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Topazes are quite rare in antique jewellery. Gemmologists and jewellers also find it difficult to clearly identify topaz because of its natural multicolour. Chemically, this is possible, but it is easy to make a mistake. Amethysts, citrines and aquamarines are often mistaken for topaz because they look very similar or have been specially treated as such. It is in fact a very desirable, extremely clear gemstone that is difficult to cut and sensitive to set. It definitely takes an expert to create topaz jewellery. But once this has been achieved, we enter a very emotional level of jewellery. Especially blue topaz and the "sherry topaz" effortlessly wrap the ladies around their finger with their incorruptible elegance. Gentlemen can certainly confirm this after presenting antique or vintage jewellery with topaz as a gift. Buy epochal topaz jewellery online - at Antique Jewellery Berlin as always one hundred percent secure and always with certificate.

Gold topaz & blue topaz: jewellery with dreamlike noble nuances

 Let's start with our genuine topazes. These are, historically, usually called "precious topazes". This clear differentiation from optically amazingly similar gemstones such as amethyst, citrine or even diamond has been necessary. The excellently eye-clear gemstone topaz is relatively demanding in its handling, cleavage and cutting properties and reveals itself anyway at the latest before the goldsmith. The rarely naturally occurringblue topaz has an impressive depth of colour and has long inspired gemologists to give it finely distanced names. Since the vintage era, topaz has been known in Swiss blue, London blue and sky blue. The watery element blue, so highly valued in aquamarines, is also found in blue topaz as sea or Neptune topaz. Such a distinction has not yet been made in antique jewellery - it is "new-fangled", although understandable and justified! What appeared frequently in antique jewellery since the Victorian era, however, was the sherry-coloured gold topaz. This owes its name to the similarity to the clear shimmer of the warm yellow to orange-reddish coloured drink sherry. For centuries, sherry has been a popular drink in the Kingdom of England - also the cradle of breathtaking topaz jewellery. In a pendant of white gold, accompanied by diamonds, the gold topaz was often celebrated as the absolute centre of a piece of jewellery. Worn on a chain, or as a stud/earring, in the noble silver shimmer of white gold, it was and is a great pleasure to experience the stones. Here, too, the optical similarity to the citrine must not only be acknowledged, but also distinguished by experts. If it is demonstrably a genuine gold topaz , then one can undoubtedly adorn oneself with something exclusive. Ladies like to wear topaz jewellery at eye level. And in terms of relevance as a gemstone: topaz plays in the top league!

Blue Topaz Jewellery: Sky Blue, Swiss Blue & London Blue

Topaz is the birthstone and lucky stone of November. In November at the latest, one's thoughts are already passionately hung up on the sky blue and sea blue of summer. At the same time, the golden autumn tones, which topaz can also depict perfectly. So you see: blue topaz jewellery and jewellery with topaz in general are very passionate accessories for ladies. Not only for ladies who were born in November. But now - once again it is striking how appropriately the monthly stones are chosen. Everything has its wedding and each gemstone has its undeniable relevance in the field of mythology and colour effects. Finely set blue topazes shine brightly in the colour of life and sparkle impressively. Especially our vintage ear studs with solitary topazes in blue are very popular! They are perfect as a gift and also cut a very good figure in everyday life. Blue and silver go well together visually. So it would be obvious to set blue topaz jewellery in precious 925 sterling silver. In fact, this is often done today, but in our antique and vintage jewellery up to the 1980s, gold had the upper hand. 9 carat to 14 carat yellow gold and white gold was the most commonly used alloy. But as I said, sterling silver certainly lends itself. The exact interpretation of the topaz blue tone is a bit up to everyone. We do not do that. But we do something different: we guarantee that it will inspire you! The blue of the sea, which otherwise only the aquamarine can depict, as well as the blue of the sky, as otherwise only the aquamarine and sapphire can, a topaz brings you as close as you can get. And at relatively reasonable prices! But ladies and gentlemen, as if that matters at all, doesn't it.

