Exclusive Antique Jewellery Sets

A stunning look. A perfectly coordinated outfit. That calls for a holistic jewellery set! There are antique jewellery sets for both ladies and gentlemen, which meet the question of “how do I combine this?” with a clear answer. Anyone who attaches great importance to elegance and completeness should own at least one jewellery set. We distinguish between an antique “parure”, an antique “demi parure” for ladies and “tail sets” for men. Often it is a festive occasion that requires not only the best clothes but also a perfect combination of jewellery pieces. But jewellery sets are also very suitable for everyday wear! We will go into all forms in more detail. Have fun discovering them! Buy antique jewellery sets and tailcoat buttons – in our shop and of course online at Antique Jewellery Berlin with personal advice and the largest selection!

Antique jewellery sets: elegance for ladies and gentlemen

In technical jargon, complete jewellery sets are called “parure”. A parure for ladies consists of at least a necklace, a bracelet, earrings and a brooch. A set with fewer pieces is called a “demi parure“. Such a set usually comprises a pair of earrings with a matching brooch, often complemented by a bracelet. A masculine speciality among antique sets are so-called “dress suits”, i.e. cufflinks with matching shirt and collar studs. Modern men not only have watches to match their outfits, but also complement festive wardrobes with perfectly coordinated pieces of jewellery.

Jewellery creators have always had a little more motivation and reason to enhance the elegance of ladies with jewellery sets. Therefore, the diversity on this terrain is admittedly more pronounced. The effort, and the underlying vision, to create a holistic jewellery set has always resulted in jewellery made from only the finest materials. Finest yellow gold, rose gold or 925 sterling silver was used. In combination with hand engravings, enamelling, miniature paintings or with high-quality stones, lovingly designed sets were created – maximum individuality. A set was always given the utmost attention because, after all, it should complement the looks and outfits of its wearers in an ideally coordinated way.

Our oldest jewellery sets date from the first half of the 19th century, still from the Georgian era. However, they became far more popular in the Victorian era, which is directly related to the increased standard of living and the greater availability of precious materials for jewellery. A set is always characterised by the perfect interplay of its components. It should complement a look in a homogeneously coordinated way that is both refined and uncomplicated. This is not necessarily aimed at glamour and ostentation, but rather at a homogeneous overall appearance that indicates high esteem. Perfect accents serve not least the wow effect when fresh outfits and antique jewellery meet at eye level.

Discover and order Demi Parure & Tailcoat Buttons online

When people carried watches on chains in their pockets, combining them with fashion and jewellery was not as important as it is today. We don’t have any antique watches in our range, but we know how important stylish timepieces are, especially for men. Next to the wedding ring, they are almost the only jewellery in men’s everyday lives. But sophisticated looks are now just as important to men as they are to women… thanks to famous gentlemen: James Bond, Cary Grant, David Beckham and many more.

Despite this: it is the jewellery sets and demi parure for ladies around which most of the attention revolves. The combinations of necklace, earring/ear stud and brooch “from a single mould” are highly valued in terms of style. Depending on whether a woman favours yellow gold, platinum or rose gold, she may choose an antique jewellery set from our online shop:

  • Victorian sets in 18 carat yellow gold or rose gold, often with enamel embellishments and pearls, almost exclusively hanging earrings as well as brooches for the blouse or jumper,
  • Italian sets with lava cameos, unique colours and shapes of nature, set in 925 silver or yellow gold earrings, necklaces and arm jewellery of consummate elegance, for outfits of a special class,
  • English sets of seed pearls, sewn on mother of pearl bridal jewellery for the most emotional occasion, beautifully and stunningly filigree handmade these jewellery sets are very popular with collectors,
  • Scottish Pebbles jewellery sets with agate stones as well as hand-engraved 925 sterling silver jewellery sets, perfect combinations of “earthy” materials simple elegance and timeless beauty,
  • Tailcoat buttons and masculine sets for the man with style, combinations of precious metals like platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and organic materials like mother-of-pearl & pearls.

Parure and Demi Parure: jewellery for the festive appearance

Finding an antique parure is almost impossible these days. Mostly, such combinations are found in museums, in the possession of generations of wealthy families or in the treasuries of royal houses. It is important to bear in mind that in the 19th century, only people of the highest social strata were financially able to acquire such precious pieces of jewellery. In addition, an appropriate occasion was needed from time to time to wear these magnificent gems. The parure describes a complete jewellery set, seamlessly and magnificently coordinated: Necklace, bracelet, earrings and brooch. The basic material can be yellow gold, rose gold or 925 sterling silver. Decorations with enamel, engravings or the most precious stones have always exuded elegance and glamour. The shapes and materials were up to date – the goldsmiths and jewellers of the time invested all their know-how.

The demi parure, however, is still relatively common. To be called a demi parure, it must consist of at least one pair of earrings / stud earrings with a matching brooch. Often, a bracelet is also part of the “small” jewellery set. It can be used by modern women in many ways and usually conjures up beautiful accents in and on the outfit in a completely uncomplicated way. Of course, a discreetly designed set can also be wonderfully combined with necklaces and watches. In our online shop you will not only find beautiful demi parures, but also other elegant pieces of jewellery that can be combined with each other. Everything for the perfectly coordinated look!

Tailcoat sets with tailcoat buttons for well-dressed gentlemen

An elegant dinner jacket, i.e. “the little tailcoat”, is both a chic and common garment for gentlemen. It is worn on special occasions, and probably more often than the large tailcoat suit. A classic black tailcoat, however, is regarded as the king of men’s clothing and is therefore also very interesting for jewellery designers. One probably only rarely surrounds oneself with celebrities from politics and the aristocracy. But if you do, or if you simply like to attend balls and glittering parties dressed up, a tailcoat set with tails is a definite must-have!

Antiquetailcoat buttons in particular, in a set with collar and shirt buttons or cufflinks, are probably the most elegant men’s jewellery. Highest quality and selected materials were transformed into pieces of jewellery for men, especially in the Art Deco period. Most of these tailcoat sets are still preserved in their original jewellery box. They are therefore not only an absolute eye-catcher when worn, but also when they are waiting in their cases for their next use. Not infrequently, we have been asked about the pure jewellery boxes, as they have great collector’s value. Glamour and indescribable accents are also set by men’s jewellery. Rarely made of 925 sterling silver, but rather of yellow gold and platinum, jewellers usually rely on the supporting fascination of mother-of-pearl. Since watches are stylistically undesirable on such evenings, the men’s jewellery of the hour is the tailcoat set. Shimmering mother-of-pearl sets just the right accents. Sometimes the surfaces are also set with stones such as diamonds, sapphires or rubies. The stones serve to create a particularly luxurious look, because style is what counts.

By the way : Tailcoat buttons and jewellery sets in the original antique boxes are always an incomparably stylish and individual gift! Just like the classic antique cufflinks, such jewellery is passed down from fathers to their sons. Once again: antique jewellery for generations!

Jewellery sets as a gift for special occasions

Are you looking for a gift for a wedding, a company anniversary, the birth of a child or another special occasion? Then jewellery sets are the ideal choice. They don’t cost a fortune and still convey grand gestures and luxurious features. As we all know, great looks are only created with the right accessories. Corresponding elements from fashion, jewellery and watches, for example, probably inspire everyone. Whether for ladies or for men – antique jewellery sets are extremely stylish gifts. Find out what our online shop has to offer or visit our shop in Berlin-Mitte in person. You will be thrilled! Maybe it will even be a gift for themselves that ends up in the shopping basket…

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