Birthstone February ∞ Amethyst: bewitchingly beautiful in violet

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Franz Kafka said, “Anyone who retains the ability to recognise beauty will never grow old. ” The birthstone in February is amethyst, this has been considered a beautiful gemstone for thousands of years. The Amethyst birthstone shines in shades of purple, and rarely in shades of pink or blue, and is considered a gemstone that is said to provide empowering abilities to anyone wearing it. Amethyst has many qualities that are enhanced for February-born. For a long time, amethyst was considered equal to ruby, diamond, emerald, sapphire or garnet. Even though this is no longer the case today, the February birthstone has not lost its value. The healing stone is significant for every wearer. Because of its wine-like colour – violet or with more red, almost purple – early Greek mythology associated the gemstone with Bacchus, the god of wine. The birthstone amethyst was credited with enabling the wearer to react clearly and quickly in battle and in business. The February birthstone has been associated with many myths, legends, religions and numerous cultures throughout history. For example, English regalia in the Middle Ages was adorned with amethysts to symbolise royalty. Amethyst Jewellery has been dated as far back as 2000 BC and many pieces of jewellery have been found during excavations. For those familiar with Old Testament history, amethyst was one of the twelve precious stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.

The amethyst birthstone has been treasured throughout history until today, for its symbolism and beauty. Today, many appreciate the amethyst gemstone simply for its beautiful purple hue and the way it complements warm and cool colours: a piece of jewellery that will pretty much always go with your outfit.

The meaning of amethyst as February birthstone: healing and strengthening

The February birthstone is said to have extraordinary power. For centuries, the amethyst is said to have the task of healing the mind. Whether this refers to earlier mental illnesses, i.e. whether the stone promotes mental health, is not clear. Over the centuries, the importance of the stone in healing circles has not changed. Amethysts as healing stones are said to clarify superfluous thoughts and feelings, as well as to promote objectivity and decisiveness. Negative perceptions and experiences are said to be better managed with the effect of amethyst. With the birthstone amethyst, grief, fear of loss and sorrow are also said to be easier to cope with. In the long run, amethyst is said to eliminate bad energies, calm the mind and create deep inner contentment. So all in all, it can be said that the gemstone is said to have many properties that stabilise the mind. Many unproven properties are attributed to the monthly stone, but one thing is factually proven: This stone is beautiful. Everyone should have a piece of jewellery with an amethyst in their jewellery box.

Popular and coveted for thousands of years: the “symbol stone” amethyst

Stones are part of our history, like water or sand. Several thousand years ago, however, people not only made tools but also jewellery from stones. The gemstone amethyst has been considered the February birthstone since Roman times, when it was associated with Neptune. There is a reason why the amethyst birthstone is the monthly stone for February, the month of love. St Valentine of the 3rd century and paragon of courtly love, is said to have worn an amethyst ring engraved with the image of Cupid. February is Valentine’s Day and thus the positive energy for love is even more noticeable through the amethyst.

Among the Egyptians, the birthstone amethyst was known as “haemag” and it was listed in the Book of the Dead to be carved into heart-shaped amulets and placed in tombs. Furthermore, in the Christian faith, the February birthstone became a symbol for the nobility and the clergy, especially the bishops, who wore amethysts in rings for protection against mystical intoxication. In Eastern philosophies, amethyst has long been used for offerings in the temple and for making prayer bead rosaries. Since ancient times, the February birthstone has been said to enhance virtues such as chastity, sobriety and control over one’s thoughts. Amethyst’s ability to prevent the anger of passion and the violence of base actions by promoting calm, bravery and reflection has earned it a place of esteem from the ancient world to the present age. Even the famous Leonardo da Vinci once said that amethyst helps to quicken intelligence and get rid of evil thoughts.

Legends-surrounded birthstone for Aquarius and Pisces

The birthstone in February has a special history and there are many legends surrounding the gemstone. For February-born people with the corresponding zodiac sign, the power of their birthstone is said to be stronger than for others. Ultimately, the gemstone is suitable for everyone.

For an Aquarius born in February, the amethyst is the birthstone. The name of the amethyst comes from the ancient Greeks. They believed that the stone protected against drunkenness. The Greek amethystos is derived from a methuein: “not drunk”. According to an old legend, the amethyst was a nymph with whom Bacchus, the god of wine, had fallen in love. However, the nymph did not return this love and rejected his advances. She asked the goddess Diana for help and she transformed her into a precious stone. When Bacchus realised that he had lost his love, he poured his best wine over the stone, which then turned purple. This gave the stone a protective effect against drunkenness. You could hardly wish for a more suitable stone for the month of February, especially if the carnival is going to get a bit too lively.

Later, the custom developed of drinking wine from amethyst cups, but only the wealthy could afford this. In the Middle Ages, these drinking cups were used to detect whether the wine was poisoned. It discolours when it comes into contact with certain plant poisons. Subsequently, the birthstone amethyst became highly sought after, especially as a gemstone. Even high-ranking men wore rings with amethysts.

Stylish and exclusive as a gift: the February Birthstone Amethyst

Antique jewellery with the February birthstone amethyst as well as vintage amethyst jewellery makes a wonderful gift. You celebrate the birth of a loved one and give something that highlights their strengths. With amethyst, you also give a healing stone that everyone can use.

Jewellers have known this for a long time and have created many unique pieces of jewellery. Very impressive are the antique necklaces and the vintage earrings. Engagement rings with this special stone are especially beautiful. What would be a nice additional incentive is the myth that even Valentine is said to have worn an amethyst ring: If that’s not a symbol of eternal love, what is!

Since Valentine once wore a ring, it goes without saying that amethyst can also be worn by men, as a ring or cufflinks, for example.

But brooches, gold necklaces, silver necklaces, stud earrings and necklaces are also stunning as a gift for a very special person. Even if you want to give yourself a little pleasure, we have beautiful pieces of jewellery to offer, such as bracelets.

Our jewellery, every necklace and every engagementring, are not only enchantingly beautiful, but set in a high-quality material.

Each piece of jewellery convinces with individuality and it seems as if the jewellery has its own character. That is what one should appreciate about antique jewellery. Regardless of the month of birth of the recipient: Jewellery with the amethyst birthstone is enchanting!

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