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Tourmalines are very special gemstones. The tourmaline gemstone enjoys an inexorably growing popularity because it stands for colourful diversity like no other gemstone in the world of antique jewellery. Life needs colour! Tourmaline jewellery satisfies this need in a particularly charming way. The literal multicolour of tourmalines, called pleochroism, makes them so popular with jewellery lovers. Gemmologists and jewellers, however, sometimes have a hard time identifying the stones perfectly. Because there is an abundance of colours that the mineralogical varieties of tourmalines can produce, they are often mistaken for emeralds, sapphires or rubies. It is important to look closely – as we do (for you)! Buy unique jewellery with tourmaline in our shop or online – at Antique Jewellery Berlin with certified security.

Discover high quality tourmaline rings

Why should it be a tourmaline ring? The answer to this question is, for once, a counter-question: Why shouldn’t it be a tourmaline ring? Just because it is rarer and generally not as well known as a sapphire, ruby or emerald, a tourmaline is by no means less attractive. When we talk about antique jewellery with tourmalines, we are talking about individualism and the fascination for ancient arts. Coloured gemstones are usually the icing on the cake of masterly antique gold jewellery. The most frequently worn piece of jewellery is and remains the ring on the finger. In this respect, there is always a great demand for rings with beautifully faceted gemstones. Tourmalines are usually perceived in a particularly striking way by people who are in the mood for “rapturously enraptured”. Because despite all the confusion statistics, the green of a tourmaline rarely matches the typical green of an emerald. The same is repeated with the blue of the sapphire, the yellow of the citrine, etc. If you look at a tourmaline ring, you will actually always discover an intermediate colour tone. This presents itself with a calming clarity and always seems to come up with a certain surprise effect. Whether green, blue, turquoise, pink, yellow or any other of the approximately 100 known tourmaline colours: they are eye-catchers! Cocktail rings with tourmaline are of impressive size. Wonderfully faceted, this gemstone unfolds its colourful splendour in a particularly elegant way. Once again: they are absolute eye-catchers!

Noble evergreen: Gold ring with green tourmaline

Green – the colour of nature. Green stands for life. Green and blue are generally also most people’s favourite colours. Green in particular goes perfectly with high-alloy, precious yellow gold! There are three different gemstones that meet the need for green coloured stone jewellery: the emerald, the peridot and the tourmaline. Only tourmaline is able to match the Mediterranean shade of “olive green”, which is very often requested in our country. From the second half of the 19th century, there were popular rings with green tourmalines. In terms of design, they did not go down any special paths, but were clearly in line with the designs typical of the era. As so often, the difference lies in the detail. Depending on the size of the piece of jewellery, the tourmaline gemstone is the main actor. In the Art Deco period, when cocktail rings were among the must-haves of the fun-loving society, large rings with green tourmaline were extremely popular. Smaller tourmalines, meanwhile, were always accompanied by diamonds – this combination is, of course, a perfect match. Tourmaline’s own world of colours unleashes its vibrancy especially when the piece of jewellery is viewed from different angles. What great luck for the wearer that a ring can be viewed so comfortably from all sides, isn’t it? This is probably the logical reason why green tourmalines are particularly popular on rings.

Jewellery with tourmaline: necklaces, bracelets & earrings in fantastic colour shades

October-born people are happy about the tourmaline as their birthstone and lucky stone. They must be consistently balanced and cheerful people. When summer slowly comes to an end, an incomparable world of colours unfolds in nature, which the colour palette of tourmalines is capable of depicting completely (and beyond!). The so popular multicolour gemstone jewellery from the Art Nouveau/Edwardian era from 1900 onwards thrives on the vitality and diversity of tourmaline. Together with its monochrome companions, it forms fascinating combinations into timeless jewellery. Both the antique pieces and the vintage tourmaline jewellery inspire with the power of their colours. But not only that – mythology says that wearers of tourmaline jewellery are granted a stable business sense and success.

In the here and now, when we all know best what we look for and value, the perfect outfit accessories are one of the most important ways to show personality. Do you wear monochrome or multicoloured jewellery? Would you like a lovingly pronounced, universal answer? It’s all in the mix! Have confidence in yourself and your style and show your colour(s)! What already inspired people more than 100 years ago is probably more modern than ever today. In any case, the great popularity of tourmaline jewellery speaks for itself.

Tourmaline engagement ring: choose your colour of love

>It is a bit of an outsider among coloured gemstones, the beautiful tourmaline. But that doesn’t stop it from wrapping itself around your finger so naturally and light-footedly. The beautiful thing about engagement rings with tourmaline is their variety of colours. In past eras, the precious metals of the rings were neither silver nor the silver characteristic white gold or platinum. Tourmalines usually belong to yellow gold. An exception are the violet-red varieties, which are close to rubies in colour. Such tourmalines also go very well with shiny silver metals. Just to conclude the topic: antique engagement rings made of silver do not exist! Fortunately, we only know real engagement rings from the last three centuries made of gold or platinum. In keeping with their status, diamonds are usually an integral part of engagement rings with tourmaline. Either they are set around the coloured stone or they form the respective side endings. Whichever colour stone is chosen in the end, those who appreciate antique engagement rings live sustainably and have a knack for tradition. We look forward to helping you find the perfect engagement ring! Even though a tourmaline engagement ring speaks for itself…

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Our antique tourmaline jewellery from bygone eras is distinguished by its high-quality base materials as well as period-typical designs. As usual, each of our jewellery pieces is thoroughly tested, evaluated and immediately wearable without hesitation. This is what distinguishes our antique genuine jewellery with tourmaline from any mass-produced goods. The two terms could hardly be further apart. We recommend every jewellery lover to personally convince himself of the high quality of the tourmaline jewellery in our assortment. You can buy just as securely and exclusively from us online! You enjoy full security with advice, purchase, shipping as well as a 30-day right of return.

Would you like to get personally enthusiastic about Antique jewellery and discover our range of tourmaline jewellery? We look forward to your visit in our showroom in Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin. If you have any questions, please call our service telephone (030 20689155) or use our contact form. Antique Jewellery – Your expert for vintage and antique jewellery in Berlin.

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