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A big strength is inherent in the yearning sapphire. Its various versions from sky-blue up to almost black deep-blue have been fascinating since centuries. No miracle that the variety of this mineral 'corundum' plays a very big role during the antique jewellery production. As a pure diamond substitute the also appearing colourless variation of the sapphire is used in real vintage jewellery. The 'white sapphire' is rarely to be found in antique jewellery.

In the ‚American Museum Of Natural History‘ is to be admired the biggest ever polished sapphire with a weight of 563 carats: the ’star of India.” The stones used in old sapphire jewellery of ‚customary size are often found in fantastic white gold necklaces and rings of the Edwardian epoch. For this, stones in facet cut were used mostly. Thus the splendour of the blue develops most impressively combined with white precious metals. Blue calms the mind and stands generally for peace, freedom and loyalty. To wear antique sapphire jewellery testifies of a well-balanced, loyal character and exceptionally good taste! A sapphire in the engagement ring corresponds exactly in our opinion to the interest of the romantic occasion! Let this thought just emerge in the choice of the perfect piece of jewellery for the perfect partner.
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