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Garnet was already worn in jewellery in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, the popularity and spread of garnet continued under the term “carbuncle”. For us antique jewellers, the most significant era of garnet jewellery lies in the Central European phenomenon of Historicism. During this transitional period from Biedermeier to Art Nouveau, large quantities of “costume jewellery” with garnet were created. The best known is garnet jewellery with the “Bohemian Garnet” seal of origin. The colour character of the garnet variety almandine, reminiscent of amethyst, supports the great importance of this stone for the jewellery world. You can buy antique garnet jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin in convincing quality and always with certificate, of course also online! 

With Silver & Gold: Ancient Garnet Jewellery in Modern Timeless Variety

Although there are garnets in various forms all over the world, in Central Europe we usually associate only the Bohemian garnet with this gemstone. However, there are many varieties of this fascinating stone. For example, there is the very rare green garnet “Demantoid”, the somewhat more common orange variety “Hessonite” or the reddish “Spessartine”. Most red garnets are actually reminiscent of rubies – they shine so intensely red when cut. To keep garnet jewellery modern and in demand, nowadays even colour-changing garnets are used. A variety of garnets with unusual optical properties was discovered only a few decades ago. However, these are not yet to be found in garnet jewellery from antique eras. Here, the red, orange-red to purple / violet stones are coveted. And truly – they are very desirable and appear extremely passionate! We offer wonderful antique garnet jewellery from the categories earrings / studs, bracelet / bangle, necklace / chain with garnet pendant, among others. The almandines, which were popular in Victorian England, were set in settings of 9 carat yellow gold to 18 carat yellow gold or in gold-plated silver. The cuts vary between flat cut, facet cut and cabochon cut. Especially in the cabochon cut (round cut), the light violet almandine cuts a very good figure in garnet jewellery. Sometimes impressively large stones are found on pendants, arm jewellery and on many fascinating ring designs . The variety is so great and timeless that even old garnet jewellery can be combined in a modern way with all outfits and personal clothing styles. Discover our unique garnet & almandine jewellery from all jewellery eras! We will be happy to impress you. Perhaps you will find a suitable piece?

  • Necklace with pendant from the Historicism, German-speaking area with Bohemian garnet : impressive garnet jewellery for ladies
  • Earrings and stud earrings with garnet or the variety almandine, settings mostly of tombac, with the coveted colour character of yellow gold.
  • Bracelet and bangle for ladies: in different widths for the full effect of the gemstone
  • Garnet stones of different colours as inspiring eye-catchers on brooches and pins for ladies and gentlemen, as well as elegantly staged commemorative jewellery.

Garnet Necklaces: Timeless accessories for ladies

In our antique jewellery business, we mainly talk about garnet necklaces, especially Bohemian garnet jewellery. Garnet necklaces are holistic masterpieces that are less dedicated to restraint and more to making a grand entrance. They can be worn directly on the skin, but also over clothing such as a jumper. Most garnet necklaces are set stone to stone right up to the clasp. The motifs and suspensions on or over the neckline are what make this jewellery special. They show either floral, round or star-shaped designs – getting smaller from the centre to the sides. Antique garnet necklaces are ravishingly beautiful and timelessly elegant. Even today, in the 21st century, they give us an idea of why garnet jewellery was already highly prized in ancient Egypt. The fire inherent in the stone was revered by explorers and travellers centuries ago.

Genuine Bohemian Garnet Jewellery

Between Biedermeier and Art Nouveau, i.e. from around 1850, huge quantities of garnet were discovered and mined in Bohemia. The jewellerymade from it andtraditionally set with many small stones was soon highly valued far beyond European borders. The excellent quality of the eye-pleasing gemstones with their natural, intense red helped the “Trachtenschmuck” (traditional costume jewellery) to achieve international renown. The “gemstone of the little man”, as the garnet was sensibly called in historicism, determined the way of dressing and adorning oneself in the German-speaking countries in the second half of the 19th century. A gemstone for the people – affordable for everyone and meeting the taste of almost every person. Because the basic frameworks and settings of this jewellery were almost never forged from gold, but from silver or mostly from tombac, the prices of even lavish pieces were relatively inexpensive. Genuine Bohemian garnet jewellery with the antique seal “Bohemian Garnet” still enjoys great popularity among modern ladies as well as gentlemen. The masterful compositions in silver or tombac settings (both variants are sometimes gold-plated) are considered valuable from an art-historical point of view. The stone is also affectionately called “Bohemia’s fire eye”. Its passionate red colour immediately casts a spell on you from the first time you see it. Succumb to the charm of red – you are in the best of company! Genuine Bohemian garnet jewellery is versatile and beautiful to wear. Also a perfect choice as a gift!

We offer for sale, for example:

  • antique necklaces or chains with garnet pendants, set with Bohemian garnets expansive, engaging, fascinating, admirable necklace jewellery with a great history,
  • Bangles and bracelets with flat-cut or facet-cut garnets, in settings of tombac with the coveted colour character of yellow gold,
  • Brooches in round or oval shape, often three-dimensionally designed by several “layers” of garnet stones this antique garnet jewellery can also be worn by gentlemen on traditional costumes,
  • Earrings (earrings, stud earrings) made of the most beautiful cut garnets, especially at eye level, the Schmuc k a teliers paid attention to selected good stones in the coveted deep shade of red.

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