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The topaz, or more exactly said the noble topaz, belongs to the group of the aluminium silicates. The precise term 'noble topaz' necessarily originated when the real topaz had to be differentiated from its frequent confusions and false determinations of other stones. As it originally appeared in big colour variety, amethysts, aquamarines and citrines were often called topaz by mistake. The most frequent variation of the today's noble topaz is quite clear a light yellow to eyeclear, reddish stone.

However, the most valuable natural colour variation is rose to reddish orange. The topaz belongs according to biblical information to the 12 precious stones, which were inserted in the Jerusalem town wall. The stone was ascribed apotropaic strength, which make the wearer invincible in danger situations. We cannot guarantee for this, of course. Nevertheless, we estimate the topaz as a fantastic gemstone in antique pendants, brooches and necklaces. Every now and then the rare phenomenon of pleochroism is also to be found in it. This describes a multicoloured, optical impression depending on the angle of view, which is to be observed, except in the topaz, at times also in the ruby, sapphire and tourmaline.
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