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Silver is in addition to gold, the most used precious metal in jewellery. The popularity of silver has many reasons. It competes with the gold, such as cognac with armagnac. Silver jewellery fits virtually at any occasion and complements each dress style. The silver colour characteristic shines in its fascination also in other leagues, like white gold, platinum and palladium. That leaves silver nevertheless, absolutely even, perfectly as a noble and timeless antique jewellery.

Thanks to its extraordinary processing capabilities, the metal plays an important role in ancient jewellery. The lower melting temperature of about 961 ° C allowed already in early epochs the creation of creative pieces in artistically forging work. Especially the bangles of the Victorian era are masterpieces of sterling silver art. They decorate elaborate hand carvings and imaginative engravings. Through all ancient epochs silver brooches, necklaces, lockets and earrings testify to the attention to detail and the respect of the material. Silver is divided into grades of purity. Thereby the so-called sterling silver with a fineness of 925/1000 still not the highest level, yet manifested in the antique jewellery as an optimal quality standard.
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