Birthstone November ∞ Citrine & Topaz: Illuminating Warmth

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Birthstones have once again become an integral part of today's society, as it has been believed since ancient times that wearing them brings health, happiness, and many other benefits. Citrine and topaz both offer beautiful options for November birthstone jewelry. These two fantastic November birthstones have a history rich in physical and spiritual healing as well as cultural significance. Those who wear topaz, citrine, or both will not only enjoy their birth month, but will also live happy, healthy, and successful, enlightening lives. The citrine is especially applicable to the astrological sign of Scorpio (October 23 to November 21). While the topaz is more associated with the zodiac sign Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21). These two birthstones are the most significant for those born in November. The zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio include seven other gemstones: Aquamarine, Beryl, Amethyst, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire and Turquoise. The stones are considered lucky stones that are supposed to give the wearer energy, power, strength and well-being.

Buy antique citrine jewellery, topaz jewellery or both for good luck - not only November-born people will find a guaranteed matching masterpiece at Antique Jewellery Berlin, which will be customised for you.

Citrine as birthstone

Citrine is one of the most famous gemstones in the history of the quartz family. But what does the citrine symbolize? Mainly, the citrine became popular due to the lack of inexpensive gemstones made of gold. It is believed to have many positive qualities and abilities. Citrine comes in shades of yellow and orange, which symbolize the power of the sun. It brings out the light and warmth of the sun, which is very beneficial at the beginning of the cold season. Part of this is that the citrine can channel the power of the sun and all aspects associated with it. Thus, the citrine provides an uplifting mood, energy, strength and warmth.

The name citrine, originally referred to as yellow quartz, was officially adopted in 1556 when it was cited by a German metallurgist named Georg Bauer in a prestigious jewelry and gemstone publication. The name is most likely derived from the Latin term citrus (lemon tree) or the Old French term citrine (lemon-colored). In addition, citrine has been used in jewelry and tools for several centuries. Whether with gold or silver, the citrine illuminates any piece of jewelry. It became extremely popular in ancient Greece, where it was used extensively as a decorative jewel.

Citrine was also used by Scottish weapon makers in the 17th century, particularly to adorn dagger handles. Thereafter, citrine gained popularity in the manufacture of conventional Scottish shoulder brooches as well as kilt pins. The popularity of citrine at this time was largely due to Queen Victoria's love of this gem. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and brooches are made with the yellow gemstone citrine.

What effect has citrine as a birthstone?

As a birthstone, citrine has a reputation for being one of the most effective supporters of energy and stamina, especially when it comes to our endocrine system. This amazing gemstone will also boost our metabolic processes and help reverse degenerative diseases. While it balances the thyroid gland, the yellow gemstone also prevents it from growing at all. The citrine faithfully serves the wearer in terms of health and gives us enlightening warmth.

The stone is fantastic for stimulating our digestive system, pancreas and spleen. It will also help reduce or even prevent skin or hair problems, allergic symptoms or other problems related to the use of chemicals.

Topaz as birthstone

According to experts, the name topaz for the November birthstone was derived from Topazios, an ancient Greek name for a small island in the Red Sea now known as Zabargad. Pure topaz is colorless, but topaz can still be obtained in a variety of colors from champagne to orange, yellow, red and also blue. Even the ancient Greeks think that topaz gave them immense strength and vitality. People in the Middle Ages (1300-1600) in Europe believed that the topaz could eliminate feelings of anger as well as dark spells.

Those who lived in India in the last centuries believed that wearing the stones over the heart ensures long-term beauty, long life, as well as high aptitude. What does the topaz stand for in modern times? In modern times, many people still believe that they can protect themselves from black magic by wearing a topaz amulet on their arms or that you can protect yourself from bad influences and evil signs. In addition, topaz is said to help people calm down, behave sensibly, get rid of nightmares and even more positive properties are attributed to the gemstone.

What are the healing properties of topaz as a birthstone?

Topaz is very effective in manifesting health and well-being and addressing specific issues in our body systems. The stone is fantastic for our nervous and digestive systems, as well as for stimulating metabolism. According to some, topaz will help significantly with eating disorders. Used in the form of an elixir, this November birthstone has the ability to distribute energy throughout the body. Topaz, which actually symbolizes affection and love, is said to give strength and intelligence to anyone who attracts it.

The effect is extremely strong and a symbol of radiant power. It is a sign of affection to give away such a stone.

Topaz will be one of the most effective stones when it comes to healing our emotional well-being and is a highly active gemstone and will teach us forgiveness and truth as it transforms negative feelings into good faith and hope.

Gifts for Scorpio & Sagittarius - Birthstone Jewelry for November

Of course, there is no scientific evidence for this, but many stories from times past, which show how much the belief in it can make a difference. So one should firmly believe that birthstones can transfer their powers into the bearers. How mere belief in luck can bring about good fortune would be a good approach. When you gift a piece of jewelry with a topaz or citrine, you are passing on strength, warmth and health. Especially in the change of seasons from summer to autumn you can use support for the immune system.

The gloomy days are brought out by the power of the sun in the stones and brighten the wearer from within. The power and the well-being, which both stones bring with them, every person can use well. This makes a piece of jewelry with a yellow or orange citrine or red, yellow, blue topaz suitable as a gift for a special person. A long friendship, a love, a family member or if you want to give a gift to yourself. The gemstones are signs of affection and symbolize that you are well-disposed towards the person.

The monthly stones for November can be found in various pieces of jewellery, such as rings, necklaces, pendants, brooches, earrings and necklaces.

Especially popular with our customers are antique engagement rings with an emerald (green), which is set with additional diamonds. There are silver and gold rings, but our jewelry and our customers stand for individuality, so how about an engagement ring in a gold-yellow colored citrine or topaz?

A ruby (red) is also popular, there is also an alternative matching topaz. You can have your pieces personalized to fit if something doesn't fit.

Monthly Stone Jewellery for November: Citrine and Topaz

Antique citrine or topaz jewelry and vintage citrine jewelry or vintage topaz jewelry with the November birthstone make a wonderful gift. You celebrate the birth of a loved one.

From October 23 to November 21, the zodiac sign Scorpio is assigned to Citrtin. While from November 22 to December 21, topaz is assigned to Sagittarius. Both stones represent the month of November. These two stones are considered to be the monthly stones, because their yellow and orange colors match the autumn and reflect the colors of the sun. The seasonal face of autumn comes very close to the colors of the stones. Since the topaz goes into December as a birthstone, red and blue are also appropriate for the winter season.

The effects that the two stones bring not only serve those born in November, but are useful for anyone who needs extra energy and strength. Both gemstones combine well individually or in juxtaposition with other colored gemstones. Jewelers have known this for a long time and have created many unique pieces of jewelry. Very impressive are the antique Victorian colored gemstone rings and vintage earrings and necklaces.

Our pieces of jewellery are not only enchantingly beautiful, but also set in a high-quality material. Silver (925), there is unfortunately hardly with our citrine and topaz pieces.

Each piece of jewelry has its own character. That is what one appreciates about antique jewellery. Regardless of the birth month of the gift recipient: Jewelry with the birthstone citrine / topaz make happy! Among other such pieces of jewellery you will find in our assortment:

  • Vintage cocktail rings with citrine stone, in 9 carat gold
  • French set of necklace and earrings, in 18 carat yellow gold with citrine - circa 1820
  • Engagement rings with the birthstone topaz, partly with diamonds in vintage or Victorian style
  • Topaz earrings with blue topaz and 18 carat gold
  • Antique topaz and citrine rings were only made of high-alloy gold or platinum

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