Birthstone September ∞ Sapphire: A Faithful Dream of Blue

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The sapphire is called "The Stone of Fidelity" in direct connection with its intense blue. As the birthstone for September, sapphire is quite rightly one of the three most popular colored gemstones. Even more than ruby red and emerald green, sapphire blue is a color that creates a peaceful effect even when glimpsed. The luck of the zodiac signs "Virgo" and "Libra" to have this birthstone is reflected in the balance of its wearers.

The environment may also consider itself lucky and protected, because the wearer of a September birthstone is particularly attentive to his surroundings. The empathy-enhancing sapphire birthstone is said to bring peace, wisdom and joy. We know that as a gift for September-borns, it looks incredibly classy on a necklace or bracelet. At Antique Jewellery Berlin you will find stunning pieces of jewellery featuring the September birthstone in all jewellery categories. As a symbol of loyalty, the sapphire is an emotional anchor for any jewellery lover!

Give jewellery with the month stone for September as a gift

The most popular way to give the gemstone sapphire is the engagement ring. Of course, accompanied by radiant diamonds - embedded with one diamond each to the left and right of the sapphire. Also arranged as a cluster around the blue stone, the combination is delightful. Such an engagement ring with sapphire and diamonds is one of the most famous pieces of jewellery ever and created a lasting trend in the modern jewellery world: Princess Diana's engagement ring.

Such a Ceylon sapphire with a stone weight of about 12 carats is certainly not readily available, but engagement rings with a sapphire as a birthstone September were already known since the late Victorian era as the "blue luck", which transmits in particular the sapphire rings of the Art Deco and those from the vintage period. This is great emotional cinema - as this birthstone is considered a symbol of sincerity, truth and loyalty. Nothing can weigh heavier than that when it comes to planning your life together and wanting to commit to each other forever for that.

The monthly stone sapphire and its effect

Of all the coloured gemstones, sapphire and emerald are the ones that stand for harmony, inner strength and eternal fidelity. The closest relative of the sapphire is the ruby - but its red stands more for unbridled passion and a sometimes risky way of life. Red is the color of love and passion. But blue is the color of harmony and eternal fidelity. In this respect, it is also a good idea to give a gift for the birth of the common child, for example, in the form of a sapphire necklace. Bracelet, earrings, rings ... all these types of jewelry are perfect to serve as a gift.

Demonstrate a good sense for the recipient and look into the eyes and heart of your counterpart. Do you feel the harmony in him? Or do you find that it would do good to help banish disorder with the power of the birthstone sapphire. Sapphire is credited with bringing harmony between lovers and peace between adversaries. You should target these strengths and use them for yourself and your loved ones!

Symbolism and meaning of the sapphire birthstone

The oldest mythological "property" of the sapphire is said to be the connection between earth and heaven. The ancient scriptures of any religion and ancient scholars describe a connection between the divine and the earthly through the sapphire. It is one of the most important gemstones on earth and is also explicitly associated with the divine nature of the Lord in the Bible. What makes this birthstone so special anyway? The sky shows up in yearning blue. This is the primary color of both sapphire and aquamarine. The September birthstone is actually also known as the "sky stone." There are many myths surrounding this term - from the ancient Persians to the Greeks to the Christians.

To the ancient Greeks and Romans, wearing sapphires was supposed to protect against infidelity, envy, and harm. In Christianity, sapphires were often placed at the feet of the Lord to establish a divine connection through the gemstones. Heads of the church today in particular still wear rings with sapphires to symbolize their direct connection with heaven. Admittedly, the faithful are not all born in the month of September and thus have no right to the sapphire as their own birthstone.

Like the divine, however, beauty, hope, and the desire for harmony and honesty are there for every person who is open to them and who longs for them. And so many people built a love for the sapphire, who with the help of the gemstone uncovered a betrayal, found their way back to harmony or were able to leave other unpleasant social situations behind. Summer, which slowly takes its leave in September, makes room for autumn. The September gemstone, with its beautiful blue colour and protective properties, is just the thing to symbolise good fortune.

September: Sapphire as birthstone for the zodiac signs Virgo and Libra

Since the name sapphire is most likely derived from a mixture of ancient Greek and Sanskrit words meaning "dark-colored stone", other gemstones used to be considered "sapphires" such as lapis lazuli, azurite, and deep blue corundum. The latter is indeed the sapphire we know today in its most common color. However, there is a wide spectrum of colors among sapphires. There are pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, green sapphires, gray sapphires, etc. The only thing that doesn't exist is blood red sapphires - because the color red is reserved for rubies, which are from the same family as sapphires. Sapphire and ruby are siblings, so to speak.

The white or colorless sapphires are also known because they are used as a cheap alternative to diamonds, especially to support not quite as valuable colored gemstones. However, they do not come close to the brilliance and clarity of perfectly cut diamonds in jewelry! White sapphires relate to diamonds much as a peridot does to an emerald. Without question beautiful in their own right - but just out of a different league. Gemstones tell their own stories and have fans everywhere. Whether the birthstone September for Virgo is the true favorite stone of those born between September 01 and September 23, as well as of early Libra (September 24 to September 30), is of course a matter of taste. Falling for the color blue, meanwhile, is easy. No blue is as beautiful as the rich blue of sapphire!

Skillfully combine the sapphire blue: Tips for jewellery lovers

Blue goes perfectly with gold and silver (or white gold and platinum). So, the Virgo September birthstone is very versatile to wear, regardless of preferences regarding precious metals. Birth Icon. Can gemstones be called icons? Sure you can! You have to be honest: art, music, fashion and jewelry can and should be among the most important things in life. Fashion definitely needs matching accessories! A sapphire necklace with a beautiful pendant, a ring with sapphire & diamonds and earrings go with any skin tone and any outfit. It is the harmony inherent in the stone. It makes selected jewellery with sapphires superior, fascinating companions for the day.

Charming stud earrings made of gold or with the color character of silver rarely carry a sapphire alone. These earrings usually have diamonds in cluster arrangement. This is seductive to look at and elegant to combine with beautiful evening wear. The necklace is not to be missed: Necklaces with sapphire and diamonds or pearls also existed in the old jewelry eras. Today, a necklace is more likely to be made of gold or silver with a filigree pendant. Here, too, jewellery with the month stone September offers great flexibility. Feel free to change the chain more often. What do you feel like today - gold or silver? Each of our pieces of jewellery is individual. Our assortment for the birthstone sapphire ranges from around 1870 to the 1980s. Let yourself be inspired by harmonious sapphire jewellery from two centuries:

  • Bangles and bracelets in 18 carat yellow gold set with sapphires and diamonds → antique jewellery with great detail,
  • Stud earrings and earrings made of at least 9 carat yellow gold or silver colored white gold → the antique sapphire stud earrings are designed as a cluster with diamonds,
  • Rings with the birthstone sapphire, some as three-tones/five-tones rings with alternating diamonds/brilliants → popular throughout into the vintage era,
  • Engagement rings with sapphire and diamond clusters like Princess Diana's ring have enjoyed continuous popularity → so crafted from as far back as the late Victorian jewellery era in Art Deco right through to the vintage era,
  • Necklace as well as pendant with chain made of precious gold alloys or platinum with silver color character → sapphires are usually accompanied by diamonds or pearls.

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