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Opals are real happiness makers! Their unique play of colours exposes every opal as a small miracle of nature. The gemstones are reserved for jewellery alone - there is no other field of application for them. What luck for us connoisseurs of beautiful things! Opal jewellery has been said since antiquity to increase people's optimism and zest for life.

Our antique jewellery pieces with opals quickly reveal that the attention paid to these gemstones was enormous in all eras. Justified - as we always see from the reactions of our customers when they buy individual opal jewellery from us. The show value is great and the play of colours fascinates anew with every change of light. You simply have to experience it! And you can experience it too when you buy antique opal jewellery online at Antique Jewellery Berlin. Trust us: it is certainly an incomparable pleasure!

The jewellery stone opal and its fascinating colour reflections

The gemstone opal is a mineral of the class "oxides and hydroxides" and is glass-like in its structure. It consists of about 6 percent water. The structure of opal is a pyramid-shaped network of silicon dioxide layers and water. The unique colour reflections can be imagined as "flashes of colour", which are created by the refractions of light within the structure. These happen hundreds of times and with every movement of the stone or change of light influence or viewing angle. This is "great cinema" on a relatively small surface! It is called "opalescence" when the gemstone begins its vivid colour show.

This is more fascinating than almost anything else in the world of jewellery. The colour spectrum of opals is broad and ranges from light amber yellow to red and brown tones to rare black. What many people do not know: There are even opals without a play of colours. These so-called fire opals have differently arranged silicon dioxide layers and are therefore monochrome. Together with black opals, fire opals are very rare to find in antique jewellery. They are also not immediately recognisable as opals at first sight. The gemmological examination is one thing - but the colour character of a fire opal is special per se. We know translucent perfect opals in breathtaking hues like intense orange, red and blue.

We always pay attention to the highest quality of the gemstones in our antique opal jewellery and vintage opal jewellery. Since opals can become brittle after long exposure to heat as well as drastic temperature fluctuations, we will only offer jewellery in our shops that is set with intact and optically "fresh" opals. So you can be sure that your opal earrings or your necklace with opal pendant, for example, will always present the coveted colour reflections. Of course, especially our rings and engagement rings with opal are so popular precisely because of these plays of light. An opal ring in particular offers the wearer herself the best opportunity to enjoy being opalised ...

Discover & Gift Exclusive Opal Rings

An obvious reason why, especially from the late Victorian era onwards, most rings wear opals: this way, the wearer herself can also enjoy the play of colours. And this without having to look in the mirror. Of course, this also applies to a bracelet with opals. But look around you. In the modern world, the ring is the most worn piece of jewellery. In addition, there are several other occasions or occasions. Earrings and rings are often bought as gifts. Either for someone else or for themselves. Ladies also often buy jewellery simply for themselves. Whether as a reward for a goal achieved, on the occasion of a special day or to use the Christmas money in a befitting manner ...

Opals are in many ways the perfect gemstones for jewellery as a gift! They stand for absolute individuality. No two opals are the same. And every person is just as unique, which is why the ideal parallel has special significance with opal jewellery. Whoever buys an opal ring wants the incomparable. Antique gold rings with opals, often combined with precious diamonds, stand alone in terms of individuality and closeness to nature. The opal reveals so much about itself and yet is so mysterious ...

Popular & enchanting: engagement rings with opal

This probably also makes it one of the most popular gemstones in vintage engagement rings. Its touching play of colour looks extremely good in romantic moments. Whether by candlelight or in the summer sun, an antique engagement ring with opal is the best proof of how uniquely the proposer feels about his or her counterpart. Expressing genuine love with real individuality is, of course, not only possible with an opal ring. But it is something very special! Opal rings of the most beautiful design have been created since the second half of the 19th century. The timeless designs are still valid today and still delight people in love after so many decades. Diamonds often play a major role in engagement rings anyway. When they surround an opal, it is sometimes so beautiful that it can hardly be described. High-alloy yellow gold is usually used as the material for the rings. Only now and then is a desired silver colour character achieved with 18 carat white gold or platinum. The precious metal silver, even in the ideal sterling silver variant, is not known from antique opal jewellery. Especially not of engagement rings - that is and remains a matter of gold & platinum!

Glamorous Opal Earrings and Other Perfect Gifts

Whether earrings or studs: where the opal plays the leading role, things get glamorous. Opal earrings are an eye-catcher that should not be underestimated. It complements every outfit perfectly and is guaranteed to attract admiring glances. What woman wouldn't want that? So it is quite clear: If one is looking for an antique piece of jewellery with history, then the choice should fall on opal jewellery. It doesn't get more individual and appreciative than this!

Genuine jewellery from the most important eras Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco always surrounds an aura of the timeless. And so it is: opal jewellery will always be modern. When summer leaves and autumn arrives, the opal continues to sparkle its way into the hearts of jewellery lovers. It is the birthstone of those born in October. It carries the light within and brightens the soul. Expert tip: Every October child should have opal jewellery in their repertoire! So whether the birthday of the lady of your heart, the birthday of your child or your wedding anniversary falls in the colourful month of October ... nothing is better suited as a gift! Ideal accessories for perfect outfits are available at Antique Jewellery Berlin:

  • Opal earrings in 18 carat to 9 carat yellow gold, as pendants usually without other gemstones → from the late Victorian era around 1890
  • Opal ear studs in yellow gold, with solitary opal or in a delightful daisy design with surrounding diamonds → from the Edwardian era, especially popular from the Art Deco period around 1930
  • Opal pendants and necklaces with the typical amber-coloured stones, made of at least 14 carat yellow gold → the only exception are predominantly blue shimmering opals, which are also set in silver-coloured precious metals.
  • Rings in 18 carat to 14 carat yellow gold with an opal solitaire or several opals, with and without diamond accompaniment → The popular round ring heads with daisy setting from the 1930s are very often chosen as engagement rings.
  • In the incomparable ADORE - love rings of the Victorian age, the gemstone opal forms the "O" in the word ADORE = adore / adoring, an ancient feature and definitely one of the most romantic declarations of love as a jewellery gift.

Order antique opal jewellery safely & conveniently online

Opal jewellery is a world of its own. At times, there are more lovers of antique opal jewellery than the supply allows. Often, our certified antique jewellery with the shimmering stones only remains in our shops for a very short time. As with all the unique pieces in our range, the jewellery can be worn immediately and without hesitation. And should you not like a piece, you have a 30-day right of return/exchange without any ifs and buts.

If you don't have the opportunity to come to our shop in Berlin-Mitte, you still have the full security of ordering jewellery conveniently to your home with a short delivery time - even wedding rings. Exclusively insured and traceable express deliveries not only protect you as a buyer, but also us as a seller. Because we take responsibility for our articles with pleasure and sustainability. Nothing other than your satisfaction is the goal of our efforts. Trust the best on the market and put a smile on your face when you open a parcel from Antique Jewellery Berlin. We will advise you expertly by phone, email and in person on all your questions. Whether delivery time, insurance or return policy: we stand by our word!

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