Sapphire Jewellery - Longing Blue, that Fulfils Dreams

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How can the sapphire help being so popular? People love to give it the attention it deserves. For it is above all its blue that inspires. Next to the ruby, it is the second variety of the mineral corundum. Sapphires actually cover a much wider colour spectrum. Nevertheless, there is simply no getting around its breathtaking blue. It is yearning, it calms the spirit and equally stands for peace and loyalty. For this reason alone, sapphires are ideal gemstones for engagement rings and love gifts, because they symbolise eternity. This is exactly what sapphires have been about for generations and throughout the ages. We have the most beautiful antique sapphire jewellery on offer - fall in eternal love with this gemstone too! You can buy antique sapphire jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin for the romantic occasions, of course online with absolute security.

Jewellery with Sapphire - Cool Fascination

The sapphire has a power all of its own. Although, like a tourmaline, it also occurs naturally as a white, yellow or pink gemstone, it is generally associated with the colour blue. Its already wide-ranging nuances, from sky blue to almost black dark blue, have fascinated people for centuries. So it is no wonder that the precious stones play a very important role in antique jewellery. Already in Victorian England, and at the same time in France as well as in Germany, the magnificent blue gemstones adorned silver necklaces (925 sterling), pendants, bracelets and earrings. Particularly charming specimens of lighter colour were cut as cabochons and then staged as irresistible eye-catchers and focal points of a piece of jewellery. The sapphire harmonises exceptionally well with white metals. It has been set above all in high-quality white gold and platinum, from the Edwardian era around 1900, in a wide variety of jewellery. Not exclusively in white metals, but strikingly often. The pieces of jewellery in yellow gold with sapphire were mostly made before 1900, later pieces have at least a setting for the stones in white gold. Since blue is not exactly associated with "warmth", it is rather a cool fascination and not infrequently even a deep revelation that seizes you when you look at sapphire jewellery. As I said, the colour stands for eternity and fidelity. One wants to have both. One wants to achieve both. Both give strength, courage and hope.

Discover our harmonious antique sapphire jewellery

  • Necklaces with pendants / chokers from the Victorian era to the vintage period, in 925 sterling silver, through 585 (14 carat) yellow gold to 750 (18 carat) white gold & platinum,
  • Sapphire ear studs: centrally set sapphire in a facet cut, or as a drop, from Edwardian to Art Deco to the vintage era → in 585 to 750 white gold,
  • Three-stones ring, cluster ring, daisy ring or imaginatively individually designed unique pieces of the highest creative power → from all jewellery eras,
  • Bracelets → fine pieces of jewellery with a focus on refined workmanship and the highest quality of materials.

Perfect for the engagement ring: sapphire as a declaration of love

Engagement rings are perfectly set with diamonds and sapphires! The message that a man presents either consciously or unconsciously is guaranteed to be perceived by the lady of his heart. A bond is created that no one will ever be able to cut again. And the fascinating sapphire on the finger points the way to a life together. One could almost ask why not every engagement ring has at least one sapphire. Well, that way it remains something special. We are very happy to advise in this respect, because the special is close to our hearts by nature...

Sapphires go with every kind of jewellery, every occasion and outfit. It is most sought after by our customers in ear studs, chain pendants and, of course, rings. A sapphire engagement ring is high on the list for men (and women!). Right behind the diamond engagement ring. And this despite the fact that rubies are red - the colour of love! Rubies and sapphires come from the same mineral class. Apparently they are not in competition with each other. This warms our hearts as antique jewellery dealers.

Sapphire engagement ring inspires (not only) celebrity wearers

We have already mentioned it several times: Blue stands for loyalty! Actually, everything is already decided with that, isn't it?! Other mythological properties: Peace, freedom, life and infinity. Ideal prerequisites for building a life together. That's why a sapphire engagement ring is perfect and individual. Probably the most famous sapphire engagement ring was given to Lady Diana Spencer, later Princess of Wales, in 1981. This sparkling masterpiece was newly made at the time. Even today it is not considered an antique, as it is less than 50 years old. Nevertheless, the design of this ring was neither unusual nor innovatively new. Relatively large for an engagement ring, it might not always be wearable in the everyday life of a modern, self-confident woman. But that is what an engagement ring should definitely be! If you look through our range, you will discover sapphire engagement rings that were forged up to 120 years ago and still meet modern design ideas today. Particularly in Art Deco, where the arts of the entire world produced a design standard within two decades that is still valid today, engagement rings in a class of their own were created. Whether small, larger or very large - a sapphire engagement ring is the perfect choice! After all, it still depends on the personality of the woman. It has to fit... But believe our many years of experience: it almost always fits! An antique ring with sapphire also stands for sustainability, resource conservation and, last but not least, distinctly good taste.

Sapphire ring: dreamlike nuances from dark blue to sky blue

A vivid colour like blue is popular in jewellery. Here, the sapphire is far superior to the aquamarine in terms of the range of its colours. You can't really compare these two gemstones. The very light sky-blue to watery aquamarine is staged quite differently than the sapphire because of its often very large stones , in perfect eye-clear quality. Although the lighter sapphires with a tendency to green-blue and violet-blue are also usually clear to the eye, they are considerably smaller. These sapphires are extremely rare and expensive in their natural form. Rings with such sapphires require the highest quality materials of gold, platinum and accompanying diamonds. They are luxurious pieces of jewellery, designed for astonishing perfection in detail. Nevertheless, the dark blue sapphire is at the top of the list in the favour of jewellery lovers, especially when it comes to antique jewellery. The dark sapphire is said to be clearly distinctive. Lighter stones could also be tourmalines or tanzanites. A natural sapphire of intense blue simply cuts a good figure on the finger. Unfortunately, antique jewellery rarely offers a ring with a sapphire for men. For ladies, however, they are all the more common - from all relevant jewellery eras. The perfect facet cuts, from around 1910, enabled jewellers to fully live out their passion for blue sapphires in rings. Grandiose!

  • Finefrom the Edwardian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods,
  • Three-Stones rings or Five-Stones rings with alternating sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds → from the late Victorian era from England to the vintage era, also from Germany and France,
  • Charming "Adore" represented by amethyst-diamond-opal-ruby-emerald, or "Dearest" represented by diamond-emerald-amethyst-ruby- emerald-sapphire-tourmaline,
  • Timelessly blue sapphires of the highest quality, e.g. Ceylon sapphires with maximum brilliance in the stones à Ring bars only in 18 carat white gold or platinum.

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