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Antique jewellery from horn has been preserved above all from the Art nouveau. In the 'new art', this natural material of animal origin was very popular. Thanks to its very simple and carveable qualities, the Paris jewellery creators could work creatively. Its translucent and colourfast individuality provides the fact that horn-rimmed jewellery is unique. With priority on French ground, masters of the art of carving (woodcarving) modified horn to” living” jewellery. Popular motives were, for example, cicadas, moths and other beetle and insects motives.

Hand-carved and hand-painted brooches also showed the variety of home birds. Thereby, these were the high level of detail as well as the very lifelike presentations of the animals which since generations have been inspiring while looking and wearing them. Often our antique horn-rimmed jewellery is signed by the studios or by the artist himself. Once more this underlines the uniqueness of this valuable material and the jewellery art resulted from it! Antique horn-rimmed brooches of the famous artist ‚Georges Pierre‘ or fantastic colourful horn-rimmed necklaces from the studio ‚Elizabeth Bonté‘. The main focus in the relevant necklace jewellery, as typical in the art nouveau, was mostly an animal or herbal motive from hand-carved horn. Silk strings or cords held this. Then complementary pearls, drops and balls of glass completed the design of these fascinating pieces of jewellery of comprehensive individuality.
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