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The amethyst is a violet variety of the mineral 'quartz'. If one takes the Greek origin of the name literally, one as a wearer of amethyst is protected 'counteracting to drunkenness' against the effect from too much wine. This conviction arose from the custom to dilute red wine with water by which it adopted the reddish-violet colour characteristic of the amethyst. As a farther evil turning away (apotropaic) force, the amethyst was known as protection against robbery and theft. As amethysts serve for the jewellery refining already since the early antiquity, this small excursion into the mythology is definitely justified. The all time positive qualities, which one always associates with amethysts, contributed of course immensely to its popularity as a jewellery gemstone. The most popular amethysts are the dark violet stones. They refine necklaces and pendants of the Victorian and Art déco epochs as well as rings with emerald-cut shining stones.
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