The warmth of golden topaz - jewellery for sunny emotions

Birthstone and lucky stone of the month of November are equally topaz and citrine. The two gemstones not only share a month. They also share many optical characteristics. You see them close to each other, especially when we talk about the golden-yellow to orange-red topaz. You can literally feel it: the stones radiate the colourful warmth of the sun, even into the slowly changing colour of the evening sky. Longing associations come up abruptly when you look at topaz jewellery with golden or orange-red sherry topazes. And gold belongs with gold! At least 14 carat (585 yellow gold) is what it takes for sensational antique topaz jewellery. Take a look at our range: whether pendant with chain, ear studs or hanging earrings - it's a feast for the senses! And a feast for love when it comes to engagement rings that feature a gold topaz. Yes, there is such a thing in antique jewellery - unusual, bold and a lasting declaration of love. Antique and vintage engagement rings with topaz.... don't we all want something like that?

Engagement rings with topaz for the perfect proposal

Admittedly, even we "people of the trade" are sometimes a little indecisive. Or rather, we are rather versatile enthusiasts. It's all about the perfect gemstone for an engagement ring... difficult to say! It can be practically any stone, as long as it's diamonds. Hehe, all joking aside. We have sold hundreds of antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings to enthusiastic men and women. It is, as always, a matter of taste and personal preference which ring will be "the ring of rings" for the romantic occasion. Certainly, a topaz cannot compete with the general popularity of a diamond, a sapphire or a ruby in an engagement ring. Moreover, many people are completely unaware of the sheer infinite varieties of jewellery and gemstones. Sometimes the path to happiness leads through impartiality, flexibility and spontaneity. It is not uncommon for men who are looking for an engagement ring with a history to first get to know topaz in our shop. Again sometimes, men specifically look for rings with the ladies' birthstone on the occasion of the planned engagement.

Historical, mythical and other magical attributions

Furthermore, there are of course also men who look much deeper into mythology and history. Then one can certainly come to the conclusion that the topaz belongs to the elite of gemstones. According to biblical information, it is one of the 12 precious stones that were built into the Jerusalem city wall. Furthermore, the gemstone is said to protect its wearer in dangerous situations. Of course, many gemstones are said to have apotropaic powers, but to make them supposedly "invincible" is quite a claim→in the direction of topaz. Well, you don't have to take the chance. But how about tears in the eyes, trembling hands and a heartfelt "YES!" from the lady of your heart? Antique engagement rings from the Victorian era, well into the 1970s vintage years, are always unique. And a topaz engagement ring, no matter what era, is definitely unique! It will be at least 14 carat yellow gold, set with diamonds and also feature a staircase or oval faceted cut topaz as a highlight. And then this colour... An unforgettable moment of love, on the fiancée's finger it will be alive every day.

Antique & Vintage: Buy Topaz Jewellery online here in the shop

Our genuine topaz jewellery from bygone eras is distinguished by its high-quality base materials as well as period-typical designs. As usual, each of our pieces of jewellery is thoroughly tested, evaluated and immediately wearable without hesitation. This is what distinguishes our antique genuine jewellery with topaz from any mass-produced goods. The two terms could hardly be further apart. We recommend every jewellery lover to personally convince himself of the high quality of the topaz jewellery in our assortment. You can buy just as securely and exclusively from us online! You enjoy full security with advice, purchase, shipping as well as a 30-day right of return. Take a look through our assortment. There are so many beautiful things to discover:

  • Necklace and pendant with chain, in 14 carat or 18 carat yellow gold, rarely set with a topaz alone→ usually accompanied by diamonds,
  • Earrings and stud earrings in 9 carat yellow gold to 14 carat white gold→the vintage stud earrings mostly with solitary blue topaz in wonderfully invigorating shades of blue,
  • Victorian Love Message Rings "DEAREST" Dearest→the topaz here forms the ending of the word "T", unique multicolour jewellery from 19th century England,
  • Bracelets with strung topazes, or multicolour gemstone jewellery with changing colours→ mainly from 1910/1920 from the Edwardian era and Art Deco,
  • Antique jewellery with topaz was always made of gold, not 925 sterling silver or other silver-coloured metals. Alloys range from 18 carat to 9 carat gold.

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