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Amethyst is a violet variety of the mineral "quartz". If one takes the Greek origin of its name literally, then as a bearer of an amethyst one is protected "counteracting intoxication" from the harm caused by too much wine. This belief arose from the custom of diluting red wine with water, which caused it to take on the reddish-violet colour character of an amethyst. There are other positive properties from mythology that are associated with this gemstone. They are among the reasons why the purple stone is so popular in ancient jewellery. Either it was staged as a unique eye-catcher or combined with pearls and diamonds. It also gives us its most beautiful appearances as a purple part of the jewellery of the suffragettes. You can buy antique amethyst jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin with guaranteed peace of mind and always with a certificate, of course also online!

Jewellery with amethyst - bewitching sensual purple

Amethyst jewellery is historically very special. Although there are rarer and more valuable gemstones, amethyst has been extremely popular with rulers and ecclesiastical leaders since ancient times. This is due to its mythological power as well as its fascinating optical properties. The colour violet (also purple and lilac) has been considered a symbol of rulership for thousands of years. Pharaohs, kings and queens, Roman emperors and bishops already wore amethyst jewellery and dressed in robes with the colour purple. The eye-clear purity of even large amethysts, and the bewitchingly sensual colour of the stones, inspire not only the ruling class.

Antique & contemporary: amethyst for necklaces, colliers, earrings, brooches

Antique amethyst jewellery is desirable for every life-affirming person in the here and now - and fortunately also affordable. We offer unique antique jewellery from the categories of earrings (dangle & stud) , braceleamong others. The variety of involvement - mostly rather passionate staging - of amethysts in antique jewellery is huge. For gemstone cutters have also found in the amethyst a stone that looks amazingly good in any cut. In this respect, we encounter the messenger of luck in violet both in the brilliant-like facet cut as well as in the staircase cut (emerald cut), in the cabochon cut, in the drop cut, in the briolet cut, and so on.

In the past, amethysts were worn in large amulets on chains. In the English "Georgian" and in the following, great "Victorian" jewellery epoch, it was already a firmly established gemstone and it was impossible to imagine the jewellery world without it! Antique arm jewellery, chain pendants and, of course, ear jewellery with amethyst made of 18 carat yellow gold are still very much in demand today.

Time and again we find that antique jewellery has been absolutely timeless in meeting the tastes of modern people since the Victorian era. The designs created in the second half of the 19th century are still relevant today. It is not at all surprising that amethyst already played such an important role. It was easier to obtain than other gemstones and more grateful to be cut - a fact not to be neglected. For as so often in the history of design and fine arts, the possibilities of the artists were subordinate to the level of technical development. Discover our wonderful jewellery with amethyst from all jewellery epochs. We will be happy to show you, for example:

  • Necklace with pendant / choker from the Victorian era to the vintage period, in 9 carat (375) yellow gold to 18 carat white gold & yellow gold,
  • Earrings and studs with amethyst, often accompanied by pearls or diamonds, initially in yellow gold & silver - later in 15 carat to 18 carat yellow gold & platinum,
  • Bracelet and brooch for ladies: usually several amethysts each make charming pieces of jewellery, brooches e.g. as butterflies, great designs from Art Nouveau and Art Deco,
  • Cocktail rings from the 20th century with large amethyst - with fascinating depth of colour of the stones, ring band and setting from the 1930s onwards made of at least 14 carat yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

For ladies: Amethyst rings as a stylish accessory

The amethyst experienced another immense surge in popularity from around 1910, when it became an integral part of the green-white-violet colour combination. The origin lies in the slogan of the suffragette movement: Give Women Vote! The ladies from better circles, who could not demonstrate loudly because of their social standing, carried their demand for equality in a different way. We feel that the "translation" of the globally proclaimed slogan into colours for gemstones is one of the happiest achievements for the jewellery world in general. Out of the lack of gender equality and the worldwide (successful!) protest of women, delightful coloured stone jewellery was created for posterity. Suffragette jewellery with amethyst still inspires modern women and men with its strong gesture and important historical message. You will find beautiful suffragette jewellery in our assortment, from which especially necklaces / chokers and of course the amethyst rings stand out. Self-confident women in the 21st century love the significance and topicality of this historically unique phenomenon. In turn, the gentlemen of creation have realised that a suffragette ring with peridot, diamond and amethyst makes an excellent engagement ring. Antique engagement rings with amethyst can almost without exception be attributed to the suffragette movement between 1900 and 1920. Our examples come from England and were forged and designed with so much dedication and perfection that it is a pure pleasure to look at them. There is no trace of melancholy - this jewellery stands for pure happiness and freedom in life! The amethyst itself, as already mentioned, claims many apotropaic (disaster averting) powers for itself. At least that much mythology claims. There is always some truth to this - we are all welcome to listen within. So, as a component of many engagement rings, amethyst is a perfect choice! Provided you have a zest for colour and life.

Perfect gift: buy amethyst jewellery online free of shipping costs

As you are used to, we will be happy to advise you in detail in our shop. Let's dive into the beautiful world of antique jewellery together! Of course, we are also there for you completely when it comes to support "from afar" when you buy jewellery online via our shop. If you have any questions, we are your competent contact. You can call us, write to us via the contact form or chat with us. Our favourite theme is colours - because they make our lives happy and colourful. Everything has its meaning and its justification in antique jewellery. The amethyst is a peaceful gemstone with a long history. It would take an infinite amount of time to describe all its advantages. So let us let the amethyst jewellery speak for itself. Not only do we recommend that February-borns, whose birthstone is amethyst, surrender to the magic of purple. Resistance to purple is futile - believe us! A very wide range of antique jewellery from more than two centuries with amethyst is waiting for you at our shop:

  • Engagement rings with peridot (Green), diamond (White) and amethyst (Violet) from the time of the Suffragette movement, uniquely beautiful also as a gift for other occasions,
  • Necklace with pendant, set with amethyst and pearls, often with diamonds instead of pearls, a great eye-catcher,
  • Men's rings, signet rings and cocktail rings with amethyst for a masculine, profound or sparkling appearance, just as your personality demands.

Whether online, or in our shop (Linienstr. 44 in 10 119 Berlin-Mitte) - we look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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