Birthstone December ∞ Turquoise: Radiant Blue of Winter

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December the beginning of winter and with it the beginning of the cold season.

The birthstone for December, turquoise is best known for its beautiful blue hues. This gemstone is among the oldest on earth and is considered one of the first stones mined and used for jewelry.Turquoise’s hue of robin’s egg blue, “eggshell blue,” is unmatched. Admired since ancient times, turquoise is known for its distinct color, ranging from powdery blue to greenish Robin egg blue. It is one of the few minerals that gives its name to anything resembling its striking color. The word “turquoise” dates back to the 13th century and derives from the French term pierre tourques, which referred to the “Turkish stone” brought to Europe from Turkey, but even the Aztecs called it chalchihuitl (precious green gemstone or “heart of the earth”).

From the ancient Egyptians to the Persians, Aztecs and Native Americans, kings and warriors have admired turquoise for millennia. It adorned everything from jewelry to ceremonial masks to weapons and bridles. The use of turquoise as decoration and talisman can be found throughout antiquity, as far back as six thousand years ago when the Egyptians used it to adorn their bodies and tombs; the most famous of which is the tomb of Tutankhamun. The resting place of this pharaoh was discovered intact, revealing a funerary mask generously inlaid with turquoise.

Turquoise occurs in regions where rainwater dissolves copper in the soil, forming colorful nodular deposits when it combines with aluminum and phosphorus. Copper contributes blue tones, while iron and chromium add a touch of green. It’s not a green like a peridot, but a green hue all its own, very classy.

For those born in December, turquoise is the month stone and for the zodiac sign Sagittarius, it is the birthstone. The zodiac sign Capricorn also begins in December and is under the sign of the birthstone Turquoise.

Other gemstones that highlight strengths for December-borns include brilliant blue tanzanite, topaz, zircon, amethyst, and garnet.

What effect does the monthly stone for December have?

Many people associate gemstones with a ruby that glows red or an emerald that is a rich green, but the radiant and calming blue should not be underestimated. As mentioned earlier, blue is the color that saturates the birthstone for December. Used for thousands of years to convey and project loyalty, wisdom, strength and confidence. Blue is considered a calming color and images of the sky and sea are associated with it. The power and strength from infinity, as the sea and sky seem to be. As a primary color that lies between green and violet, blue is a very popular color because it looks good in any shade. Therefore, it is especially great for jewelry. A blue pendant on a sterling silver (925) necklace shows off beautifully. Wearing a turquoise pendant also adds strength and power to the wearer.

The gemstone turquoise also has a great effect on our physical condition. It drives away tiredness and exhaustion, gives us new vitality and thus naturally also more zest for life. It is also said to counteract hyperacidity of the body, promote detoxification and nutrient supply. It is even said to have positive effects on ailments such as stomach problems or diseases such as gout, rheumatism and viral infections. Turquoise is also considered a protective stone, which can be used in many ways in the month of December. Protection against colds, dejection, listlessness and to survive travels unscathed. Thus, the monthly stone is not only suitable for December-born, but serves for every wearer protection in this season. The good thing about the gemstone turquoise, is that you do not have to wear it daily to benefit from its positive properties. They say it is enough to wear a turquoise every three to four weeks, which means you can get a piece of jewelry, which is worn only on special occasions. You can also wear the stone daily to feel the protection equally strong.

It is not only the charm of the uniqueness of a turquoise that makes it particularly noble. It makes you emphatic to a healthy degree and makes you think more positively.

That can really use everyone in the gloomy season or?

Gift jewelry with the birthstone turquoise

Until today it is believed that the birthstone turquoise warns of impending dangers. It is one of the most important healing stones of all, as it is said to offer very special protection. Nowadays, it is also given to travelers, for example, to protect them from misfortune. It is also interesting that turquoise stands for loyalty, friendship and solidarity. This symbolism is said to be enhanced by the colour silver. So how nice would a gift with a turquoise be. As a necklace, ring or ear stud, you can include it in your daily life and have your own protection with it. With a silver setting (925), silver chain (925) its strength and power is even enhanced. However, as one of the oldest gemstones on earth, it is known that its power also comes out strong in gold. This makes a turquoise ideal as a gift for someone we care about. Whether as an amulet or bracelet for a good friend, an engagement ring for love or to someone born in December. Also for birth as a lifelong lucky charm, a turquoise worked into a piece of jewelry is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give.

Astrology for birthstones: December for Sagittarius and Capricorn

Like astrology, healing stone science also sees a close connection between all things. Therefore, there is also a close connection between zodiac – healing stones and astrology. The myths about the power of stones have been entwined for ages, as well as the belief in the luck-bringing and healing effect on humans. Gemstones are coveted jewelry stones, which are not always worn only because of their beauty. Because behind every gemstone is the transmission of power and energy of the stone for the well-being of the wearer. This wonderful gemstone is assigned as a birthstone to the zodiac sign Sagittarius (November 23 to December 21). Sagittarians always have a goal in mind and do everything to achieve it with charm and willpower. Sometimes they go a bit too far or want too much too fast. In return, turquoise helps Sagittarians to calm down and take a deep breath, to switch the strength down a gear. Most of the zodiac sign Capricorn (December 22 to January 20) is also assigned to Turquoise. Capricorn is willing to work hard for success. He is an outspoken realist, standing with both feet in life. He achieves his goals thanks to his resourcefulness and discipline. Apart from the monthly stone Turquoise, there is a special birthstone for Capricorn for the period of December (22.12-31.12), the Amethyst. The amethyst promotes the sober way of thinking of the Capricorn. It strengthens his ability to concentrate and helps him to mentally process experiences and perceptions, to abstract them and thus to make use of them. It also has a calming effect on the nerves and the heart. This makes the amethyst an equally excellent gift for anyone, as it too has healing properties to show. Other monthly stones for Capricorn and Sagittarius are almost all blue-toned stones, such as tanzanite, zircon or the rock crystal (transparent), crystals and diamonds. The strongest stone for both zodiac signs is the turquoise and additionally supporting for the Capricorn the amethyst. For joie de vivre & vitality: birthstone turquoise as necklace, ring or pendant

Turquoise stands for vitality and joie de vivre in all our lives. But it especially strengthens December-born people with these qualities. The radiant blue accompanies December-born and prevents a low phase in winter. As antique rings or necklaces, as well as a necklace or a jewelry set are wonderful as a gift for someone very important to us. It is a gift which is very classy. Even if you want to please yourself, you can give yourself a gift with turquoise and protect yourself at the same time. There are also elements with turquoise for men, such as cufflinks with a discreet turquoise stone. The energy and power of turquoise should be given to everyone. Our pieces of jewellery are not only enchantingly beautiful, but also set in a high-quality material. Each piece of jewelry impresses with its unique workmanship and it seems as if the jewelry has its own character. The feeling of getting a personalized version of a piece of jewelry is unique to our store. This is what you should appreciate about antique turquoise jewelry.

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