. This effect is referred to as "color play" and those opals that exhibit color play are referred to as "precious opal".

As multifaceted as the colors of the opal is also its historical background. There are various theories as to where opal came from and how it got its name. Our earth is big and old, so different stories have emerged over the centuries. According to Greek mythology, the origin for the opal was said to be in Greece. Etymology supports this thesis: the Greek word "opallios", which means "to see a change of colour", unmistakably refers to the play of colour in opal.

Further there are origin myths in Australia, Rome, Hungary among the Aztecs and the Bedouins. Since there are different opals, it is quite possible that each stone has a different origin. There is the red fire opal, the black opal, the white opal and other types.

Meaning and effect of opal

Basically, it can be said that Europeans have long considered opal to be a symbol of hope, purity, and truth. In fact, for most of history, opal was considered the luckiest and most magical of all gemstones because it can show all colors. It was once thought to have the power to prolong life. The birthstone opal is a very seductive stone that has always been associated with love and passion as well as lust and eroticism. Wearing an opal is said to bring loyalty and fidelity. Many wearers claim that opals have the ability to improve emotional stability and that they feel calmer when wearing an opal.

Opal is said to have the ability to intensify emotional states and release inhibitions. It is often associated with cosmic consciousness, dynamic creativity and can help to evoke visions.

The Fire Opal is designed to foster business relationships and help you succeed.

According to lore, opal has proven to be extremely beneficial for the immune system and is effective in fighting infections. It is also said to purify the blood and kidneys, regulate insulin, strengthen memory and promote eye, hair, nail and skin health. In addition, the stone is said to give strength, power & stability to people who are out of balance to regain control of their lives.

Tourmaline as birthstone

Tourmaline was first discovered in the 16th century by Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors who found green and blue tourmaline while panning for gold and confused it with emerald and sapphire. Pink and red tourmaline were also mistaken for rubies and garnet. This emphasizes the beauty of a tourmaline, which even traders had trouble distinguishing tourmaline from other gemstones for centuries. The etymology of the name itself hints at the difficulty in distinguishing: turmali is a Sinhalese word for "mixed gemstones." Thus, tourmaline is also a stone that exists in different colors, which are said to have different powers.

Meaning and effect of tourmaline

Tourmaline is sometimes considered a secondary birthstone, but in fact it is the only stone that can help the intense Scorpio manage their daily life. The gemstone Tourmaline is the strongest birthstone for the zodiac sign Scorpio (October 24 to November 22) and can help November-borns balance feelings and emotions and better control excessive emotional outbursts.

Worn as an amulet or necklace, the effect against negative influences is said to be particularly strong. The effect of the tourmaline can help the scorpion to overcome feelings of insecurity or violent emotional reactions. Tourmaline is also available in different colors, such as blue, green, pink, red. Each stone color is assigned a particular additional strength. The significance of tourmaline varies slightly across its color spectrum. However, the basic characteristic they all share is transformative energy. Tourmaline has tremendous strength, especially the powers to heal and protect. As an example of this, we would like to mention red tourmaline. As a red stone, it embodies life force energies and can rejuvenate the relationships of the heart. Black tourmaline is said to transform negative energies - both mental and physical - into positive ones and can protect the body from environmental pollutants and radiation. The green tourmaline birthstone, for example, can help relieve tension and assist with weight loss.

The gemstone tourmaline overall has been said to help maintain a healthy digestive system, as well as help strengthen teeth and bones. This October birthstone is also recommended by gemstone healers to treat adrenal disorders, mental and physical stress, and various forms of trauma.

For Libra & Scorpio: give jewellery as a gift with the birthstones for October

Each piece of jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin convinces with individuality and it seems as if the jewellery has its own character. That is what one should appreciate about antique gemstone jewellery. Regardless of the month of birth of the presentee: Jewelry with the birthstone opal and the birthstone tourmaline enchant- especially as a gift!

Autumn is often a time when the weather turns and the season of colds and flabbiness approaches. The change from long summer days to shorter days and longer gloom can also weigh on the mind. That is why it is important to wear protective gemstones to possibly counteract this.

The many powerful properties of gemstones are not only reserved for the zodiac signs Libra and Scorpio, they give strength and energy to all wearers. As a necklace in silver or gold, an opal or tourmaline radiates the power outwards. Also a ring protects the wearer and strengthens him additionally. So a ring is wonderful as an anniversary gift - even better, of course, in the sign of love as an engagement ring, because it embodies a unique meaning.

Gifting jewellery with birthstones is always an excellent idea. When the gemstone brings with it a meaning to match, it's a gift that's hard to beat. Stones set in sterling silver (925) or gold really stand out. For example, an engagement ring with a pink or red tourmaline: this underlines femininity and passion, a beautiful symbol of femininity and love. Green, blue and orange are also radiant colors of tourmaline. Engagement rings with opal are equally enchanting, because they shimmer in the most beautiful colours, just as love and passion do.

Monthly Stone Jewelry for October: Opal & Tourmaline Wear

Antique jewellery with opal or tourmaline as well as vintage opal jewellery or vintage tourmaline jewellery are wonderful accessories for exciting outfits.

These two stones are considered October month stones because their color facets highlight the brilliance and colorfulness of autumn. The beginning of autumn dazzles with myriad colors of the earth before the trees become bare and the weather turns gray. Carry the monthly stones with you in the form of jewellery - as a companion through cool days!

The effects that the two stones bring not only serve those born in October and November, but are useful for anyone who needs extra energy and strength. Both gemstones combine well individually or in juxtaposition with other colored gemstones. Jewelers have known this for a long time and have created many unique pieces of jewelry. Antique necklaces and vintage earrings with opal and tourmaline monthly stones are very impressive. Engagement rings with these special stones are especially beautiful. But also brooches, gold necklaces, silver necklaces, stud earrings, bracelets and necklaces you will find opals and tourmalines in our online shop. Our jewellery pieces are not only enchantingly beautiful, but also set in a high-quality material. They set a sign for sustainable jewellery and enhance every outfit with elegant accents.

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