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The gemstone is a mineral of the class 'oxide and hydroxide' and similar to glass in its structure. Opals are used exclusively in the jewellery production. Not only therefore, the opal is considered to be a very exclusive gemstone. No other gemstone has to offer such unique and individual plays of colour as an opal! The reason for this is its composition from water-containing silica gel. While impinging of light on the stone, reflections and interferences between the silica gel globules provide for fascinating, fluorescent plays of colour. The basic colour of opals fluctuates between bright amber-yellow to red and brown tones up to rarely occurring black.

Opals with a lively, ‚opalescent‘ play of colour count to the noble opals and are to be admired mostly in antique opal jewellery. The opal radiates a real unique show value. If one changes only the room or the outer lighting conditions, the optical effect of the stone changes partly remarkably. Simply fascinating! Opals find their perfect completion of jewellery art with character in antique necklaces, rings and bangles for example from the Edwardian epoch. Already in ancient Rome, the opal was classified as ’stone of the love and hope‘. Over the centuries the faith also consolidated that the opal was responsible for the increase of optimism and joy of life. Antique jewellery with opals as an eye-catcher is also for us ‚old hands‘ always something very special!
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