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The precious metal platinum has since the 17th century its permanent place in the antique jewellery. The relatively late popular material features a unique colour character, which comes close as a mixture of sterling silver and white gold. Nevertheless, distinctive and unique by its cold gleam and the varying brightness depends on the degree of purity of the metal. It is extremely resistant and at much higher temperatures to melt (ca. 1768 °C). Only sophisticated burner enabled jewellers unproblematic handling of platinum. What is emerging from this is still very special.

Platinum also fascinates, because the aura of absolute noble. It is about sixty times less often produced as Gold and is, in accordance with Luis XIV., ‚The Sun King‘ of France, the ‚the only metal, which is appropriate for a king ‚. Platinum jewellery looks with and without stones equally elegant. But even here it is again a diamond or a combination of diamonds and coloured stones, which rounds off an antique platinum jewellery optically perfect. Frequently platinum is incorporated as part of ancient gold jewellery. So gemstones were often set in platinum and forged on the gold. Of course, the combination of the precious metals works extremely well as a refined interplay.
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